The Top 9 Reasons to Join Wealthy Affiliate Free

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You have heard about Wealthy Affiliate, now you would like to know about the top 9 reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate.

You have read many online reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and looking for legitimate reasons to join. The most obvious reason is to build your very own affiliate marketing business with proper training.

There are tons of similar affiliate marketing courses out there, but the question remains why to choose Wealthy Affiliate.

Now it is time you find out from a Wealthy Affiliate premium member who is a successful affiliate marketer within just six months and leading new referrals to Wealthy Affiliate.

Here are the top 9 reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Training

Top 9 Reasons to Join Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate offers the greatest affiliate marketing training provided online. The training is many hours of video lessons along with pages of text articles to address people who are willing to learn about affiliate marketing.

The training covers how to make money online, starting your very own business with building your website, writing articles, niche marketing, getting traffic to your website and making sales. You can even earn commissions while learning through Wealthy Affiliate training.

The Wealthy Affiliate training is just not a theory but instead a step by step training guide to help you build a successful online business.

You can find out more information on the training by reading the following “Wealthy Affiliate Review Training.” The training lessons talked about in this article are free to starter members, which is enough to get you started building a successful business and launching your website.

Also, you will access additional live webinars on even more subjects such as social media advertising, using Google search console and Analytics, writing effective call to action content, SEO techniques for better rankings, keyword research, and plus more.

That is not all, you will even have access to other Wealthy Affiliate members who will teach you their successful methods that help them be successful with their business.

The main training models are updated regularly to suit the ever-changing online marketing industry.

In my six months as an online affiliate marketer, I can easily say that the Wealthy Affiliate training is the best you will ever find online.

  1. Over a Million Members

Currently, Wealthy Affiliate is the most popular affiliate marketing training program with over a million members from around the globe.

Over one million people have found a great reason to start their own online business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate and you can too.

The best part of the members is that you can connect with every one of the members who have the same or similar goals as you within the Wealthy Affiliate community through live chat, private message (Premium Members only), blogs, and the classrooms.

You can exchange ideas, insights, obtain advice, and asked questions, learn about members’ successes and failures, seek additional motivation along with more from the Wealthy Affiliate members.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have read lots of successful blog posts and chats saying they would not have been successful without Wealthy Affiliate.

The active community will help you solve problems you will come across if stuck on the lesson they will get you unstuck. If you lose motivation the Wealthy Affiliate members will join you in chat to motivate you to keep going and reach your goals.

  1. Online Since 2005

Wealthy Affiliate has been running strong since 2005.

The Wealthy Affiliate community has been helping people build their own successful affiliate marketing businesses for over 15 years.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle & Carson and have even more experience working in the Affiliate marketing industry. When Kyle & Carson decided to establish a Wealthy Affiliate to help others be successful, they were already making a substantial amount of money through affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few affiliate marketing training platforms that has not only been around 15 plus years but also becoming even better every year.

  1. Tools and Resources

The top 9 reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate

To build a successful affiliate marketing business you will need specific tools. Wealthy Affiliate offers these specific tools to their members that help the process of building your business much easier.

One specific tool that is most used by Wealthy Affiliate members is the keyword research tool called jaaxy. The Jaaxy keyword research tool will help you choose the best targeted keywords to get the most traffic and sales.

More tools included with Wealthy Affiliate is 1-click website builder, website monitoring tools, give and take comments that no other affiliate training program offers, free website hosting with anti-spam with insights on website loading speeds, website content creation platform along with lots more.  These tools are provided at no additional cost.

To be honest, you will need a hosting plan and domain name. The hosting plan is provided through Wealthy Affiliate and you can have up to 10 different websites. Domain purchasing is only $13.95 a year for selected target domain names. If you need little time to decide on the domain, you can still use website hosting as a Free member through SiteRebuix that provides free domain.

