Why Keyword Research Is Important in SEO

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If you are new to SEO, you do not know what a Keyword is.

Keyword(s) is a phrase around your niche you would like to get ranked for in top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These keywords can be a single word or combo of words.

If you try to target a single keyword, your work will be cut out for you. A single keyword is very competitive and very difficult to get ranked for in search results.

Short term keyword examples are “classic books”.

Long-tail keywords are three or more words for instance “classic books by Alex Cross”.

Information keywords to use concerning your niche is “how-to” or “what are the best”.

Transaction keywords will be “buying discount kids clothing”.

Long tail, information and transaction keywords are very good to use with any niche SEO project and will lead to more customers.

Making List of Keyword

Now you need to make a list of keywords around your niche. It is an example of Keywords around SEO.

  • How to understand SEO
  • Understanding SEO keyword rankings
  • Free keyword popularity tool

These keyword phrases are chosen around this article and the next step is to research these keyword phrases.

Research Keywords.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

I use the Jaaxy Keyword tool, it is free to use. Throughout this article, you will notice the enterprise under my profile picture which is upgraded level. To get started with keyword research for your website, you just need the free version and upgrades are options.

Research the first keyword phrase.

On your Jaaxy Keyword account select keyword and type your keyword phrase inbox and then click on find keywords. The image below will show you where to do this step as I used “how to understand SEO”.

How to understand SEO

Do not worry about all other tabs in the picture above, only focus on the Keywords tab.

Understanding QSR & SEO

Jaaxy Keyword List

You see from the picture above, the keyword phrase searched “how to understand SEO” is on top of the list.

Under SEO says 99, which is the top and very good. The higher the rank score to 100, you have a better chance of ranking on Google’s first page.

QSR has the number 57, which is the number of websites found with the exact same keyword. The lower the number in QSR is better. You might think 57 is a lot of websites, in reality, it is not and if you have original content you could still outrank your competitors.

Now that you understand how to research keywords and get ranked. Sit down write your article around that keyword.

If you need more help understanding keyword research, then I recommend the training provided here.

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