How to Start A New WordPress Blog For 2022

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Have you been looking for an easy guide that shows you how to start a  New WordPress Blog 2022?

Then this free guide provided to you below will show you how to start your WordPress Blog, which will be professional and functional.

My name is Jannette, and I am going to teach you how to be a successful blogger. In the past three years, I have gained lots of knowledge on how to build professional blogs and turn them into profitable websites. Now I would like to share my knowledge with you, at no cost.

Starting a blog can seem daunting and intimidating, and after following these easy steps you will be a successful blogger in no time and teaching your followers.

Let us begin with How to Start a  New WordPress Blog For 2022 by starting out with a blog name.

1. Pick Your WordPress Blog Name

The first thing you need to do is find a good name to fit your WordPress Blog topic. If you are not sure what to make your blog about here are a few ideas to get you started.

Your hobbies & passions: Your hobbies or possibly other things you are passionate about is a great place to start. If you like cooking, traveling, fashion, sports, coin collecting, doll collecting, and car collecting then this is good examples to get you started. If you do not see what you like listed here, this does not mean you cannot be a successful blogger as your audience can be anyone around the world.

Life experiences: Everyone has learned a lesson sometime in their life. You can share your lesson to help others in similar situations. For example, if you have experience in SEO you can help others learn SEO by having video lessons posted on your blog and you can even charge per lesson.

Personal Blog: A blog about you and your family.  A personal blog can have a variety of topics from things you do daily, your children, or your spouse.

After you have a topic in mind, it is time to choose your blog name.

Excellent blog name should be descriptive so that your blog readers can tell right away what your blog is about just from the name and domain name.

For Example, this blog you reading this article on is named “Pro Affiliate Blogger” with the domain name being  If you take time to browse through my website, you will notice I talk a lot about affiliate marketing and how to be a successful affiliate marketer blogger by sharing programs and tips to help my blog readers.

Another example is “JTS Fashion”, this is another one of my blogging sites based on fashion with matching domain being This website is designed differently and based on the WooCommerce plugin to give visitors a good shopping experience, instead of reading lots of material to find a certain fashion product and having to browse the internet for hours at a time.

To find a domain to match your website dame, you can check the availability through your WordPress Blog hosting account.


Pick Website Hosting for WordPress Blog!

Now that you have chosen what to blog about, the name for your blog, and possible domain name it is time to check and compare website hosting for your WordPress Blog!

To help you get started with choosing a website hosting I recommend reading “7 Best Website Hosting Affiliate Programs”. This article will provide companies that I currently use to host my website blogs.

The main company used for my WordPress Blog is “Wealthy Affiliate”. The reason for use and recommendation as provides training, keyword research tool, SEO help, site comments, site feedback, community of experts to help, lots more free benefits.

You are free to choose which Website hosting you wish. If you like to pay monthly, then it is recommended to choose Wealthy Affiliate and you can start today for only $19 the first month.

Getting Your WordPress Blog Online!

The next steps are based on using Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Blog hosting to get your blog online.

How to Start a WordPress Blog For 2020?

After you have registered with Wealthy Affiliate and completed your profile settings, you will see the window shown above.

1. Under your profile image, click on Websites, Build Website and Register a Domain.

2. Enter the name of your website in the New Domain search bar as shown.

3. Pick a domain that is short and best fits your WordPress Blog name.

4. Complete Step 2 by entering a title for your website (recommended to match domain name chosen).

5. Complete Step 3 by choosing a website design (recommended to choose theme design that is mobile friendly and fast loading speed.

6. Click on Build Website, Wait 30 Minutes, and then access your WordPress Blog.

These steps are also provided in your Free Training with Wealthy Affiliate titled “Building Your Website“. If you chose a different website hosting company to host your WordPress Blog continues on to the next step.

Deleting Sample WordPress Blog Content!

Every time a new WordPress Blog has created a sample page, posts, and comments are added. You will need to click on each of these to delete.

Pages: From your WordPress Blog menu select pages and all pagesUnder the Sample page, click on trash to move that sample page to trash. 

Sample Pages

Comments: From your WordPress Blog menu select comments, all comments. If there is a sample comment, click on trash to move sample comments to trash. 

Posts: From your WordPress Blog menu select posts, all posts, and repeat by clicking on trash to move sample comment to trash.

Updating Your WordPress Blog!

You might be thinking why do I need to update on a brand new website, sometimes your host does not install the latest WordPress blog, Plugins, or Themes! This is important as updates make your website run smoothly!

UpdatesIf you have any updates, there will be a number in red next to updates! You will just simply need to click on the red link update them all or individually depending on how many updates you need.

Again these steps are provided to you through your Wealthy Affiliate training titled “A Website Lookaround“.

Activating Plugins!

If you are using Wealthy Affiliate, you will notice “All In One SEO” is already installed on your WordPress Blog! If not using Wealthy Affiliate, please complete the steps below to add “All In One SEO”.

1. Go to Plugins about halfway down your WordPress menu, click on add new!

2. In the keyword search box type “All In One SEO”

3. The Plugin should be appearing first, click on install.

4. For everyone including Wealthy Affiliate users, click on activate.

This is the only plugin needed right now until you publish content regularly, it is recommended to publish at least two articles or more a week.

Research Keywords for WordPress Blog Content!

It is important to take time to research keywords to fit your blog content. Another recommended read is “Why Keyword Research is Important in SEO“.

var jtrack = “bc3b207f”;

In the search bar provided above, enter a keyword phrase around your WordPress Blog title. In my example entered “start a WordPress Blog”.

Start A WordPress Blog

What the image shows above is groups of keywords related to this article and ideas on the right to write about that fits this article.

When selecting keywords, you will need to select keywords with traffic above 40, QSR below 100, and SEO above 90. These three are the most valuable when selecting your keywords which help you get ranked on first page results of popular search engines like Google. If you are blogging to make a profit, you will need to be ranked on first page results.

Go ahead play around with the Keyword research tool above, to choose relevant keywords!

Need Additional Help with Keyword Research then view training “Understanding the Keyword Research Process“.

Writing WordPress Blog Content!

Now it is time to write your first WordPress Blog Post related to keywords selected during your keyword research phase above.

It is recommended to include five more subheadings in each of your articles. The subheadings in this article in bold and fit the main title of the article. Hint: Numbered List Articles Get Ranked Quicker!

Your content needs to be original and not copied from other websites, if copied will hurt your Google Ranking!

If you are using Wealthy Affiliate, there is training provided to help you write excellent content!

Here is another recommended read “How to Optimize Posts for SEO“.

Recommend taking the time to write a few articles before publishing on your WordPress Blog!


By now you have gained knowledge of building a WordPress Blog by starting out with Choosing a name, how to remove pages, post, comments, researching keywords, and writing your content it is time to close this article.

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