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Start a Travel Blog with Travel Payouts, and maybe already have completed your website dedicated to travels. You may already have a travel blog of your own travels and now interested in turning your blog into a profitable website. In this article, you will be shown how to set up your blog to earn commissions from displaying travel-related ads like flights, hotels, tour guides, vacation home rentals, and more all through Travel Payouts and WordPress.

Right now, due to Covid19, traveling is a little slow but you can still tap into the traveling industry and make a great deal amount of money with recommendations of hotels, flights, restaurants for instance as work-related business trips. There are lots of money to be made with traveling, as the traveling industry is a top niche worldwide.

TravelPayouts is a site that is 100% dedicated to helping their affiliates make money in the travel industry. Now you wondering what is TravelPayouts, continue reading to find out more.

TravelPayouts Information

TravelPayouts is a travel search engine with great tools to help you build an awesome travel website. They have 3 different travel search engines that you can use and promote Aviasales, JetRadar, and Hotellook.

  • Aviasales is the largest flight search engine in Eastern Europe and gives your visitors the ability to compare flights worldwide.
  • Jetradar will allow you to tap into the worldwide travel market and supports a variety of languages and currencies.
  • Hotellook that allows you to search over 250,000 hotels around the world.

Making Money with Travel Payouts

Travel Payouts offers different monetization tools for travel bloggers.

TravelPayouts you can direct people directly to their program and earn commissions just by simply referring new people to the program. Here is how to promote TravelPayouts using direct links, search forms, mobile app, and second-tier affiliates.

  • Direct Linking may be the easiest way to make money with TravelPayouts just by simply posting a link to their search engine using a text link or one of the banners that they provide in their affiliate area.
  • Search Forms will allow you to post a search form on your blog and TravelPayouts even offers some pre-made search forms that you just simply copy-paste to your blog. When someone uses that search form and purchases a plane ticket or books a hotel recommendation you will earn a commission from that sale and booking.
  • Mobile App you can simply link to TravelPayouts mobile apps, when your visitors install the application you will earn money from the reservations they make for an entire year. With Mobile App, you will not have to worry about affiliate cookie length or getting your commissions stolen by competitors.
  • Second Tier Affiliates program will allow you to make money by referring other travel bloggers to TravelPayouts and you will earn 5% commissions on their generated sales.

How to Get Started with TravelPayouts

Simply go to and signup as their affiliate partner. You will receive two emails to confirm your account along with instructions to set up your account. Their profile is settings in their dashboard is quite simple just enter your details with your travel website address and click on save. Update your payment settings, this is how you receive your commission payouts and I recommend PayPal. When you save and update your payment settings you will receive another email to confirm you made the changes in your account, which you must do.

How to use WordPress Plugin for Travel Payouts

You should already have a WordPress blog started with some content, if you do not I recommend starting your WordPress blog through Wealthy Affiliate, bookmark this page so can come back and continue the steps after setting up your WordPress blog. If you already have your WordPress Blog setup continue reading.

WordPress Plugin TravelPayouts

1. Go to travel payouts login to your account and go to the tools section, scroll down to WordPress Plugin, and download. Go back to your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins, and upload the WordPress Plugin and activate it.

2. Select an article you have already published or write a new article based on traveling. In the tools area of editing in WordPress, you should see Flights, Hotels, Widget, Form, and Link beside add media option. This group of tools is provided through the travelpayouts WordPress Plugin you downloaded.

Start a Travel Blog with Travel Payouts

Adding Flights through WordPress editor. When you click on flights and window will appear as shown below-called Constructor tables.  You will need to click on the drop-down menu option and choose the option you would like; in this example, the selection option is number 5 Cheapest Flights from origin to destination for the next year. Fill in the information for instance round trip flight from Los Angeles California to Orlando, Florida, and click on create. Update or publish your article, then view it to make sure it appears correctly in the spot you chose.

Constructor Tabes

Flight Examples with TravelPayouts

With the image shown above, you can see the cheapest flights from Los Angeles to Orland for the year ahead as I chose in the example instructions and this is how the flights appear on your website.

Now let us go back and add hotel recommendations in your article.

Adding Hotel Recommendations

In the WordPress Editor, click on Widget. Again, you will have the Constructor Widgets window appear and you will need to select an option. In this example, the selected option is Hotels Selections Widget in the City entered Destin, Florida as this match by recommendation of one of the best Florida beaches. In this option, you can select how many hotel recommendations you would like to show, by default it is set at 10. Again click on update or publish, view to make sure the hotel recommendations are showing.

