Review of Wealthy Affiliate-The Best Proven Affiliate Marketing Training

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Looking to find more information on Wealthy Affiliate? This is my honest review of wealthy affiliate and I am a proud Premium member of their services.

We are all looking for ways to make more income from home. With the Coronavirus, it’s just been hectic when it comes to finances and everything else really in general. We know that you can make money from your home, but we may have been procrastinating up until now.

You do not have to do this anymore, though, with the best affiliate marketing training from Wealthy Affiliate. Your dreams of earning extra income online can become a reality with this program. This Wealthy Affiliate review will give you all you need to know about starting a website with the company and what there is to gain from it.

Founders of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Carson founded this business in 2005 with the hopes of making affiliate marketing more accessible to the general consumer. There are two tiers of membership- free and premium. Yes, you heard that right. There is the option to get started for free. You can always upgrade to premium because there are many perks to paying as well. It will all center around you, making your website. Then you have the option to earn a commission.

The more people that you refer to Wealthy Affiliate, the higher your potential commission will be. If this sounds new and cutting edge to you, that is because it is. It’s rare to get involved in a business idea that is so new. That’s why there is so much potential for you to earn and grow as Wealthy Affiliate Grows.

What is Your Business Idea?

Wealthy Affiliate can help you to grow your business in a way that will generate income in and of itself. They also give you training on how to use the platform. This is a great deal and an exciting prospect. Your lessons are not just pie in the sky ideas. They will teach you to have to attract your customers to your website. This is the type of training that people search for. You will rank high on Google. You will also be generating traffic for you. This is undoubtedly a win-win.

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Option to Sell Millions of Products

You don’t have to come up with a business all on your own. You can sell these business products on your website. There are 598,500,000 to choose from. This is on its way to a billion products! The sky is your option with what you can market. You don’t have to spend money to get these products to a warehouse.

You can get paid to promote these brands on your website with Wealthy Affiliate. You don’t have to even worry about shipping. This is a much better opportunity than drop shipping, as that process can be complicated. You can also be saddled with a bunch of products that you can’t move. Here, you’ll be doing the name dropping, and your customers will be buying great stuff that they want. You’ll get paid when your site leads to sales.

Why is This System Something You Should Invest in?

When you get a premium membership, you will get ten websites and ten courses of training. You also get access to keyword research and 24/7 online support. Additionally, you will have access to the site comments. With the free version, you will get one website with the choice of ten business themes. You will also get one training course.

Whether you are a free or premium member, you have access to the commission payback. When you pay $19, you will get a commission of $4. For a $49 monthly charge, you will be getting a recurring commission of $11.25. For a six month charge of $234, you will get $54 recurring. Finally, for a $359 recurring fee, you will get $87.50. As you can see, your earning potential is quite high. You will get money back as you invest money.

The reason that you should become a premium member is that you can get back a lot more cash than this. You can start to turn a profit. It’s a viable business system. While it’s all right to sign up for free, for real benefits, you will want to invest in a premium membership. I am a premium member, and I can tell you that it is one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

Whenever someone sets up an account as a referral, and you are a premium member, you will get $1. Those who have free membership do not have access to the same benefits. Also, premium members get a better commission. They will get $8 on a $49 monthly charge. For a $49 monthly charge, they will get $23.50. On a $234 monthly cost, they get $108 recurring. Finally, on a $359 fee, they will make $175 regularly.

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The commissions for premiums are double the free ones. This means that your investment does benefit you greatly. You can set up a website and get ready for the rewards to roll back in. There’s no shipping or warehouse involved. This is why affiliate marketing has worked for so many. They are not ready to sell actual products, but they are willing to market them.

Prices Changes Start May 11th

After May 11th the yearly premium membership price will change to $495.00 a Year, if you are not already a Premium member now is the time to signup for just $299.00 a year. 

Conclusion Review of Wealthy Affiliate

You will have to get your Online Entrepreneur Certification first. If it sounds hazy right now, it will become clear later. After you sign up, you will have access to your free course. You will learn all the basics and what you need to get started. Some so many people have left rave reviews.

These are people that didn’t even know that they would be useful in business. They’re just regular people that believed in the system. They indeed came to reap the rewards that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. I would rate Wealthy Affiliate highly because as long as people keep buying products online, you have a chance to profit with this system.

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