Wealthy Affiliate Review – An impressive platform to mint money in 2022

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Wealthy Affiliate Review – An impressive platform to mint money in 2022

In this Wealthy Affiliate review, we will talk about what Wealthy Affiliate is, its features, pros, and cons if there are any, and your opportunity to start a high-paying side hustle for free. It sounds too good to be true!

So, let’s stop beating around the bush and find out if Wealthy Affiliate is worth your time. Of course, it is. Now, you may be thinking of all those awful reviews or scam alerts just waiting to tar the reputation of this amazing opportunity. Let me clear up some things for you.

.Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate- 17 Years in Business and Thousands of Success Stories!

If a business is celebrating 17 years of achievement, it must have strong strategic planning and benefits for its partners. Besides, try searching about any successful network; I am sure there must be some negative reviews. It’s because when someone doesn’t succeed on a platform, possibly for any reason, they sure are to leave some bad comments. But it’s OK. Because it’s 2022 already, you have to see what works best for you and not for everyone else. Now starting about me, I am Wealthy Affiliate’s premium member and can proudly say that it has helped me build a successful affiliate career. The cherry on top is that starting out is absolutely FREE. In this blog article, I will be giving you my 100% real, honest and insightful Wealthy Affiliate review to see how it’s the right decision for your business:


What is “The Wealthy Affiliate (WA)”? Basics about starting your Affiliate career with WA!


Wealthy Affiliate is the world’s most popular business platform, training system, and thriving community- featuring fantasy, controversy, and reality.

It’s a 1.4 million members community that offers training, professional tools, a fully functional website, and live support.

Membership with Wealthy Affiliate offers you everything you need to make quick bucks with affiliate marketing. These are:

  • First off, a basic intro course of affiliate programs
  • Secondly, market tactics to attract targeted audiences (Dream Traffic)
  • Furthermore, training sessions on niche selection
  • A website builder
  • Moreover, free web hosting, domain name registration, and renewal
  • Mastering the art of driving free and paid traffic
  • Additionally, subscriptions to necessary tools
  • Finally, live coaching and a helpful community to get it right

The intelligent minds behind Wealthy Affiliate- A Quick look!


Kyle Loudon is a major player and co-founder of WA. He is a prominent affiliate marketer turned instructor and chief in charge.

The second co-founder is Carson Lim, an avid designer.

Finally, Jay is the chief trainer at WA, who is an affiliate consultant by profession.

Here are some features of this thriving community:

  • 1,800 coaches
  • 10,000 + business started
  • 1.4 million members
  • 23,000 people helped daily



Wealthy Affiliate Pricing and Packages? Is it worth it?

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Now, let’s talk about the most important point of the Wealthy Affiliate review, i.e., the pricing. Well, you have two membership options:

Starter Membership: Free membership with 0 charges. You have heard that right, the totally free plan. No strings attached.

Premium Membership (Monthly Payment): You pay $49 monthly for the premium plan. However, if you decide to upgrade your starter package any time between the first week, you will get a flat 60% discount. It means you only pay $19, but you will be paying $49 monthly from the second month and onwards.

Premium Membership (Annual Payment): You get a 15% discount with this package. $49 a month makes a total of $588, but you will be buying this plan for $495 a year. (A huge discount, I must say!)

So, if we calculate, on average, it makes only 1.5 dollars a day for all the professional tools and exclusive benefits. But if you are starting as an individual and not as a company, I suggest starting with the free plan.


Is Wealthy Affiliate A Beginner Only Program?


Absolutely Not! Doesn’t matter if you are an aspiring affiliate or already a pro marketer; you can make the most of this platform as long as you stay dedicated.

First thing first, this course is an ultimate guideline about how to be a successful affiliate marketer. Besides, the marketing pros could definitely consider it for generating their link while getting more exposure to market tactics.

Furthermore, the affiliate boot camp and daily coaching walk you through business start-ups, setting websites, creating attractive offers, dominating the SERP using SEO techniques, etc. So from a beginner to ultra-affiliate, anyone can benefit from the Wealthy Affiliate according to their level of expertise.

How Much Money Can You Make from a Wealthy Affiliate?


This Wealthy Affiliate review is all about mentioning even the slightest details of the market. In theory, Wealthy Affiliate promises unlimited access to the tools, techniques, and tactics you need to get started. But no sane marketer can give you the exact digits of how much you can make. Here I would like to add that, unfortunately, the chances of growth with the Free plan are few. Also, you can make a handsome commission using their premium features and, more importantly, sign others up for the program.

But the chances are you really hustle, learn from the community, build a brand, master paid traffic and – BOOM – you become an authority in the affiliate industry. But one thing that I can guarantee is you make loads of money being an affiliate for WA itself. (Hint: I have made tons!)


Make a killing from being an affiliate to WA- A Secret that no one tells you!


On average, you can earn a recurring commission of $121 simply by referring Wealthy Affiliate to a fellow or potential user. The good news is you continue making commission as long as the person you referred to is paying a subscription for the monthly plans. Fantastic, Isn’t it?

