Spocket Drop Shipping Review

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As part of our Spocket Drop Shipping review, we will take an in-depth look at what the tool can do for you. Let’s take a closer look at the platform’s main features, pricing packages, and customer support capabilities.

Drop shipping might seem straightforward, but it can also be a nightmare if you don’t do it correctly.

What does that mean exactly?

The most attractive aspect of drop shipping for most merchants is its low starting and running costs. Some have even called it “the business without capital” since it’s really open to pretty much everyone.

It turns out you don’t even need a website. Create an account on any of the popular marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba, and you’re good to go. In addition, this option allows you to take advantage of the continuous stream of traffic on marketplaces.

In a nutshell, everything is a piece of cake.

False. I’m sure you’ve noticed that drop shipping isn’t as simple as it used to be. There are many things to do, but a walk in the park is not one of them.

As you can see, while drop shipping is a relatively simple and straightforward concept, running such a business is becoming increasingly complicated due to the many variables involved.

Consumers, for instance, are very unpredictable. Product interests are constantly shifting, resulting in exceedingly volatile market trends.

On top of that, it is getting increasingly difficult to sort through the overwhelming number of suppliers on the internet. Many drop shippers feel frustrated by the lack of product quality standards, the continuous stream of counterfeit items, and the overall unreliability of new overseas suppliers, who repeatedly make promises they can’t keep.

Accordingly, various experts and research studies place the failure rate of drop shipping businesses at 90% within the first month. That’s astounding.

Yes and no. Depending on your perspective, you can see the glass as half full or half empty. When you think about it, this failure rate is also common in other types of businesses.

Drop shipping is just as promising as other types of businesses. However, not all merchants will succeed. But rather, success awaits only those who know exactly how to position themselves while leveraging the right tools.

Guess what? Spocket is one of the tools created to help drop shippers handle all of these common problems. A drop shipping software solution is the type of software you use to streamline your order fulfillment process and find the right products and suppliers for your drop shipping business.

Okay, that sounds interesting, but how good is it? Is Spocket actually capable of transforming your drop shipping business? And does it have what it takes to outperform its main competitors?

Well, you’ll find all the answers here.

Launched in 2017, Spocket is a marketplace for drop shippers all over the world. It specifically helps them identify the best products for their business, connect with the right suppliers, sample their selected product options, streamline their sales and order fulfillment processes, and deliver orders to customers efficiently.

Therefore, Spocket can be considered as an all-in-one tool suite for drop shippers. Consequently, it can compete with the likes of Wholesale2b, which is also a dynamic platform for discovering the right products and increasing sales.

However, do not make a mistake. Though there are many similarities between Spocket and Wholesale2b, Spocket doesn’t operate entirely like Wholesale2b.

It tends to favor suppliers and businesses in the United States and Europe. Don’t get me wrong. These aren’t the only parties you get here. Spocket welcomes products from all over the world, but only about 60% of its items come from the US and Europe.

Shortly, Spocket is a good choice if you plan to ship products from the US or Europe.

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What kind of Spocket products are we talking about here?

Spocket has quite an extensive marketplace with a wide selection of products spread across a number of physical locations and industries. Additionally, you have the opportunity to connect with thousands of drop shippers all over the world.

Spocket Drop Shipping Review

But, get this. Instead of searching for products randomly, Spocket allows you to select your items based on location. That means you can pick items depending on where you prefer to ship from, as well as the corresponding target shipment destinations.

And what’s the point of Spocket?

Drop shipping products whose sources are located conveniently close to your customers allows you to minimize order fulfillment and shipping time.

If you’re planning to target Canadian buyers, for instance, you can source the products from local suppliers. You can then deliver the items to your customers in about 2-14 days. It’s a win-win situation for you and your customers.

As such, it’s important to note that location isn’t the only parameter for filtering products on Spocket’s marketplace. Various items can also be sorted based on keywords and prices.