Hotel Recommendations TravelPayouts

The image above shows how the top 10 hotel recommendations appear on your website using the hotel selections in the widget. These appear big in your blog, and TravelPayout pulled these hotels from and other travel booking services that are popular in Destin, Florida. Your visitors will see the overall rating scale of each hotel with a slideshow of the details of the hotel. This saves you all the work of having to upload all the images yourself.

Let me show you another option for the recommendation of hotels to your blog visitors that I use more often and is my favorite.

Go back to your WordPress Article to edit and again click on Widgets, this time scroll down to Hotel Widget and select. In the hotel Widget window, enter the hotel name you would like to recommend. In this case, I entered Hyatt Place St. Petersburg Downtown the hotel pops up in grey with the correct city to click on and then click on create. Update or publish the article and view the update.

Single Hotel Recommendation

This is how the single hotel recommendation will appear, it shows smaller with a slideshow. To me, this is the best option, as you want the page to load fast not to detour your visitors a way to a competitor website. You can repeat this option as many times you like to show different hotels in certain areas.

Tour Guides

This option you will have to write a brief proposal on how you are going to promote the tours and wait to get approval notification. If you are not approved for tours, bookmark this page and come back once approved. If already approved continue reading.

Get Your Guide Travel Payouts

The image above is a program being affiliated with through PayOuts, they provide tour bookings for travel. I have already written a proposal and been approved, that is why you see the option in the image that says tools.

Click on tools, and then widgets you will then see two options activity and city widget.  The chosen widget in this example is an activity widget, and the chosen city is Orlando Florida. If it is a big tourist attraction you will need to select how many activities you would like shown to your blog visitors. In this example selected 12 and you will notice the preview screen in your travel payouts window of the recommendations along with how it should look on your website.

Highlight that code at bottom of that window by clicking on copy code and go back to your WordPress blog post editor and paste that code where you like it to appear in your blog post. To do this you will need to click on a text editor and paste the code in the spot chosen, then click on update or publish. Remember to view your updated article to make sure the activity recommendations are showing.

Activity Recommendations TravelPayouts

TravelPayouts Offers Variety of Travel Programs

You can run a successful travel business as an affiliate by recommending flights, hotels, tours, and even travel insurance to keep your visitors from having to go to multiple websites to cover all their travel needs. The travel insurance program, again you will need to write a proposal to be verified that your website is about traveling.

To get travel accessories like luggage can find partners through Commission Junction or ShareASale to have recommendations and not miss out on those commissions.

You May also like to read “Top 8 Best Travel Affiliate Programs” to get more ideas for operating a travel website.

If you need additional help or simply say thank you for the information, leave in the comments below.

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  1. One of the best things about this business is that you have the opportunity to travel all over the world, give your objective opinions and make money on it. Where you will be better and more beautiful than that. Of course, I think that due to the current situation in the world, you may not see any perspective in this business, but there will be better times.

    I am glad that there is this kind of platform and one of the great wishes after reading this post is to become a part of this world.

    Thanks, this is good to know

  2. These are some really amazing and resourceful blog that you have mentioned in your article and I think anyone who is a regular traveler or holds an adventurous spirit will do well to read it and learn from it as I did. Travel payouts sound like a really reliable and competent search engine and I think the idea of earning money from them is nice. 

  3. Hello there, the idea of starting a blog is really nice and after seeing this article anyone would consider giving it a try because of the great things behind doing it with travel payout. However, I still have to say one needs to find interest in it so you can keep on going with it and be committed 

    • Hello Justin, That is true people would really need to be interested in the travel industry and stay committed to see earnings. My full-time job allows me to travel to the United States, Canada, and Alaska and when being laid over getting to explore and see different places. Anyone who travels for work, can start a travel blog and earn a second income. 

    • Hello Justice,
      To start a blog in any niche will take interest in the topic like this traveling. The purpose of this article is to inform travel bloggers of Travel Payouts where they can earn commissions WorldWide no matter what country they may be in. If traveling is not your interest in blogging there are many more niches and some are covered in this blog.

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing this article, it’s a really insightful one and starting a travel blog is gonna be Very good idea  there are lots of things to do online, what affects a lot of people is knowing how to go about what they want. Travel project is a good idea and I’ll look it as soon as possible.

    • Hello Bruce,
      Yes, there is lots of different niches to choose from when trying to make an income online and especially in Affiliate Marketing. Traveling right now is a little slow, but there is still earning possibilities with people who travel for work.

  5. Thank you for this information about travel payouts, You have given me an idea , which need to be explored.

    It really looks like a lucrative opportunity. It is best to set it up now to ensure that one is ready as lockdown regulations get relaxed r in different countries. 


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