How to Create SiteRubix Free Website

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How to Create Siterubix Account?

Building an online website can be a little intimidating if you are just getting started. Do not worry, I will show you how you can build your very own website for free with SiteRubix. It only takes just a few minutes to set and be online.


SiteRubix created by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate which is an online training platform with the biggest marketing community online. To provide a stable hosting and publishing platform that includes a free domain that is monitored 24/7 by tech support and is easy to set up.

SiteRubix will allow you to create a professional website and get online quickly. There is no content on your website however will be online and you can add your own touch any way you choose. Your website is protected and optimized on responsive mobile friendly secure hosting platform from their servers at Wealthy Affiliate. Your site will be protected from spam, hackers, malware and any other activities that websites deal with.

Eliminated Guesswork.

The creators of SiteRubix are amazing, they have eliminated hassles and guesswork that are encountered when setting up a website. Optimized for performance with the use of WordPress. If you are not familiar with WordPress, they are responsible for nearly forty percent of all websites online.

With several options for design templates, it’s easy to be online in a few minute’s time. The old way of having to know coding and HTML to make your website is not needed. You do not need any prior skills to get your website online.

New Account.

You start off with a free starter account with Wealthy Affiliate when using the SiteRubix platform. This is not bad as you get access to the industry-leading training and the tools to enhance your knowledge to build your business. Everyone can build a website but do you know what to do with it? This is what Wealthy Affiliate will help you with.

You get two websites when you open your account which is great, and your starter account has no time limits. Which means no free trails like to see online by other site builders or hosting. With your free starter account, you can remain free if you like with no pressures.

Getting Started.

Now going show you how easy it is getting you started with building a professional website.

First thing to do is write down some niche ideas. This is something like fashion, beauty, cooking or services.

Next go to your account and select Build My Website.

Look at the image provided below. You can select a free domain, on a domain, or register a domain. Number 2 is chosen free domain this is where can select a domain to match your chosen niche, number 3 is a title for your website and number 4 choose your theme. After choosing the theme make sure to click on the green button click here to build this site.

SiteRubix Wealthy Affiliate

Next will say your site is being created and in few seconds you will be online.

Congratulations your website is online.

Now need to start adding content to your website based on the niche you chose above. The training explains it course one of your starter training that is free.

You can access the training available to you on the left side of the menu.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

The image above is training which might appear different for you as Free Member than Premium Member shown here. You will start with the Getting Started and follow the lessons on adding content.

The getting started lesson course includes 10 lessons that are:

  • Getting Rolling
  • Understanding How to Make Money Online
  • Choose a Niche
  • Building Your Own Niche Website
  • Setting Up Your Website
  • Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines
  • Creating Your Initial Website Content
  • Creating Custom Menus on Your Website
  • Understanding Keywords
  • Congratulations and your next steps.

Going Premium.

So now is when I discuss the premium option, which is membership available through Wealthy Affiliate for just $49 a month. Premium gives you access to the full training classes of 120 courses along with customer support and many more other options. Look at the Free and Comparison Chart for Wealthy Affiliate below.

Free vs Premium WA

If cannot go premium right now, it is okay you can keep your free membership and work until you are making money where you can afford to pay for the premium membership.


I will leave you here and let you continue with your training and building of your website. I wish you the very best of luck and success.


20 thoughts on “How to Create SiteRubix Free Website”

  1. Hello Jannette,

    Thanks for creating a knowlegable post. I found it is very easy to create a website. Siterubix have good tools to run a website. The training is also very awesome. I am working on my training here. It helped me run an online business. Now I start earning revenue through our website. Premium membership have best features in very reasonable price.

    Thank you


    • It is very easy to create a website with Siterubix and they provide very good tools to help with monetization. The training is something everyone should use rather they have previous experience of building a website. 

  2. Thanks for this post on how to great my own siterubix free website, sometimes ago when I wanted to start online marketing I do not know very much about it, I had to go on their training first , which was actually the best for me before going on a premium package which i had access to all , its one of the best site to be on ever , if you really want a good and best affiliate marketing scheme please.go for this training and learn more on it , it really helps thanks 

    • Your absolutely right, when I first started with building a Website I had no training and had to buy service before trying it out. With SiteRubix can build 2 websites free and have training provided by Wealthy Affiliate. 

