My 20 Dollar Travel Business Scam 2020

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My 20 Dollar Travel Business Scam review will discuss the promises of potential income and the cons with the conclusion of rather join or not.

My20Dollar Travel Business

What 20 Dollar Travel Business Promises

They promise you a real income to make money and save on travel. This $20 to join is MLM business where you write a positive review on your blog and get others to pay the $20.

Say its simple to get referrals by referring two people or more.

  1. Level 1: 2 Gold Members at $20 each=$10 Monthly residual
  2. Level 2: 4 Gold Members at $20 each=$4 Monthly residuals.
  3. Level 3:  8 Gold Members at $20 each=$8 Monthly residual
  4. Level 4: 16 Gold Members at $20 each=$16 Monthly residual
  5. Level 5: 32 Gold Members at $20 each=$32 Monthly residual

With this information provided it seems like you can earn passive income!

Platinum Member Level

The Platinum Member level is overpriced but with earning possibility set at $10, 270 Monthly you can earn.

Claims if you pay only $100 you can turn that price into over $10,000 earned monthly. It only takes 2 referrals to make thousands monthly with this system.

Referring 2 Members to Platinum level earns you $100 fast cash to get your $100 back to join. To earn passive income your team of two members needs to promote like crazy and spend lots of money on advertising keywords to earn just $100.

Platinum Monthly Income Promises

Level 1: 2 Platinum Members at $100 each=$50 Monthly residual

Level 2: 4 Platinum Members at $100 each=$20 Monthly residual

Level 3: 8 Platinum Members at $100 each=$40 Monthly residual

Level 4: 16 Platinum Members at $100 each=$80 Monthly residual

A commission can pay for membership promise!

If you earn enough commissions, your credit card will not be charged for the following month. For each level you need two refer at least two members of same level you joined to cover the cost of your monthly membership each month.

Payout Options

Payout Options are promised by Check in the USA and Canada.  Canada is not spelled right, which is red flag. Direct the Deposit outside of the USA in many countries.  They promise commissions to be paid every two weeks.

Fast Track to Riches Promise

The statement they provide “Who would not want to spend $20 or $100 per night on Hotel or $1,000 on a vacation. This is a lie!

Simple Success System Check List.

1st Make a list of 20 to 30 people you know that would like to save on Hotels, Condos, Cruises and more that both of you would like to make extra money.

2nd Ask these people for advice and give them your referral link.

3rd Follow up with these people to make sure they joined through your referral link.

4th If 90% of that list did not join can still earn over $10,000 a month! How? You Cannot another lie!

The fast track promise is only referring two members to a personal referral link. Okay, these two referrals you must help them get referrals by promoting their referral links and coaching them to get referrals themselves.

Signup Forum

My20Dollar Travel Business Signup

The signup forum is where you join the program. Start by choosing your membership level, Sitename is named you would like with example in bold to show an example. Choose a username, password along with your personal details and for MLM company like this do not feel comfortable with all the details they asked however I joined to see what it is all about.

Terms & Conditions Please Read Carefully.

Support My Travel Business

You use the chat provided on the website, start off with automatic replies to your questions or concerns, upline members try to help you but do not know how to answer.

Back Office My20Dollar Travel Business

The image above shows my back office after paying $20 for the Gold membership. You can see lots of pretty images for vacations but my referrals and earnings are all 0’s and my profile image.

To the left of my picture, there is a menu option to navigate the back office. You click on Websites taken to another screen that looks like the one below.

My20Dollar Travel Business Website

When I click on the first website under manage websites, I get an ugly website with one option that says testing customers only travel membership. Look at the image below. Would you like to promote this travel website that clearly misleads?

The image below is your marketing tool to promote your travel business. The written text is not professionally written with lots of spelling and grammar issues. The links provided are broken and do not work.

Support if Needed

I contacted support about my concerns in the back office area and upline member did not know how to answer my questions. In the chatbox, I asked several questions concerning the website showing testing discount travel and where to are the image’s description of travel packages needed to promote this website.