  1. One-Click Website Builder

Even though this tool one clicks website builder was mentioned above am going to discuss further. The one clicks website builder can be of great use to members who have little to no experience with website building and are not tech-savvy.

Building a website is not that hard as it used to be years ago. Now there are easier platforms that will allow you to have a website published online within a few minutes and just a couple clicks without needing to know technical codes. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is made just like that, with just a couple clicks your website can be published online for the world to see.

The first couple of training lessons provided to you through Wealthy Affiliate covers this and you can master within 30 minutes.

  1. Free to Signup

I was looking for ways to make extra money online to help pay for school loans when I came across Wealthy Affiliate six months ago and join Wealthy Affiliate. When conducting research on ways to make extra money online came across many programs that all turned out to be a flop or company with empty promises. Some companies required a large upfront cost that could not afford or did not offer free membership to see what they had to offer and promised an empty money-back guarantee that they did not follow.

Not everyone will trust credit card information right away, I know I wouldn’t. For the simple reason they can charge anytime they want even after you cancel membership through these other programs.

This is how came about joining Wealthy Affiliate, you can join for free with no credit card required. You simply just create an account with zero money spending, if Wealthy Affiliate is not what you were looking for just simply log out and do not come back again. This means you risk nothing to join Wealthy Affiliate. You never know you might be one of those members who end up being successful and share your story with other members.

Free Starter member you get your first affiliate website up and running, access the live chat, use of keyword research tool, first 10 lessons free in getting started Bootcamp.

You will have the option to remain a free member if you like, you will only have limited access to most of the features provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

I started Wealthy Affiliate October 2019 and the next day upgraded to Premium and never looked back. Upgrading to Premium was the best decision I made, now I have six successful online websites in different niches making me profits online thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Reasonable Membership Prices

Wealthy Affiliate only costs $19 for your first month and $49 every month afterward unless you choose to pay yearly and save even more. If you pay every six months, the monthly cost is only $39 per month or pay by the year, and monthly cost only $29.92 a month.

With these Wealthy Affiliate membership payment plans you can save money and get everything needed to build your own affiliate marketing business that can change your life.  Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life and many others, this can be you as well.

Prices Changes Start May 11th

After May 11th the yearly premium membership price will change to $495.00 a Year, if you are not already a Premium member now is the time to signup for just $299.00 a year. 

  1. Tech Support

Just like with any other business platform, eventually, you may need to contact technical support regarding any issue that may arise with your website.

This can me a plugin issue, website not loading, or even logging into your website to name a few.  You can submit a support ticket for your website and get a reply as early as five minutes. Wealthy Affiliate website technical support is available 24/7 and really does show concerns about your businesses. With other website hosting providers your website could be down for days before getting support to help and this does not look good to your website visitors and popular search engines like Google.

Ready to join Wealthy Affiliate than go here and signup.

  1. Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate even has its own affiliate program that you can promote while building your affiliate marketing business and earn a substantial amount per sale. The affiliate earnings are taught to you through one of the training courses in the getting started Bootcamp course when you join Wealthy Affiliate.

If you remain a free member of Wealthy Affiliate here is a break of what you will earn from referrals.

The initial start-up offer of $19 your commission is $4, $49 monthly charge your commission is $11.25 recurring, six-month charge of $234 your commission is $54 recurring, and $359 yearly recurring charge your commission is $87.50.

Now as a Premium member you can earn lots more and therefore, I am a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate as well.

Premium members earn $1 per referral who sets up their account and Free members do not earn this $1. Even if the referrals do not upgrade to Premium this $1 can add up to some income. Another commission-free member does not earn is $1 recurring per domain purchases from your referrals. Plus premium members earn $8 one time commission of the initial $19 signup offer, $49 monthly charge your commission is $23.50 recurring, $234 six month charge your commission is recurring $108 and yearly charge of $359 recurring your commission is $175.

