Power Lead System Review-Scam

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Power Lead System is a remarkably interesting program that had me trying it out for the past year. The program was launched in 2014 and has made huge improvements since there and keeps gaining respect from many.

We are now going to take the time to research and review the company “Power Lead System” along with the products and with the compensation plan to see how you can benefit and make money with it while building your list.

When I joined the program was due to the improvements and ready-made lead capture pages that can be implemented into any online program that has proven to have a high conversion rate.

Power Lead System Review-Scam or Great Opportunity?

What is the Power Lead System?

Power Lead System is an affiliate marketing platform that provides marketing tools that are important for the online marketer that wants to earn money online.

The niche that fits under the Power Lead System could be lead generation, list building, and marketing education tutorials.

The Power Lead System is not only just a make money from your home opportunity, but also comes with a ton of value, experience, and reputation.

2 Ways they deliver value:
  • Power Lead System delivers on taking your existing business or any other opportunity to the next level with provided most up to date and important online tools needed to earn maximum revenue online along with training and weekly coaching to help you reach your goals.
  • Power Lead System gives you the ability to earn leveraged, residual income through its affiliate compensation plan.

Another great aspect that Power Lead System offers is the free marketing system that you can use to generate leads for your business that is called “Free Leads for Life”.

However, it does come with some limitations, but you can start using the free capture page and autoresponder to start getting leads online and start making money online before upgrading to the more advanced features.

Overview of the Power Lead System

Power Lead System launched in 2014 by Neil Guess and Michael Price.

Neil Guess used to work with an MLM company called Salavei and was successful with the company before becoming the co-founder of Power Lead System.

Michael Price has obtained several awards in the MLM business along with a top sales award for a fortune 100 company. Michael was also a trainer for Tony Robbin’s referred to as Robbins Research International.

Both owners seem to have a solid and respectful reputation along with background and with the proof of their Power Lead System still going strong today.

Let us continue with the PLS review.

The Products Power Lead System Offers!

In this part of the review, going to discuss the products PLS offers.

Over the years, the products that PLS has improved to keep up with the changing of market techniques and tools that are needed.

Here are the latest product levels that the Power Lead System offers:

  • Free Level-Free Lead System
  • Basic Level-Lead Lightning
  • Gold Level-Power Lead System
  • Diamond Level-Free Ad Secrets
  • Platinum Level-Social Profit Academy
  • Master Level-Master Traffic Institute

PLS provides all skill levels of entrepreneurs from beginner to expert, tools, and training necessary to start and grow their online business, get more leads, and make more sales online.

Power Lead Systems also gives you the ability to create:
  • Unlimited Capture Pages
  • Unlimited Sales Pages
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Video Post Cards
  • Create Entire Sales Funnels
  • Unlimited Autoresponder Campaigns
  • Unlimited Broadcast Email to Your List
  • Ad Tracking
  • Floating Capture Forms

Another great feature that PLS offers, is the ability to share entire sales funnels with your team with a “share code” that your team can simply plugin and copy the funnel you create!

Yes, powerful tools and these features are why I am impressed and joined the Power Lead System.

The compensation plan is another reason because it is powerful and we will get into the compensation later in this review.

How Does the PLS System Marketing Work?

In this part of the review, you will learn how the marketing plan works.

This takes place after you join as their affiliate member.

If you decide to make the choice in signing up for the Power Lead System, you will encounter the screen shown below.

Power Lead System Review-Scam or Great Opportunity?

You will want to get started by clicking on the “Easy” button, which will take you to the required steps to set-up your system.

It does have a little bit of learning curve, the best part of getting started process is the many videos and guides to walk you through each step of the way making the process easier.

With every tool that Power Lead System provides, could take you a couple months to discover them all and happy to see when I joined.

The Power Lead System does offer a full marketing system that provides everything that you will need to make a six-figure income from your home.

It might take you up to two years to get there if you are new, but it is a realistic goal with the numbers that I have seen with my research test results.

Get Started Now with PLS

The Power Lead System Compensation Plan!

In this part of the review, we are going to look further into the compensation plan and show you how you can make money with their system.

Power Lead System has a simple affiliate marketing compensation plan with powerful money-making aspects.

Get Started

To get started you will need to become a member of the Power Lead System as their affiliate.

To begin earning commissions, you will need to purchase the level of membership that you would like to earn commissions at.

Here are the levels that you can earn commissions on:

  • Lead Lightning Level
  • Gold Level: Power Lead System
  • Diamond Level: Free Ad Secrets
  • Platinum Level: Social Profit Academy
  • Master Level: Master Traffic Secrets

Now you will learn how much each level will cost and the commissions you can earn.

Basic Level-Lead Lightning

Most members lead with promoting the Lead Lighting Level because it does offer many features that the upgraded gold level offers, however, it is limited on the features you get.

You will still get plenty of options and in my opinion, at a discounted price for all the value, you will get an even at the basic level.

The cost for “Lead Lightning is a one-time purchase of seven dollars. For every $7 sale you make, you will earn $6 in commissions.