  3. Hello Janette. This post really brings Lal one needs to do to have a free website into simplicity. You have been able to help me see how the whole siterubix works out because it was AA bit of a problem wu n it cake to comprehending. I like the fact that you have put into consideration those or is that are new to this. I just just joined wealthyaff affiliate and didn’t understand how it works. Cheers!

    • Hello Henderson, Anyone who is looking to build a free website with SiteRubix might find it difficult to understand without proper instructions. I like to think this article with instructions will help many people start their own website along with training. Good luck with your business. 

  4. I found this post very useful and informative.  I have a very good experience using siterubix website. It’s protected from spam , hackers etc. It has got over 1000’s designed themes. and a great wealthy affiliate community which provides website support , coaching and help. 

    Thanks for sharing step by step instructions on how to create siterubix free website 

    • Hello S.J, nice you have experience with SiteRebux and the mention of what is offered with the website. Your feedback will help many users who are looking for this information concerning SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate. 

  5. I wish I had seen this article a couple of years ago.  I found Wealthy Affiliate by accident and did some searching to learn about the program.  I took advantage of the two free websites so that I could do all the practical work for the free video lessons that came with the site.  You have outlined all of this very well.  I would have had far less searching to do if I had read you article.  The step by step approach makes trying Wealthy Affiliate and a Siterubix website easy. I hope lots of people are able to take advantage of this article.

  6. I was able to learn website building using the siterubix. Before I thought that creating a website and make it run can only be done if you have the technical knowledge. Apparently I was wrong. With the easy to follow steps you can really build your website in minutes. I was also able to be approved by Amazon associates through ny siterubix site. 

    • That is great and amazing how Amazon associate program approved you to be their partner cause of building your site with SiteRubix.

  7. Hi. This is a very useful post for newbies. When I started off with my first my first website, I spent $120 in getting domain and hosting, I worked for 2-3 months and wasn’t able to figure out what to do next!! 

    I wish I would aware of SiteRubix platform back then. Anyways, it will be super useful for all newbies, who are starting off now! You mentioned that 2 websites are free, I suppose it will be accessible for a month or 2 if a member continue to remain a free member! Anyways, I’ll dig into this matter. 

    Thanksa lot for sharing this valuable post. 

    • You get two free sites and you keep them even if not a Premium member. SiteRubix is linked to Wealthy Affiliate training which teaches you how to set up your site and get online. The free websites will be yours until you request to cancel account. 

  8. Hello Janette.
    I created my first website thanks to SiteRubix and the free training provided by Wealthy Affiliate. I never thought before that I would know to create a website. But since training is really simple and just need to follow the steps, today I have 3 websites that earn me a nice month’s earnings. So I would always recommend Siterubix for a start.

    • Hello

      That is very nice, you have built three websites with SiteRubix. I just started my fourth site, as three already have is doing very well. I wish you continued success with your SiteRubix websites. 

  9. Hello Jannete, i must admit its really good to have such a site like siterubix to help host your site for those who are fully into blogging. I am a member of wealthy affiliate and knowing siterubix was created by same founders of WA gives me so much confidence in its credibility. Its tools used for running the site is very nice as well. Such sites would be well known to all so as to avoid having a host site that isnt good enough especially security wise.

    • Hello Benson, I learned the hard way of hosting my blogging site through another hosting provider concerning spam. The spam was unbelievable with fake links back to sites that did not match my blog content. Therefore, the security here at SiteRebuix is awesome and recommend everyone give it try. 

  10. Hello Jeanette, your article very nicely explains how to create a website in no time with SiteRubix, and it is free! I have done all the steps with WA and managed to create my website. I found that going a second time through the training helped me a lot with improving my website.

    • Hello Angie,

      I can relate to you going through the training a second time, as I did also to improve as well and see if missed any important advice. 


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