It pays to be a Premium member; with just two referrals you can pay for your own yearly membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

Think about it this way, set a goal to start off getting two Premium membership signups a week and you can be set for like. That is $1400 earnings in just a month and $16,800 a year just for referring yearly paid premium members to Wealthy Affiliate.

Final Words

As you just read, these are the top 9 reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate.  These are the reasons I joined Wealthy Affiliate six months ago and a Premium member.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best online affiliate marketing training program alone I ever came across with plus features of earning excellent income from their very own affiliate program.

You will not make money just by simply joining Wealthy Affiliate and achieve overnight riches, you will need to invest time and dedication to achieve success with Wealthy Affiliate just like any other business. Think about your online business as a regular 9 to 5 job, you start off at the bottom and work your way up to achieve success as a successful manager or CEO of the company.

I close this post now in your hands to make the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate or not. You can leave your taught and opinions below in the comment section.






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14 thoughts on “The Top 9 Reasons to Join Wealthy Affiliate Free”

  1. I love wealthy affiliate and the community of people who use it that help me build my website. I’m in my early 20’s learning how to make a profitable website so that one day I don’t have to work anymore. It’s totally worth it in my book. I get training, a community, help, free web hosting, free Jaxxy. It’s worth it

    • Happy to hear how Wealthy Affiliate helped you build your website and paving the path for you to work from home without having to commute back and forth to work in the future. 

  2. Wow! Wealthy Affiliate sounds great! Those commissions seem really good, especially for premium members.

    I’m interested in starting my own niche website and start blogging, but don’t really know where to start. I’d be interested in checking out the training on the free account; I think I’ll take a look!

    Thanks for the info.

    • Wealthy Affiliate is highly recommended by many and you can really earn lots of money from their own affiliate program. Please do give Wealthy Affiliate a try. 

  3. Thank you for your detailed review of wealthy affiliate. I actually recently have started to look into affiliate marketing and although there are tons of ads claiming that they are the best, wealthy affiliate really stands out as different.

    I am worried about jumping into affiliate marketing as this is very new to me. I have zero technical skills and have never worked from home. Would the training be enough for me to do this on my own?

    Thank you,


    • Wealthy Affiliate is great for people who are new to working from home and especially in the affiliate marketing industry. Their training is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions and if you get stuck on a lesson the online community of members is there to help. 

  4. Thanks for sharing your top reasons why someone would want to join Wealthy Affiliate. It’s important to have a good understanding of the business when you join, but it certainly helps to be able to join as a free member before deciding if you ever want to upgrade to a pro level membership. Thanks for pointing out this benefit, plus your other favorites like reasonable prices. Sounds like a solid plan!

    • It does certainly help to be able to join as a free member. By joining as a free member can get an idea about what all Wealthy Affiliate offers before upgrading to Premium member. 

  5. There is much more to be benefited from wealthy affiliates than a host of other sites. the training sessions are clear with videos to illustrate what is said. there are also a couple of live training sessions held from time to time. my best aspect is the quick response of the support team. thank you very much

    • Yes, there are live training sessions held. The 24/7 support is awesome, as indicated in the article they have quick response time for website support. 

  6. I so much have confidence to say that wealthy affiliate is one of the most trusted and most reliable platform I have ever seen. While I was introduced to it, I thought maybe it wasn’t going to as cool as they testify about it, but I confirmed it immediately I joined. It’s has a community with same like minded people, where one can even be motivated by other people testimonies. Their programmes are awesome. If anybody would want to go into affiliate marketing I will sure recommend wealthy affiliate as the number one and most trusted platform with free membership to venture in.

    • Hello Sheddy,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your comment regarding Wealthy Affiliate. They are very well trusted indeed and recommend as the number one choice for anyone wanting to learn affiliate marketing and start their very own business.

  7. I totally agree with you as wealthy affiliate is one of the best platforms around i have been using them for a very long time and i must tell you they are the best as they have one of the best affiliate program very flexible and no complex threeshold for withdrawal indeed they are the best


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