How to Create Amazon or eBay Affiliate Store

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How to Create Amazon or eBay Affiliate Store

Creating an affiliate eCommerce store is a very easy way for you to make cash from Amazon and eBays affiliate programs.

Amazon and eBay are undisputed leaders in eCommerce, and they continue to dominate the online market by working with other people. You will have the opportunity to cash in on these two companies with your own affiliate store.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

I personally love affiliate marketing due to it being a less stressful way to make money from selling products online. Shipping, Inventory, payments, and customer service along with returns are handled by the site that you are sending your customer to. Your job is to educate your customers by helping them learn about the products your affiliate partner is selling.

If you have your own product can combine with affiliate marketing to make even more money however the hassle factor will rise.

Create Amazon Affiliate Stores

This website JTS Fashion is a store built on Wealthy Affiliate Webhosting services with the use of all plugins and steps discussed below. The homepage is built designed through the Element page plugin, as I wanted easy navigation for my customers to find their products looking to buy.

This picture above is an actual shop navigation link found at the bottom of the website. At the top you see standard category navigation of showing 1-16 products of a total of 3299 products. Not easy to navigation for your customers, especially when you import products through the app like Woo Affiliates. I will get into more designing of your eCommerce affiliate store in a different blog article.

When you use Woo Affiliates plugin to import products from Amazon or eBay, you can have the option to import the categories also which I do. Look at the picture below at categories imported with the Adidas Women’s Essentials Hoodie, if I click on Exercise and Fitness it narrows my search down and link this exercise and fitness apparel to my homepage for easy access.

Your job as an Amazon or eBay affiliate is to help online shoppers learn about the products that are best suited to solve their problems based on expertise. If you do not know you will not be able to guide them to the perfect solutions. If you are not passionate, you are going to burn out before you see a meaningful income stream.

The examples below are my stores built to attract and educate readers. You can create your website to look like an online eCommerce professional store or blogging review which both are successful ways to earn a steady income.

Here is what you will need to create your Amazon or eBay Affiliate shop:


  • A well-researched niche that you are passionate about and knowledgeable about.
  • WordPress Blog
  • Website Hosting
  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates WordPress Plugin
  • Woo Affiliates WordPress Plugin
  • WooCommerce SEO

Steps to Starting Your Amazon or eBay Affiliate Store.

Now that you see what you need, it is time to put all of this together. Let me start with the first steps you will need to complete the store and start earning income from your store.

1. Register for Amazon Associate Program.

To earn bounties and commission from Amazon you will need an affiliate associate account. It just takes a few minutes to fill out an application and most of the time you are approved within 24 hours.

Go to the Amazon Associate page and read the terms for Amazon affiliate program the Operating Agreement. You will learn about the different tools that Amazon provides to its partners along with types of revenue you can make.

For instance, physical and digital purchases are different. In general, any product that your customer places in their cart and checks out within 24 hours is counted toward your commission. Also, if they add something to their cart during this time period, they can save for later checkout up to an additional 89 days you will still receive a commission.

Once you completed the application, you will receive an email confirming approval into the Associate program.  You will then gain access to a dashboard with tons of helpful information. Most importantly you will find the unique code needed to inject products into your store.

2. Register for eBay Partner Program.

Registering for the eBay partner program is different from Amazon Associate but is still simple to use and approval usually within 24 hours.

3. Research the Products you Want to Drive Customers To

While you are waiting on your applications to be approved, it is a wise choice to go ahead spend some time researching the wide selection of Products that Amazon and eBay carry. The selection of the right products will help market will have a major impact on how much money your website makes.

Just remember that you will be earning a percentage of the total cost of the products you promote. Helping your customer find a $10 sports shirt is far less rewarding than helping them purchase $1,000 gaming computer.

You can study the customer reviews that the product must help you guess how popular the products are. Also keep in mind, that the cost of a product is not the only determining factor in choosing which products to promote. Can use the review feedback option to determine if the product is of good quality and not returned. If the product is returned refunded, you lose commission.

