The Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2022

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By now, you have heard about Wealthy Affiliate many times, as this company has been around for 17 years and shows no signs of going away anytime soon. The problem is that there are many outdated reviews online and few updated reviews. In my wealthy affiliate review for 2022, you will find an updated review to help you decide if the wealthy affiliate is a good place to start your online business.

Founders: Kyle & Carson

Founded: 2005

Programming Chief: KC

Technology Chief: Aaron

Jay: Training Chief

Pricing: $49-$99 per month/$497-$697 per year

More about Kyle & Carson

Kyle really wants to help other people, and in this case, he wants to help you build a successful online business. Kyle is one of the top founders, and when he is not researching and coming up with ideas to help the Wealthy Affiliate community, he is making training for everyone to learn from and apply the techniques to your online business. Kyle’s favorite quote is “You cannot make people love a service; you have to create a service that people will love.”

More about Carson

Carson is passionate about making ideas come to life and does so in a way that offers simplicity. Carson is the co-founder of a wealthy affiliate, and his favorite quote is, “Effective design isn’t the focused process of being able to take away and simplify.”

About Me

My name is Jannette, I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 3 years now and I will not be parting ways with wealthy affiliates anytime soon. I started out at the bottom as a free member with little to no knowledge of how to run an online business; now I successfully operate multiple online website businesses that earn me a passive recurring commission every month. I have even built websites by publishing content, driving traffic to the websites naturally through Google, and selling the websites. There are many ways the wealthy affiliate program can work for you.

Over the last three years, constant new updates to the wealthy affiliate program have been implemented, which must be discussed in this review, along with making sure you choose the right sponsor to sign up under.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

When I first joined wealthy affiliate three years ago, I was a free member with no credit card required, but on the same day, I upgraded to premium, with the first month only costing $19 and then $49 every month after that. The $19 upgrade option is no longer available, and this just rolled out with the recent upgrades in October 2022. I even had access to the famous Jaaxy keyword service, which is also a part of Wealthy Affiliate and vital to use when doing keyword research and getting your business rolling.

The membership options are important, as you will need to choose a membership option, and each option comes with its own training modules you will have access to, such as a keyword research tool, how many websites you would like to build, and lots more.

If you are ready to dive in and start with a free membership, start now! If you’d like to find out about the different membership options, continue reading below.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership Option

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

The image above shows you what is included with the free and premium membership. From this image, you can see not much is included however it is a great option to choose for beginners who have no experience at all running an online business, and lets you see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about from the starter membership view.

With the starter membership, you will have access to five training lessons, a free blog within the wealthy affiliate community, and one free WordPress blog to build your first online business that will have a domain prefix of

Looking at the starter membership training below, you will see detailed instructions and when you complete each lesson you have a check-off section to continue to the next lesson, The training is designed in easy-to-follow tutorials with reading and follow-along videos.

Keep Moving ForwardGet Rolling with Wealthy Affiliate

You will also be able to comment and ask for help if needed within the community. There are many members who wait on questions to be asked at the end of each lesson or live chat if you have access to the live chat feature. In the comment section, you can even leave feedback about the lesson and thank Kyle for taking the time to put together the training. Ask questions within the Wealthy Affiliate Community

From the last image above, you can see where other members asked questions and received answers from community members that have more experience along with rankings and titles which I will explain later.

The Wealthy Affiliate Blog

The Wealthy Affiliate Blog

Each member who signs up with Wealthy Affiliate will have their own personal blog to post their updates as they complete their training, what is happening in their daily lives, or just about anything as long as it is not self-promotion. For instance, the website you are reading this wealthy affiliate review cannot be shared within a blog post on a wealthy affiliate as it is considered self-promoting. Don’t post links for other programs you are a part of that you are trying to get people to join under you or email lists and this is what a lot of members try to do when they start with a starter membership.

Can You Earn from Wealthy Affiliate as a free member?

This question will need to be determined further in detail. If you asking if you can earn commissions from affiliate partners who have joined by writing about them on your free WordPress site that will be, that would be difficult as most merchants what you to be the actual owner of domain business owner with content published regularly.

If you are asking about earning money for referring new members to wealthy affiliates, yes, your commissions will be based on the membership level you choose. When you upgrade to premium or premium plus you will have more ways to earn from wealthy affiliates.

Ready to get started with a free starter membership now, signup up now no credit card is required. If not ready to get started read on to learn even more about premium and premium plus memberships.

Premium & Premium Plus Membership

These two membership levels are completely different. Like I said earlier I joined 3 years ago when the only membership options were the free starter and premium.

Premium Plus TrainingWealthy Affiliate Premium Training

Now review the two screenshot images above the difference in training you will have access to within the Wealthy Affiliate program if you decide to upgrade.

Premium membership is a good option for you to continue building your business by following and completing the training models. The downside of being only premium and looking for new updates that are required by Google or social media sites, you will need to upgrade to Premium Plus.