To help you ensure the quality of the stuff you choose, Spocket lets you order samples from its suppliers. As a result, you can assess the delivery times before you start offering the products in your drop shipping store.

Spocket is a company that supports multiple sales channels. For instance, you can import its products into your Shopify or WooCommerce store. Spocket’s lightweight native applications for WooCommerce and Shopify provide these functionalities.

However, Omnichannel selling doesn’t end with ecommerce platforms. Pocket supports social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. You should be able to sell your products directly to social media users as well as to other types of buyers through your personal website or blog.

While you’re at it, the subsequent order fulfillment process should also be straightforward. Spocket is known for its automation capabilities, which saves you the hassle of following up on every order. The system handles the procedure, leaving you free to focus on other important business matters.

When you consider Spocket’s alleged heavy product discounts of 30-40%, the platform does indeed appear worthwhile. Since it starts at only $12 a month, beginners are especially inclined to give it a try. Additionally, Spocket already supports more than 30,000 satisfied drop shippers.

Nevertheless, while that’s a commendable accomplishment on Spocket’s part, it doesn’t answer the big question- how would it work in your business? What exactly can you expect from this drop shipping solution?

I have outlined its main features so you can make an informed decision…

Spocket Drop Shipping Review – Main Features

Fortunately for experienced ecommerce merchants, Spocket uses the same old system of integrating sales apps. Search for the Spocket app directly from your WooCommerce or Shopify control panel, install it to your store, launch it, and complete the registration process.

However, that isn’t the only way. Spocket’s main website also allows you to create a free account directly from there. It will not ask for your credit card information.

Store Spocket Drop Shipping Review

You can also sign up with your Facebook or Google account details, and voila! Pocket will then give you access to its online dashboard for a 14-day trial period.

With that said, Spocket has a pleasant, easy-to-use interface, with a neat layout, a well-organized set of functions, and a straightforward navigation system. There is almost no chance of getting lost here. Even beginners should be able to figure out how to use it easily.

Spocket’s dashboard guide is the best way to learn the ropes when you log into your account. A 4-step onboarding tour walks you through the platform’s core tools.

You can then go ahead and start searching for the perfect products for your drop shipping business. Spocket has systematically organized its wide range of items by industry categories, so searching is fairly seamless and straightforward.

In addition, you can sort through everything using the supplier, location, or pricing filters. When you click on the premium product checkbox, the system will reveal an array of additional deals.

Moving forward, you will find that product exploration is just as seamless and satisfying as the rest of the system. Spocket appears to have used a trick here by focusing just on the basics. There are only the basic functionalities that a typical drop shipper would need for filtering and comparing different product offerings.

You’ll be able to explore your product options based on product images, shipping costs, item variants, source location, retail price, and listing price. Pocket also gives you a way to create a list of all the products you are interested in. All you need to do is identify them and click on “Add To Import List”.

Once you’ve compiled a good collection, you can simultaneously import everything into your store in one click. It’s that easy.

Automated order fulfillment is another feature that makes drop shipping convenient and easy. That’s right. There’s no need to process orders manually. It would be exhausting to do that, especially if your online store is growing rapidly.

Spocket’s automated order processing system is versatile enough to handle all the standard order processing operations, which will save you time and stress. Give it the green light by clicking once, and it will handle everything for you.

Your customers will eventually receive their shipments without your involvement. Meanwhile, Spocket’s real-time tracking will allow you to track each order every step of the way.

We can therefore agree that Spocket is indeed pleasant and easy to use. I guess providing just the basic tools has its perks every now and then.

Spocket Product Catalog

As we’ve already established, Spocket runs quite an extensive product database, which is still growing with each passing day. You’ll find all the main categories well-represented here- from fashion and basic accessories to beauty products and gifts. Spocket has high-quality stuff from all over the globe.

But don’t let that fool you. Taking a closer look at the collection of items here reveals an interesting fact about Spocket. Most of its products are sourced from Europe and the United States. More specifically, you should expect to find suppliers from these two regions for about 60% of the items.

