Select Your Target Market

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Select Your Target Market

When you ask business owners who their target market is, most will say everyone. In truth, this means no one. These business owners are trying to obtain as many customers as possible, which only hurts their business.

This is a big mistake; they are worried about narrowing down their target market because they do not want to exclude any potential customer.

This type of mistake is usually newbies with no experience. This article is going to talk about why excluding customers will be good for your business.

To have a successful business, you will need to narrow your target market by choosing a niche.

What is a Niche

A niche is like a subcategory of significant categories. For instance, think about health and beauty. This category alone has many subcategories that can be separated into different niches.

Let’s say you have a beauty salon that offers a wide variety of services that includes tanning, facials, waxing, massage, cellulite treatment, etc. If you take just one of these subcategories, say cellulite treatment, this could be your niche.

You can also tighten up this niche by focusing on cellulite treatment for new moms. Now you are wondering why you need to limit the market so much.

Here is Why

  • You have limited money; focusing too broadly will result in your marketing message is very weak.
  • Relevance, your ads are for your customers to say, here that is for me.

If you are a new mom who just had a baby and concerned with cellulite, an ad targeting this specific problem would grab your attention.

What about an ad focused on beauty salon that has a long list of services, the cellulite treatment would not stand out?

Another example is the photographer. If you look at ads from photographers, the list of services is like:

  • Weddings
  • Portraits
  • Family Photos
  • Commercial Photos
  • Fashion Photos

Do you believe someone looking for wedding photos will respond to a different ad than someone who is looking for commercial images? A bride to be looking for a photographer for her wedding day is looking for just that and not a photographer who advertises their services as a prominent machine photographer.

If the ads roll out a long list of services, then it is not speaking to the customer that is looking for a product or service and will be ignored. Therefore, you need to narrow your target market. This does not mean you cannot offer different services, understand that each service needs to be a different campaign.

Targeting a specific niche allows you to dominate that category or geography that would be impossible.

Aim for a niche that is an inch wide and mile deep. The inch full meaning highly targeted subsection of category and mile deep meaning many people looking for a solution to that specific problem category.

Once you have dominated that specific niche, expand your business with another highly targeted slot, and dominate that one as well.

More Examples of Target Niche

If you like fashion, you can target customers who want to keep up with daily trends to fit every season.

When you type clothing and accessories, you get a wide variety of subcategories to choose from that are from infants to big and tall men, accessories shoes, hats, and belts. Each of these subcategories can be brought down to a single niche to target customers looking for specific products.

As mentioned above with new moms, let’s say this new mom is looking for infant clothing for her newborn baby. You can have a niche website basically around infant clothing and not a broad variety category of apparel and accessories. This new mom will likely ignore your ads if having to sort through a bunch of non-related products to her solution of finding infant clothing.

Niche Training

Now that I have gone over finding the target market, which is niche marketing, I would like to mention excellent training to help you go deeper into the market.

Wealthy Affiliate offers training on selecting a target market that will teach you more in-depth insights into affiliate marketing. I recommend this training due to the fact of being able to create ten websites around your niche.

Example of use of Websites

Let’s say you would like to target clothing and accessories and broaden your niche by offering multiple products. You can create up to 10 websites that focus on Women’s Clothing, Infant Clothing, Men’s Clothing, Children’s Clothing, Accessories, Handbags, and Shoes.

Here is an example.

Create your first website by choosing Women’s clothing and market content related to Women’s clothing. Once you have the store up and running with targeted keywords to dominate the market start a new store about Men’s clothing ad repeat.

This is all covered in Wealthy Affiliate training that I recommended above.

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