John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Review

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There used to be a time when a person could only make a living through one job. In this day and age of multitasking and multi-tasking, having a second source of income is quite common. Even though I had a full-time job, I was always eager to do something on my own. The Internet offers a wide variety of exciting opportunities that provide excellent returns on your investment and time-you just have to know where to look!

During my search for viable online employment opportunities, I came across the concept of affiliate marketing. The concept is easy to grasp. It’s basically a contract where you agree to help online retailers sell their products. You are referred to as an affiliate. When a sale is made for that retailer or when you get a lead arrangement, you start making money. A solid affiliate system is required to work with this.

John Crestani's Super Affiliate System Review

I came across Super Affiliate System, which was created by John Crestani, a successful marketing affiliate. A new world will open up after completing his training program. You will discover numerous ways to increase your income by becoming an affiliate with retailers. Here is a detailed examination of the product and what it can do for you.

What exactly is the Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System is a well-crafted training course that teaches you how to become an affiliate and generate an income stream for yourself using free platforms such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

Super Affiliate System

It is a 12-week course that teaches you both basic and advanced techniques for promoting your business on these websites. You will find reasonable affiliate offers, the ability to create your own presell page, the necessary tools, and the necessary training to begin advertising campaigns. You will also be taught how to master the campaigns in a surprisingly short period of time.

How Does the Super Affiliate System Work?

The 12-week course shortens the time it takes to achieve your income goal through affiliate marketing.

In the first few weeks, John walks you through the fundamentals of affiliate marketing as well as paid advertising. He then discusses the software and tools you’ll need to learn in order to get people to buy the product you’re advertising for.

Following the initial training, you will learn how to set up a domain, click tracking, and hosting, all of which are essential components of the affiliate’s setup. John also teaches you how to create eye-catching advertorials for ad campaigns, as well as how to identify and resolve customer issues.

During weeks 5 and 6, you will learn about advanced research tactics for marketing products, as well as how to find landing pages and presell, both of which are critical components of an effective affiliate marketing strategy. You will learn how to remove fraudulent widgets and placements. It also teaches you how to properly optimize ads.

The ebook is a confessional! It explains clearly where and why affiliate marketers fail. You can avoid them by avoiding the mistakes they made and increasing your chances of success. It is about leveraging the success of others to add to your own by forming joint ventures. With the assistance of affiliate accountability teams, you can become a successful affiliate very quickly.

Affiliate Marketing Techniques

The final quarter of training focuses on creating Google Adwords campaigns, targeting, copywriting, and remarketing the ads. You will be given examples from a variety of niches. You will learn how to structure Facebook campaigns to maximize your chances of success. Several people have tried it and found it to be extremely beneficial.

Native advertising, according to John, is a largely untapped market that is not widely recognized as a potential source of advertising. The program demonstrates how to use it to your advantage. The final training module discusses growing your targeted campaigns from relatively low amounts to daily high-profit ones.


In addition to a highly informative and compelling training module, there are a few bonuses included with the purchase.

  • Buyers List for a Specific Audience
  • Ten coaching sessions were recorded.
  • Major advertising networks’ blacklists
  • Many ad networks have whitelists.
  • An ad swipe file


  • When compared to many other courses, the price is reasonable.
  • The amount of training and information available is satisfying.
  • If you believe the program will benefit you, you can always upgrade to a monthly membership.
  • You will learn everything there is to know about being an affiliate.
  • In-depth understanding of how to run paid advertisements that bring in more money quickly.
  • Excellent support, including live webinars to solve any problems and clear any doubts you may have.
  • You will learn how to automate everything in order to make money.
  • If you are not satisfied within 30 days, you may request a full refund.


  • Many people believe that the system is quite expensive for a beginner and thus may not be an affordable option.
  • Even after purchasing the training, you may have to pay for paid advertising.
  • Some believe that a few modules are out of date.
  • The course does not appear to be SEO-focused.


The Super Affiliate System was created for people who are new to affiliate marketing. The course is simple to follow and reasonably priced. Many intricate nuances of affiliate marketing, such as detecting fraudulent ads, setting up your ad page, and targeting large sites, can be learned quickly. You may find it difficult to begin earning at first, but you can always get guidance and clear your doubts with the help of live webinars.

If you follow the instructions, you can quickly master the art of online marketing and, hopefully, achieve your desired income within a short period of time. You will understand how to choose the best ad networks. John’s unique teaching style will undoubtedly impress you. You will be astounded by your learning levels and earning potential as I was! If you are serious about making money through affiliate marketing and product promotion online, I strongly advise you to try this program.

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  1. Thank you for this post over Super Affiliate System.  I think this would be great for people who are new to Affiliate Marketing on some level.  I wonder how good it is, though, if it is not SEO-focused?  Isn’t that a huge part of affiliate marketing.  You want to be able to get people’s attention and make a name for yourself and SEO is important in that.


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