The reply I got was to link with images to download to my computer. I replied not image to download, why is the website blank and copied the URL link to promote to show this agent what am talking about. This agent then replied the website address is not working and is there anything else I can help you with.

Excuse me you have not solved my issues. Had to start chat over again, this time replied wanting refund and going write a review concerning this company.

The agent replied no to refund and do not write a review will escalate to top priority person but must do through a link this agent provided.

Escalation link provided is broken “the page you are looking for could not be found”.


After reading my review of “My 20 Dollar Travel Business” rather you join or not it is your decision to join. This review is honest and my experience so far with My 20 Dollar Travel Business. Please bookmark this review, as well as update with anything changes with this program and the customer service replies.


It has now been twelve days since I requested support from this business and still no contact from the site owner. I logged back in to cancel the account and received the following message in the screenshot below. It has been two days, still no email confirmation of cancellation.

Cancellation Confirmation! An email message has been sent to the email address we have for you on file, please click on the link on the email to confirm your account cancellation. The confirmation must be done within 24 hours.

12 thoughts on “My 20 Dollar Travel Business Scam 2020”

  1. Hello there,thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i must say that this review is very unbiased and I must say that although I have seen some funny review about it I would still give it a trial because of this review.

    • Hello Feji,

      It is totally up to you giving the system a try. The reviews left by others are positive and if cons are listed the cons outweigh the pros. 

  2. This site looks kind of fishy but at least it has a referral system and some aspects of it work. I think that this tries to be too hard to be something like wealthy affiliate but in order to be like wealthy affiliate you need the number of members to back it up. Has the 20 dollar travel business helped you at all?

    • Hello Jon,

      Yes, the good thing about my 20 Dollar Travel Business does have a referral system in place however it does look fishy to the eye. From my experience so far, still skeptical of the owner and the support system in place. 

  3. Thank you for your review on 20 Dollar Travel Business. Nowadays, one cannot be too careful for all the scams out there. I personally do not like the MLM business structure, I might reconsider if their product or service is a top notch but I have yet come across with one.

    To make the matters worse this company expects you to keep writing about positive reviews and referrals, how can that be sustainable for an income? 

    Lol, I cannot believe that they cannot spell Canada! (No proofreading at all!) 

    You do not need to say more, I will stay away from this company and will share your post to all my friends.


    • It is not a suitable business for income. Now going on three days sense upline member said will escalate my issues with no responses. 

  4. Thank you so much for sharing with us an article about travel .I love traveling and traveling to different places .So find and visit the best websites of evidence .And from that my $ 20 website caught my eye .And I love the information I get from your article about it .So, of course, you must sign up by completing the requirements of this article website .And I can certainly do well here because it seems to be the best website in the world .

    • Hello Shanta,

      The travel business mentioned in this article is about the business opportunity they promise. The decision is totally up to you if join the travel business opportunity. 

  5. I appreciate the fact that your review is honest and straightforward so I’ll be honest with you too. My first trial to earn money online was an MLM opportunity. It didn’t go as I had hoped. I lost my money but I gained something more valuable in the process. What I gained is the ability to research any opportunity before making any monetary commitment.

    So I have to say, I’m not comfortable with the 20 dollar travel business.

    Thanks for sharing 

    • You’re very welcome for the review of this MLM opportunity. I too have learned a lesson, research the company before joining. 

  6. Hi Jannette. Thank you for sharing this review of My 20 Dollar Travel Business based on your personal experience with it. From what I have seen so far, this make money opportunity looks shady and even like a Ponzi scheme because it seems they don’t even have any physical products or services to sell at all. Or do they have anything to sell apart from the memberships?


    • Hello

      Thank you for taking the time to read my full review of my 20 dollar travel business and commenting. Your right it is a shady company, I joined before doing actual research on this company. After publishing this review, I received another email with the subject of escalation support but email was black with a long broken link to click on. No, the only thing is pozzy membership, back-office takes you to another website of high price hotels. For instance, looking at a hotel to reserve on the beach in Daytona through this business for one night was $239 and went to Expedia the same hotel for one night was $98. It’s a big scam if you buy a vacation through this scam you only get 1 point to redeem for discounts per month.


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