If not Premium Plus, Wealthy affiliate flaunts Premium Plus training models per-say everywhere you turn so you will have to upgrade to Premium Plus. Me being upgraded to Premium Plus, I have access to all the training and for some of the training, I would give a rating as very poor and should not be classified as Premium Plus Training.

Of course, there are more details between the two upgraded levels of membership, continue reading to find out more.

Premium Plus WebsitesPremium Websites Wealthy Affiliate

When you look at the Website details, you might be asking yourself what is the difference between these packages. By looking at the two screenshot images for comparison from my dashboard there is not much difference between the two besides the package value and the monthly visits. I myself still would like to hear the difference concerning website value and difference directly from Kyle, I will explain this reason later in the article.

Premium Support and Research


Looking at the Unlimited 24/7 live help, unlimited questions & answers, unlimited community communication, and feedback platform. These options are referring to you speaking with other wealthy affiliate community members, which I do not like!

These members who answer and who might have just signed up yesterday have no knowledge at all concerning running their own business and most just comment to lower their Wealthy Affiliate rankings so they can get an ambassadorship badge or whatever comes with this. Sometimes it is better to search Google and find the answer yourself.

Last year I asked a question concerning Google, to test the members to see if they know the correct way to address the question. One member answered wrong, and I told them about it through PM, well this member blocked me but get this he can continue providing wrong information and if I ask a question or post a blog he can still comment on my stuff even though he has blocked me. This member’s rank is number 5, I think he stays on the Wealthy Affiliate platform just answering members with whatever advice possible even if it’s wrong just to stay an ambassador within the WA community. There is no way this member is opperating an online business to be called in expert (not sleeping, personal bathroom time, or having family time). If you join you will see what I mean.

Also, just a day before I asked if could someone explain the blocking method to me. The member I am talking about above answered and said to get Kyle to explain. I did this process, and Kyle or anyone else still cannot explain the blocking feature. From my experience, the blocking method in your PM dashboard is worthless. The blocking is only so you cannot PM a member, but that said member can still comment wrong information on your posts or questions. A blocking feature should block that member from being able to communicate with you at all.

So, by me asking this question, Kyle responded to my PM saying he didn’t understand my question as another member was self-promoting to me through my blog posts and PMs, I blocked the PMs and these so-called experts made me feel so dumb. Kyle allows others to self-promote if you do it, you get blocked even if you just post your website like in a blog post on Wealthy Affiliate for help. After this experience, I will get lots of backlash for being honest in this review from requesting comments (I will explain later).

For the Research Jaaxy

This research tool is needed, some of the features provided to you are not offered by any other research tool that I have found. I am Premium Plus, and still do not use all the features provided to you through Jaaxy. In my opinion, the Premium upgrade is enough when doing keyword research with Jaaxy and it saves you from having to purchase access to other keyword research tools provided online as Jaaxy is free when upgrading to premium or premium plus at a wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

When you search for honest wealthy affiliate reviews you rarely find a negative review, that is because the reviews are from members trying to get signups to earn from Wealthy Affiliate, as they do offer one of the best commission payouts and Wealthy Affiliate will be around for a long time. Plus, part of the training course asks you to write a review and Kyle will even send you notice to leave a positive review through the trust pilot which was just added to their main website page.

I am going to explain the negative review that stands out on trust pilot when you review that negative review.

Negative Wealthy Affiliate Review

This member’s negative review is correct, as when I had my mini stroke earlier this year this happen to me. When you can’t pay for your service every month, your websites are taken down and your hard work no longer shows in search engines. When you are finely able to pay for your membership again, you have to work extra hard to gain trust in search engines, and it’s like you have to start over again.

Kyle’s response to this complaint is incorrect, as before you can access your domains to transfer to another server if that is the course you will take you to need to pay for your membership again with Wealthy Affiliate. However, this can be avoided by subscribing to yearly membership and the best affordable way is to upgrade during the black Friday special. The next one is on November 24th, 2022.

In February 2020 I upgraded to yearly membership before the upgraded service which resulted in an increase in pricing. When I upgraded yearly, the offer was that I was supposed to be grandfathered in by paying the old yearly price instead of the increased price and I wasn’t, I was charged the new increased price when it was time to renew my subscription and they came out with premium plus.

The yearly membership option does allow you to save money.

Overall Trust Pilot review rating is 4.9 with 92% positive rating.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments & Feedback Feature

Site Comments Feature

The site comment and site feedback feature are not provided by any other training platform, if used correctly it is a great feature. You simply read and visit other members’ websites through site comments, and leave a comment related to their content. This means you read what they are saying, and leave comments related to that content to earn one site credit. That site credit can then be used to request a site comment that can improve your ranking on google. However, most of the users don’t read your article, only read the title and comment, if you disapprove of those comments the user retaliates by declining your comment even if it is what they asked for. I always read the article from start to finish and even click on their links to stay on their websites longer.