Interestingly, WA has a crazy high conversion rate of up to 12%. It means that, on average, 12% of the visitors get converted into users and get high payouts every month. But the perks of this affiliate power don’t end here. Just imagine you refer a friend, and they continue to be their premium member. The twist is, you even get a percentage of their sales. Now imagine, referring to many people who pay for a whole year- you can easily make loads of money from this side hustle.

Moreover, higher are the chances that the people you refer end up being WA’s loyal partners. So, that means you get your share from that pie too, and so on. Hence, you can quickly grow your side hustle into a seamless passive income stream (Bet that!). Now you know why so many publishers and marketing enthusiasts around the web are promoting this lucrative business.

The Highlight of Wealthy Affiliate Review- Is it Legit or Scam?


Well, as a proud premium partner of Wealthy affiliates, I can assure you that it’s 100% Legit. Based on different opinions and your experience, you can love it or hate it but definitely can’t label it as a “Scam.” It won’t be JUST!

So, let’s find out the truth!

Wealthy Affiliate is an authentic business that teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing, tips from business insiders, and market tactics. Besides, you have the complete freedom to choose any niche you are passionate about and mint money online.

Unlike all the typical MLM platforms that only promote, Wealthy Affiliate gives proper training and higher payouts in return. Moreover, the platform fully equips you with the latest techniques and valuable information that help create a brand image online.



Impressive 5 Star Ratings and Success Stories of Wealthy Affiliates – Confidence Boosters!




For peace of mind, you can check their impressive 5-star rating and success stories that are highly motivating.

It seems like the affiliate network is torn into two divisions when it comes to giving an honest Wealthy Affiliate review.

  • One fraction – mainly the professional marketers who have a reason (Less Technology Updates) to hate it.
  • The other fraction – successful affiliates of the platform who defend it potentially.
  • While the fraction – the one that is standing outside the circle and still figuring out the hype, scams, and the truth.

Affiliation with this strong platform has certainly done wonders for many, and people generated a lot of income. So, in my opinion, the opportunity awaits you in the form of WA, and every beginner must try it.


My Closing thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate Review

I have tried my best to talk about the bright side of the Wealthy Affiliate review. For a lot of marketers, WA proved to be a life-changing opportunity. Not bragging, but I am also one of those proud affiliates. Initially, I started with the free membership, but as I got knowledge and handsome commissions, I upgraded my plan to premium. I must say the training sessions and webinars are a huge plus in my book.

That was precisely the moment I never looked back and focused on my affiliate marketing career with Wealthy Affiliate. To me, it made a difference, a positive development that always motivates me to encourage others to join hands with WA.

Want to Partner with Wealthy Affiliates? CLICK HERE to sign up for FREE!






















8 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – An impressive platform to mint money in 2022”

  1. Being on Wa for a year now, I can tell you that what you wrote is so true, making money takes time for sure, I have written many posts for my WA blog about that and I get many people who say the same thing. “it’s true” 

    Thanks for writing this post out, I will have to bookmark it and come back to it for more great things to learn from you. 

    • I have been a Premium member going on for 3 years now and I’m still learning. Glad this review will help many others realize that it is an impressive platform to work with. 

  2. Hi Jannette

    Thank you for the very informative article about the Wealthy Affiliate platform and explaining more in detail about what the platform is about and the different types of memberships, services and countless tools that they have to offer. After reading your article I truly believe that investing in any one of the offered memberships will be an investment into one’s own future.

    • Marlene thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave your comment. Wealthy Affiliate has two paid memberships and they both offer great features for paid members. 

  3. Great Review, No doubt that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely one of the best in the industry, great for both beginners and professionals. The best part about it is the wonderful community of their kind and helpful people, and as a bonus, it is also quite affordable when compared to other programs. 

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hello Champ, Yes Wealthy Affiliate offers a great community of people that are willing to help but have you ever questioned all those members’ knowledge. From my experience, you can be told different answers by different users and each one thinks their answer is accurate when it is not! Wealthy Affiliate is indeed great, but I disagree with all users claiming they are experts. 

  4. Yeah, it is, indeed, no wonder that so many people online are promoting the program. I mean, both the recurring commission and the conversion rate are very thrilling. I mean, it’s kind of like guaranteed income once someone new really gets going in the program. I mean, you can almost trust that the person will continue to be a WA member, and hence, you just keep gradually increasing your yearly income. Which is great.

    And then, the fact that the program is actually incredibly value-oriented makes things only sweeter (and I think that’s a good reason why that conversion rate is so high). Because WA doesn’t just promise the world with a push of a button. They promote hard work and learning but they offer real tools, real value, real everything for people to succeed. Not just promises like most other programs out there.

    A great review. And I definitely agree with the fact that WA is not a scam. It’s a very, very legit program. 

    • Matiss, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment concerning the Wealthy Affiliate review. For one to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate they need to be ready to put in time & dedication as not a get rich quick offers like many other programs online. With the included affiliate program, the users can lock in those commissions as their referrers will not let their membership go after working hard to build their websites. I am going on 3 years with being a member of WA, my sponsor is sitting somewhere relaxed collecting commissions off my renewals and domain purchases. 


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