In other words, what does this mean?

Well, that’s obviously bad news for drop shipping merchants who wish to sell to customers in other global regions. The lack of product options on other continents means you won’t be able to optimize your order fulfillment and shipping processes for all your customers.

At least you will be able to serve your European and American customers efficiently. Spocket allows you to work with suppliers whose warehouses are close to your customers by offering you a wide range of product options in these regions.

Consequently, shipment delivery times are greatly reduced, and you can track everything between your suppliers and customers more effectively.

Quality assurance is another great aspect of the products here. The images do not clearly reveal all the product details, so Spocket offers you the opportunity to experience your selected items in person to better understand what your customers will receive.

Basically, the dashboard lets you order samples for any products you’re interested in. The suppliers must then ship them to you for an in-depth assessment and testing.

If the subsequent quality does not impress, you can keep searching through the database to find other options based on supplier and location details and pricing, keywords, and categories.

The process shouldn’t take too long, though, since high-quality products are available everywhere on the platform. Spocket has a long track record of checking and verifying each item before listing it.

Spocket Drop Shipping Product Suppliers

Spocket is eager to expand its supplier base, but it does not enroll new applicants at random.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not my intention to discourage you. If you’re interested in becoming a Spocket supplier, you can submit an application through the main website. In all product categories, at least, the platform is open to new signups from prospective suppliers.

However, this will not automatically qualify you. Spocket’s marketplace slots are only reserved for suppliers who are able to meet a number of criteria, including product quality, pricing, and availability, as well as your credentials and capability to supply.

Branded Invoice-Spocket Drop Shipping Review

However, make no mistake about the qualification process. Spocket does not evaluate all candidates at once. In order to get that coveted marketplace slot, your supplier business will go through several stages of evaluation.

Following the initial application, Spocket schedules an interview with the supplier. We are going to analyze the supplier’s business in depth and get a clear sense of its track record, size, sales, assets, liabilities, etc.

The supplier is then taken through the third and final stage of the screening process if the screening team gives the business a thumbs-up. At Spocket, we test the supplier’s products and the supplier’s order processing capabilities.

Spocket factors in the quality and design of the product, the time it takes a supplier to respond to an order request and process it, as well as the number of orders a supplier can handle simultaneously.

Okay, that sounds good. However, how strict is Spocket when it comes to the real thing?

I’m the type of person who is willing to take on such challenges, as you may have noticed from my previous review posts. In addition, I had to see for myself how Spocket handles its recruitment process. To do so, we submitted several supplier applications, each with a different set of names and credentials.

What did you think of that outcome?

I admit that although the result was exactly what I wanted, it was also embarrassing. Spocket rejected all my applications because I did not meet most of their requirements.

As such, I can state conclusively that Spocket doesn’t play when it comes to picking its suppliers. There is no doubt that every single one you come across has been thoroughly tested and verified. Simply by virtue of this, Spocket is a haven for reputable and reliable suppliers.

However, all of that is only half the recipe for making a drop shipping business a success. The other half involves selecting the right combination of suppliers and products.

Importing Spocket Drop Shipping Products

The next step is to import the items into your online store to begin the selling process after conducting a thorough search and identifying the best products and suppliers.

Fortunately, this is not difficult at all. Instead of embedding each product individually, you can use Spocket’s import tool to upload up to 25 combined items.

Import List-Spocket Drop Shipping Review

Guess what? The entire process only requires one click on the Import button. You will then be able to push all products in your import list to your online store, along with their descriptions, images, and variants.

Now that begs another question- what are your options if the product description isn’t good enough? Are you supposed to edit it on Spocket before importing your items, or via your online store after adding them?

It’s good to know that you won’t have to wait until you add the products to customize them. Spocket provides an editing tool for modifying different product elements directly from your import list page.