Kyle even provides training on how to properly read the articles and comment, but users abuse this feature. I asked why they do this to other members, comment is fake, and just approve the comments even when it’s not relative to your content. The comments have an edit button for you to edit the comment, but the option Kyle put together is to teach the commenter how to properly interact with other bloggers and if you approve the comment after you edit the comment the user will never learn. The users are just commenting to earn credit or cash credit.

Yes, you can earn $0.50 on some comments if you are a certified commenter, which has happened to me twice. I don’t understand why it is very rare to earn the $0.50, to me the comment section needs improvements.

Site Comment Request

The image above is a user asking questions or offering experience about their topic, which is the history of reiki energy healing. You have to click or tap on the view the website option and their website will open in a new window, Read the article to the end do some more research if needed before commenting and don’t just comment anything to earn that credit. After reading their article if you still have doubts about the content and don’t know what to say, simply skip the article by clicking or tapping on ignore the site and let someone else with knowledge on the topic comment.

Site Feedback is the same, the users need to read what the member is requesting but they don’t.

Pros & Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

My review here might come off as completely negative but the Pros outdo the cons. The pros are the price of the training, you will not find any other training program with this low price monthly or yearly.

The interaction with the community is not provided by any other training platform. You will not find any affiliated training that offers continued updated text and video tutorials without paying for continued upsells for outdated training. Wealthy Affiliate offers one membership level premium price for updated regular training.

You will not find a program that offers site comments or site feedback that is a must in running an online blog website.

Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

There are not many cons, but I will address the cons that simply need to be addressed and dealt with by enforcing strict rules maybe.

The first con, is the community commenting and providing incorrect information just so they can get activity helper points to earn ranking points. In my opinion, they need to get rid of the ranking system, maybe members would get the correct information they are needing help with.

The comment and site feedback, have a more strict filter feature not allowing comments that don’t relate to the article content to be submitted just to earn credit.

Wealthy Affiliate Member Claiming Riches

Wealthy Affiliate Member Claiming Riches

This Wealthy Affiliate member posted a blog post within the WA community claiming to have made $1 million in commission just through Wealthy Affiliate. You can go here and read the blog post. In my opinion there should be a screenshot of proof, but there is not! This is where I find it hard to believe!

Overall Summary

Even though I have had bad experiences with users of the Wealthy Affiliate program, I will still suggest this training program to everyone. As with my experiences mentioned the cons can be dealt with personally me and the pros are still better than the cons. Everyone will have their own opinions about the Wealthy Affiliate program and reviewers should be able to talk about their concerns with the program without backlash.

After reading my updated review which may be compared to other reviews, will you still join the number one affiliate marketing training platform Wealthy Affiliate? If you do, go here and start today!

Already a member, what changes would you like to see happen? Comment below what changes you think need to be updated!



4 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2022”

  1. I remember when I first bumped into Wealthy Affiliate years ago but I the time I was just a squeeze page peddler and really did not understand the power of blogging nor wanted to take the time to learn.

    I new back then that WA was a credible training platform but I wanted results fast and not in six months. So I continued wasting my money away sometime making money and sometimes not.

    Then as the advancement of technology and the tools to create an effective website that would help you get ranked became more and more available, I started to bump into WA again.

    I used to be you had to know all kind of code and have to subscribe to all kind of tools to be able to create a blog that would stand a chance at ranking but no more. All you need is in WA. Period.

    • I began marketing with flash pages or funnels, which were nothing but scams that take your money to promote them and you never earn anything. Wealthy Affiliate started using it three years ago, and it’s a legitimate company that teaches anyone how to be a successful business owner. It is some of the users that I rated as CON, as they think are experts when they are not. These members provide incorrect information, and when you question them they get mad and start posting content saying we cannot express our differences. 

  2. I have been with wealthy Affiliate for a couple months and I had good things to say about it. I have had some negative but nothing can be prefect. I had some health issues and couldn’t work for a little bit of time and my website went down. I did get them all back and running. It was terrifying when I lost them all the work I put into them gone. 

    I do like the easy to follow instructions from the courses. It makes it easy to understand and to feel successful. I feel like I have an understanding on how get an online business started. The price and the support is such a great deal. I am a premium member right now and plan on getting a premium plus account here in the near future.I was a premium plus member before and it has so much more to offer then the premium membership. 

    I have three websites at the moment and I am hoping to get more going soon. I love how easy it is to get a website going and how to make great content.

    • Just like me, I was Premium Plus before but had to go back to just Premium until last month, when I upgraded to Premium Plus again. The training is easy to follow, and even if I do have some negatives about the platform, there is no other platform that offers so much for its members. 

      When you are not able to pay for your memberships, your websites become unavailable online, as the negative review written by another user on Trustpilot, but the websites are still yours, and you just need to pay for wealthy affiliate membership and keep it active. 

      Some of the negative reviews, if you find them are the member’s fault who are looking for get rich scheme. In this case, I guess you can say the member expected to have his websites hosted for free without paying. 


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