You can Make Money Blogging 2022

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You have been searching for legit ways to make money blogging. So, you have been doing lots of research online for ways to make money online and blogging is the number one keyword term that keeps popping up.

I am going to show you how you can make money from your blog site if you already have a blog site and if you do not have a blog site, yet you can get free WordPress Blog here at Wealthy Affiliate.

CPC, PPC, or CPM Ads

1st way you can make money with your blog is by placing ads on your site. These ads can be CPC, PPC, or CPM ads.

CPC also know as cost per click or PPC is pay per click that is most of the time banners that are displayed on blogging sites like on sidebar. When your readers click on these ads you possibly make a commission if that click turns into a sale.

CPM is known as cost per impression when your readers view the ads you earn commission after so many impressions. The network that placing these ads is Google AdSense. You will not need to be in direct contact with advertisers, easily just add the banners on your blog, choose which ads are relevant to your niche content and your readers click on the ads.

Private Ads

If working with advertising networks is not your option then you can sell ad space on your blog. If you get enough traffic to your blog, then advertisers will come to you and ask you to place their ads on your site.

You can also contact the advertisers directly and request them to consider allowing you to become a partner with them. With private ads there is no set percentage commission, you are direct seller of ad space and can set your own price.

Affiliate Links in Your Content

Monetizing your blog with Affiliate links. The advertiser has a product or service they are selling, they agree to pay you commission from each sale or lead if the buyer came from your site.

This advertising gives you a direct unique referral link that tracks your affiliate code and tells the advertiser to award you with a commission.

You can link to this affiliate link to a specific word or phrase within your content for readers to click on to be taken directly to the product or service of your chosen advertiser.

Above you can see my affiliate link is not showing, this is cause its linked to Wealthy Affiliate phrase directly.

Business Directory

You can make money with your blog by turning it into a business directory with a proper WordPress plugin. There is even a plugin that allows building your directory like popular business directory Yelp.  Just simply add the categories for businesses to choose from and set pricing of what you like to charge businesses for having their businesses listed within your directory.

Offer Services

If you like to research and write on specific topics such as health issues related to any disease, catering, home decor, and garden decor, fashion and many more. Can offer your expertise to your blog readers and charge a small fee for your services.

Relevant Ads or Products

Let’s say you have a food blog; you can recommend tools by placing affiliate links on keywords like nonstick baking pan or mixer with direct product links. Can do this with the Amazon Affiliate Program that is free to join. If you need a Free Blog, you can click on the banner below to get a Free Blog.

As you build your blog, you will receive sponsored post requests every day. These sponsored posts can be an effective way for businesses to reach your readers in a good way and effective way for you to make more money.  You just need to make sure the sponsored posts match your content and are interesting to your audience.  You would not want sports advertisement posts on your fashion blog or politic comments on your food blog.


Webinars are used by most online businesses to generate leads and you can host paid webinars. Just make sure you are providing good content with exceptional value, as there are lots of free webinars so, therefore, your webinar content needs to be very special for your readers to pay for.

Contests or Giveaways

This is a good business approach by offering something for free or host contests to win something that you have to offer. This will help increase awareness of what you have to offer among your followers and if you implement it right can generate lots of leads and money for your business.

Teaching Courses

Do you have skills subjects like writing skills, website building, SEO marketing and more? Can teach online courses with WordPress plugins like Zippy Courses and LarnDash that is easy to use.  You can create these courses and charge an access fee to certain lessons or subscription services to have repeat customers. With subscription service, you will need to make sure regularly add new lessons each month or each week to keep your subscribers happy.

Write an eBook

Have knowledge that you can write multiple pages about within your niche. Then compile it into an ebook and sell access to it through your blog. However, I would advise not to sell the ebook instead give it away in regard to gathering readers’ email addresses to build your list. The eBook can turn into huge profits with recommendations of software or services to you with your affiliate link secured in the ebook to the programs.


Now that you have some ideas on how to make money blogging, I personally recommend Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate offers in-depth training on how to set up your blog and getting it published online with little to no experience at all.  Plus they offer a free blog and keyword research tool to help you rank higher on search engines that you will not have access to through WordPress directly, Blogger or any other free blogging platform.

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  1. Hi There,

    I like your review on affiliate marketing and making it far easier than some websites to understand. I have an affiliate marketing website and what took me 40 posts to teach my audience about what you have done on one page but I do go into the information with a fine-tooth comb. It’s good to know that if someone wants to know about affiliate marketing and not be confused they can come across your website so well done for that. Great Review!

    Do you make a good living out of this or are you just starting it out it would be great to touch ground with you if you have time


    • The information is written was my intent for people to follow easily without getting confused by having to read and save lots of website links to get a solution. My earnings from this information site earns me between 10 to 30 dollars a day from displayed ads. My other websites advertising physical products with review content earns me between 50 to 300 a day. 

  2. Great article on how to make money online and thanks for sharing information on how to go about monetising your blogs with affiliate links in order to create cash as traffic builds up on your website. The most important key as you are doing so is to create content that helps your visitors. As the more you help, the more you build traffic. And traffic equals revenue.


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