For instance, you can align your product descriptions with your site’s SEO. Further, Spocket lets you modify the prices, images, variants, and titles of the items, as well as tag and media information.

After you import everything, Spocket will keep track of your entire inventory in real-time. As a result, the system stays updated at all times, and you can replenish your products when their stock levels drop.

Unfortunately, Spocket does not allow you to view your suppliers’ inventories. Therefore, you cannot make decisions based on their inventory levels.

Order Fulfillment with Spocket Drop Shipping

In addition to product discovery, Spocket’s default platform is specifically designed for order fulfillment. This is yet another aspect of a drop shipping business that makes the difference between success and failure.

Well, Spocket seems to be firmly focused on the former as it offers several smart features for quick and easy selling, processing, and fulfillment.

Video Spocket Drop Shipping Review

Spocket has several tools capable of automating different processes, for example, from pricing and checkout to order fulfillment and shipping.

Defining a standard profit rate is one of the most important things you can do for your product prices. You’ll even find a Markup tool that lets you set a constant profit rate for the items based on percentages, multipliers, or fixed prices.

Therefore, the system will automatically but uniformly adjust the price of each product based on your rules.


Actually, it’s incredibly simple. A multiplier markup of 4 would raise a $25 product price to $100. Therefore, when you apply this across the board, you save yourself the trouble of editing your item prices over and over again.

With regards to the order fulfillment process, Spocket is capable of automating supplier coordination, order shipping, and order tracking.

During the checkout process, customers enter their contact and address details. Those details are then transferred from your store’s checkout section to the respective product supplier. Therefore, suppliers should not have trouble coming up with appropriate address labels for the resulting packages.

Spocket will also send you an email notification once the order details have been relayed to the supplier.

However, the system doesn’t end there. Spocket tracks the package after the supplier has released it. As a result, you will be able to directly access the corresponding location and status info from your dashboard.

Additionally, Spocket keeps its customers in the loop to ensure they can track their orders right from the moment suppliers release them to as soon as delivery and fulfillment are successfully completed.

Spocket Drop Shipping Review – Pricing

  • Starter: The Starter plan costs $12 per month and is billed on a monthly basis. The package includes a shipment tracking number, global pricing rules, currency exchange, real-time inventory update, premium 24/7 chat support, unlimited orders, and up to 25 unique products.
  • Pro: Available for $49 per month when billed monthly or $33 per month when billed annually, the Pro package offers premium search, exclusive deals, 24/7 chat support, branded invoices, up to 25 premium products, unlimited orders, and up to 250 unique products.
  • Empire: For $99 per month billed monthly or $69 per month billed annually, the Empire package offers the Pro plan with premium 24/7 chat support, unlimited premium products, unlimited orders, and unlimited products.
  • At $299 per month when billed monthly or $165 per month when billed annually, Unicorn is the most expensive package. This plan offers everything on the Empire plan, along with product requests, 24/7 premium phone support, a dedicated account executive, and bulk checkout.

Spocket Drop shipping Review – The Final Verdict

Initially, Spocket might seem like one of those all-in-one drop shipping platforms that supports all types of regular drop shippers worldwide. Then, after going through its features in detail, it turns out it isn’t.

Spocket cannot be relied upon if you’re considering drop shipping on global marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. Another disappointing fact is that this service does not support drop shippers with a target market beyond the US and Europe.

Although this location issue is more of a Catch-22 since the feature that limits your global options is the same one that facilitates drop shippers handling the US and European products. Spocket’s focus on these two areas significantly speeds up your order fulfillment cycle and subsequent shipment delivery process.

Put this together with Spocket’s user-friendly interface, extensive product database, thoroughly vetted suppliers, automated order fulfillment, one-click product importing, 24/7 customer support, and multiple sales channels.

All in all, this translates into a fairly simple but powerful platform for beginner drop shippers and small businesses in the US and Europe. It maintains a decent balance between ease of use, flexibility, functionality, and inclusiveness.

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