If you are only at the Lead Lightning level, you will only earn commissions from the lead lightning sales. If anyone upgraded higher the sales will be passed up to the next upline sponsor who has upgraded.

Gold Level-Power Lead System

At the gold level, you will get access to all the powerful features that Power Lead System offers, and you will earn from Gold level customers and the lead lightning sales. You even earn 50% commissions on what your personally recruited members earn!

The 50% matching commissions was a big improvement that happened in 2019 that attracted many marketers to join.

There are no pass-up sales, that means for every gold membership you sell, you will earn $20 per month for every recruited gold member you recruit and $20 per month for each customer.

Detailed breakdown:
  • Make $20 on every Power Lead System Gold and Customer Membership
  • Make 50% commissions on your 2nd
    generation or 2nd level team members.
  • Make $6 for every Lead Lightning Sale.

Think about it this way:

If you are only earning $500 a month in residual income, but one of your recruited members is earning $3,000 in residual commissions every month, you will make 50% from their efforts!

You will make an extra $1,500 on top of your $500 in residual commissions every month!

It does not stop there!

Diamond Level-Free Ad Secrets

Free Ad Secrets

To make money from the Diamond Level, you will need to be on the monthly Power Lead System gold membership level.

The Diamond Level is a one-time purchase that costs $147. The diamond level will give you access to diamond level one-time commissions and override commissions.

What you will make:

  • For each recruited diamond level, you sell, you will make a one-time commission of $100.
  • For each diamond level sale that you recruited members to sell, you will make an override commission of $25.

If you did not buy the Diamond Level and you make a diamond level sale, that commission is given to up-level sponsor that has made that purchase.

Platinum Level-Social Profit Academy

Social Profits

To make commissions from the Platinum Level, you will need to be on the monthly Power Lead System gold membership level. This level is also a one-time purchase of $497. This level will give you access to the one-time commissions and override commissions.

Here is what you will make:

  • For each recruited Platinum Level, you sell, you will make a one-time $400 commission.
  • For each Platinum Level, you sell that your recruited members sell, you will make an override commission of $50.

Again, if you did not buy the Platinum Level and you make a sale, that commission will go up to the next qualified sponsor who has purchased the Platinum Level membership.

Master Level-Master Traffic Institute

Traffic Master

To make money from the Master Level, you will need to be monthly Power Lead System membership level and this level is also a one-time purchase of $1,497.

The Master Level will give you access to the one-time commissions and override commission of the Master Level.

What you will make:

  • For each recruited Master Level, you sell, you will make a one-time commission of $1,000.
  • For each Master Level sale that your recruited members sell, you will make an override commission of $200.

If you did not make the purchase of the Master level and you make the sale a Master Level, the commission will be passed up to a qualified Master Level sponsor.

Power Lead System Review-Scam or Great Opportunity?

The Best Level to Start With!

The best level to start with is the Gold Level as it gives you the residual commissions, override commissions along with the lead lighting sales with all the powerful features that the PLS offers.

After you have earned commissions enough to pay for the Diamond level, then upgrade to Diamond Level.  Because when you start getting signups, there will be some who are going to upgrade to the Diamond level right away and you do not want to miss out on those commissions. This is because many people like to earn higher commissions from the start!

That is all there is to know about the compensation plan and how you will earn money with the Power Lead System, let us continue with this review.

Questions and Answers!

This part of the review going to answer some of the questions that many people may have when thinking about joining the PLS opportunity.

Is the PLS BBB Accredited?

No, the PLS is not accredited with the BBB “Better Business Bureau”.  We have research and found lots of long-running companies that have not been listed or accredited with the Better Business Review website that we found to be 100% legit. Power Lead System is one of those companies that are not accredited or listed but are 100% legit.

What is the Cost to Join PLS?

Depends on one of the many levels that you choose.  Here is the breakdown of each level and the cost:

  • Free-Free: Lead System
  • $7 One-time: Lead Lighting
  • Power Lead System customer only, no commissions-$30
  • Gold Level: Power Lead System-$54 each month
  • $147 one-time: Diamond Level
  • $497 one-time: Platinum Level
  • $1,497 one-time: Master Level

The recommended level to start with is the Gold level membership and then upgrade to Diamond Level after making commissions to pay for the one-time charge.

Does PLS Offer Customer Only Option?

Yes, the PLS gives you the option to be a customer only where you can use the powerful tools that they offer without being an affiliate member where you earn commissions.

The cost of a customer only option is $30, and you will have access to all the marketing tools along with the share codes PLS offers.

When Are the Commissions Paid Out?

The Power Lead Systems pays out commissions earned each week on Wednesday. If you reside in the United States, your commissions can be paid out through a direct deposit or a cash card that is like a prepaid visa card.

If you reside outside of the United States, you will have the choice of receiving commissions on a prepaid visa card, bank wire, and some countries’ direct deposit.

Power Lead System uses Paylution that is a Global eWallet to pay its affiliate members.

Do they Offer Support?

Yes, along with the support that I will give you, the first thing to do is join as a Gold member and join the Power Lead System Facebook group.

