List Infinity Scam

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List Infinity Scam! The List Infinity caught my attention with a remarkable promise of $100 instant commissions paid directly to your PayPal account or Stripe account and the beautiful design lead capture page.

This review will discuss the program for you to decide if scam or not. In my opinion, it is a scam.

What Is List Infinity?

List Infinity is a list-building scheme that promises rapid list building and makes 100% commissions directly to your payout account of your choice.

Owner of List Infinity

Derrick Van Dyke promises you he will teach you to get targeted leads free using FaceBook, and you do not need any experience. (This is a false claim).

The video training that Derrick provides is not him, but someone else videos claiming to be him.

List Infinity is Not Free

The owner’s bio promises you to lead generations for free when it is not free! The only Free thing is entering your email address to get flooded with spam from him in your email box.

The free membership will not let you add your affiliate links or email subscriber details for you to build your list. So if it is free to access to generate leads, why can’t we edit our details to get leads.

List Infinity Pro Scam

Despite my best judgment, I upgraded to Pro and paid $100. One day my statistics told me I gained 14 leads, and a couple of days later, my statistics went back to zero.

List Infinity Pro Details

You pay $100 to the person who referred you directly in their payment account of PayPal or Stripe! Once you pay this fee, you will be able to set up the service by signing up for each recommended program and adding your referral links.

The first step is setting up your Autoresponder! You have written and video tutorials showing you how to do this right.

List Infinity Scam

When you add your autoresponder and someone enters their email address this means you have a lead, right! No, when I go to my autoresponder there are no lead email subscribers as List Infinity statics say I have.

Customize your Bridge Page

Your bridge page is your personal about me page that you brand with your image and story.

Bridge Page

I like the idea about the bridge page, however, it is not recommended to share directly as no option on this page to collect a lead. When someone enters their email address from the lead capture page you select, that person is then taken to your bridge page.

Import Your Email Campaign

List Infinity Import Email Campaign

This part of the setup will guide you to import your email details or use a share code. This part of setting up your list infinity account is easy.

Setting up a Payment Account to receive your $100 instant commissions. You can select PayPal, Stripe, or both!

Activate Income Streams

This is another part of the pro that is a scam. Okay, if you pay $100 for a service to help you build an email list, that is enough money spent already right? No, not with List Infinity you will need to spend more!

Income Streams

For each one of these programs offered by List Infinity, you will need to pay additional money to be a member! Lead Lightning is a similar program with lots more benefits to offer, and when you get a lead you got a lead, and does not disappear!

If you would like to build a huge list, no matter the email service provider you choose will need to pay a monthly fee.

Udimi is a great affiliate program, and List Infinity teaches you how to select proper sales for leads and hits. I purchased service once and got the leads, but those leads disappeared.

ClickMagick is a service you will have to pay for as well to track your traffic. The downside of ClickMagick, if you have virus protection software running on your devices, no one sees your lead capture page tracked as they are given warnings not safe and will not show your page but instead a broken page.

Mine taught on these programs, is just to add money in Derrick’s pocket and not yours. (SCAM)

Lead Capture Pages

Lead Capture Pages

You will have the choice of 14 lead capture pages, each one looks promising. I have personally taken time to promote each one to gain leads however, my leads are not in my Aweber subscriber’s list as Derrick has promised!

Solo Ad Secrets

Solo Ad Secrets is a step-by-step tutorial teaching you how to set up your UDIMI account and buy leads so Derrick can earn even more from you!


UDIMI is a great affiliate program but would not recommend following Derrick’s instructions. As I mentioned above, when you track your links using ClickMagik your links will not show because antivirus programs block them. You will find that the instructions in List Infinity teach you to get leads using ClickMagik tracking URLs.

Solo Ad Rolodex

Solo Ad Rolodex

This area is selected the favorite sellers of Derricks to help him gain profits to run his scam. The selected sellers on this list are the most expensive and not guaranteed to receive leads!

The Facebook Marketing Section

This is an empty promise that will not help you unless you spend even more money to get leads through UDIMI.

The Pro Marketing Training

The pro marketing training is a list of videos that have been copied from lead lightning! With lots of mentions to buy into more programs that are recommended by Derrick.


List Infinity overall has a good prospect idea, but it is a scam. If my leads would properly stay within my email services used like Aweber and the links not be blocked by anti-virus software then I would reconsider the scam aspect. From my experience of investing so much money to set up and follow the instructions, I have lost out of $486 in one month so far. To keep the services active, this would be each month and for what nothing (a total scam).

Have you subscribed to List Infinity? If so what is your take on the program? Would you sign up for List Infinity after reading my honest review (List Infinity Scam)?

2 thoughts on “List Infinity Scam”

  1. Hi Janette, thanks for this very useful article. Must say that I hadn’t heard of List Infinity before but understand that it could be seen as a promising offer. However, as you have outlined here, if it seems to good to be true…. Sure enough sounds like a scam to me and won’t be trying it out anytime soon. Appreciate that you’ve taken the time to share this so that people can make informed decisions before signing up. Thanks.

    • Hello Will, I usually do not spend money before making any! The lead capture pages and promises lead me to upgrade and try. I will continue to up the article review with insights and experiences! I will not be continuing the PRO upgrade for this service, that is certain. 


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