There are over 50,000 people part of their group and is a highly active group that I am part of. The group members will help answer many of the questions that you may have along the way and get notifications of new training and webinars.

The Weekly Webinars and Training Classes

PLS has weekly webinars and training classes that will help you achieve your monthly goals. The weekly webinars you will be able to share them with your prospects to help you get more sign-ups and sales.

There is one new webinar a week and sometimes two a week.

Is Power Lead System a Scam or a Great Opportunity?

After researching the facts and testing out the system, this Power Lead System is not a scam in my opinion.

Power Lead System is an affiliate marketing program that offers affiliates commissions for selling platforms like Aweber, HostGator, and other digital marketing tools offered online that have been running for many years.

One of the main facts to consider is that the Power Lead System has been successfully operating online since 2014.

The PLS offers great products, management, a great compensation plan, and a long track record.

There are some articles and videos online where people calling Power Lead System a scam. These are people that have not done any research or tested the service and using scam tactics to downgrade this legit company just to promote and make money.

Also, some call the company a scam because they joined and did not make any money right away and failed to promote correctly.

I have been using the Power Lead System over a year now while promoting other programs as well with the use of the Power Lead System.

For instance, used the lead generation page to get list subscribers, Wealthy Affiliate referrals, and Power Lead System referrals from one simple system that has the Power Lead System.

Need programs to join and work along with the Power Lead System, then please read “Best 17 Affiliate Programs for All Marketers“.

Final Thoughts

We have taken the time to research, test, and review the information about Power lead System, the products, and the compensation plan along with why it is not a scam.

By this point, you should have an idea about what it is, how it works, what is included, along with how you can make money with the company.

Please leave your comment below about your opinion of the Power Lead System!

Hope you enjoyed this review of Power Lead System.

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10 thoughts on “Power Lead System Review-Scam”

  1. Power Lead System sounds like a great opportunity to set up a system of generating leads for their business or website. It seems like a MLM to me because of the breakdown on the way the payments are made. The person in the upline that was able to purchase a higher level than the site they entered through can cause new members to become discouraged. 

    Power Lead Systems does offer a larger variety of services for those who are wanting to start increasing the number of leads to their site. If one follows the training the way it is set up, what is the average amount of time before there is a return on investment? Is it possible to shorten the length of time required to learn the strategies required? Can you leave the platform and come back at a later date? It does have a lot to offer.


    • Hello Jerry,

      Yes, the compensation plan does sound like an MLM program, and some cannot afford the high cost to make sure they receive their commissions. They do offer many great tools to help you build and grow your business.

  2. Reading through this review, nice learned a lot about the Power lead system and how it fully operates. As an affiliate marketer, I discovered that offers like this are very resourceful but it requires digging like this to find out how benefiting it is to your own business, I like their compensation plan and what power lead offers is very useful of marketers.

    • Hello Beyond,

      Yes, when you like to find out information about an online program it is best to dig deeper and research. I find the best way to learn about the products is to find reviews of people who actually use the said program with examples. 

  3. Thanks for the review on Power Lead System. According to you, it is a legitimate site. These are very valuable offers at Power Lead System, in the sense that they help you earn serious money if you are serious. I marked the post so I can review it after I learn at WA about affiliate marketing.

    • Hello Carmen,

      Yes, I use the Power Lead System to help build my email list and build my business with WA! I have tested and still using the Power Lead System to build my online business. You can use it to promote any business! WA is the best online program and community to learn affiliate marketing. 

  4. Love your site and great review. With the Power Lead System, it seems legit and I’m a big Tony Robbins fan so the connection there is reassuring. I got a bit confused with all the compensation stuff but I feel that if I were further along in my affiliate marketing journey it may be a system I’d get involved with. I get the impression you need pretty good traffic to make your money back. 

    • Hello Emma,

      The image showing the current levels unlocked is my dashboard, I have not upgraded to the level of $1,499.00. My level is the monthly membership and one-time membership level of $497. I use the free prebuilt lead pages to build my list and promote Wealthy Affiliate to start. Within a month had my first paid subscriber of Power Lead System of the Power Lead System and yearly subscriber member of Wealthy Affiliate! With both of these programs together, I earned the money back within 3 months. Just like any other program or online business, need to advertise a lot to see results.

  5. A good review of Power Lead System. Generating leads is the most important first step to reach your customers. The system seems to be a must for lead generation and thereby be successful in any online business. So, this product is a useful one and required by online marketers. That being established, it also compensates like a MLM scheme where you are rewarded for the efforts of your recruitment. Proving this to be a great way to earn passive residual income.

    The compensation levels are very good in my view and leveraged by the earnings you can make from what your recruited marketer makes.

    It’s a great way to make revenue both in active terms as well as passive residual type.

    Thanks for sharing this opportunity.

    • Hello Rohit,

      Yes, even though it is like an MLM company you can use to your advantage to make money online with the program while building your email list. I like the company, as use the free lead pages to build my email list while getting referrals to my top recommended programs like Wealthy Affiliate. 


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