4. Pick WordPress Hosting

There are lots of options for WordPress hosting however I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. The reason for my recommendation is they offer free training, support, keyword research to help get ranked on google, site comments, and site feedback.  With other Webhosting companies you are only allowed to host 1 to 10 websites and Wealthy Affiliate premium can host 50 websites. These many websites you can have different niche websites to help expand your commission earnings.

5. Selected a Memorable Domain Name

Now that you have selected a niche market and website host, it is time to find a memorable domain name that will be relevant to your product niche and easy for your customers to remember. If you chose Wealthy Affiliate as your website hosting platform, the domain selection to research domains available will be provided free of charge.

The domain you choose is the address that your online shoppers will type into the address bar of the web browser to reach your website. Somewhat like the address of your home.

Determining a domain name is very easy and branding agency services charge lots of money just to help you come up with a catchy brand name for your business.

6. Install WordPress and Select a Professional Theme.

Again, if you have chosen Wealthy Affiliate as your website hosting platform you will not need to install WordPress but only select a theme. After selecting a theme Wealthy Affiliate will install the WordPress blog platform so you can begin the next step of the training process.

I chose different website hosting you will be provided access to cPanel, which is a software to help you install content management system WordPress onto your server. Once WordPress is installed on your server, it is now time to select a theme that will stand out to your customers but fast to load. Themes serve as a framework for your websites providing color, content layout along with different elements like sliders and hero boxes.

To start out look at these awesome WordPress themes:

Lots of these themes depending on where you decide to purchase will offer additional support for novice users for a nominal fee. This can be of big help in closing the gap between a do it yourself and professionally crafted site.

Keep in mind the most important factor in selecting a theme is finding one that will help you convert visitors into customers. Keep your theme easy to navigate and allows you to layout your content in an engaging way, you will have a solid foundation upon which to build your affiliate website.

Here are some ideas for themes to buy.

Install WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce is a platform that will allow you to sell your own products rather they are physical or digital information products. The main feature I like is that you are the ability to list all the Amazon and eBay affiliate products you want with just a simple push of a button after purchasing Woo Affiliates plugin. It is easy to install and setup with step by step instructions provided by the developers.

8. Purchase Woo Affiliate Plugin.

If you are brand new to Affiliate Marketing, you will not have access to Amazon API function until you make three successful sales from your affiliate links. Therefore, I recommend this Woo Affiliate plugin, which can enter your Amazon associate tracking ID that ends in 20 and import the products for your niche to your website.

This is a lot easier and faster than selecting one product at a time. This plugin also comes with the option to purchase SEO extension for your affiliate products to gain exposure on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Without this extension, you will have to log in to each product imported and enter SEO details and that can take days if not months depending on how many products you import at once.

9. Install Woo Affiliate Plugin.

Installing the Woo Affiliate Plugin is very easy, once you install a screen comes up to begin editing the plugin by entering your Amazon associate tracking id that enters in 20 or eBay campaign id along with API integration. Written and Video instructions are provided with the purchase of this plugin along with other plugins mentioned.

Need Additional Ideas to help build amazon affiliate store then read the following articles.

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Now that I have covered the grounds of building your own Amazon or eBay affiliate store it is time to get to work. I recommend following Wealthy Affiliate training that is provided with your Premium membership hosting on getting better ideas on how to choose a niche, keywords for ranking of your store, SEO optimization with social media marketing.

If you would like additional information concerning building your own Amazon or eBay Affiliate store, please contact me and would be happy to help. Please subscribe to my email list to stay informed of new articles to help you grown your business.

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  1. I really apreciate this article. I’ve been thinking about creating an affiliate store for amazon but didn’t really know where to start. I think eBay lost it’s Mojo a while back and Amazon is really booming more and more, I will definitely follow your instructions and try to get my Amazon affiliate website rolling. Thanks!

    • eBay is still good for affiliate marketing. With this use of the WooAffiliate plugin, I am getting sales through eBay and Amazon. Plus with the use of this plugin to build your affiliate eCommerce store it gives your viewers the option to choose where to buy the selected product. 

  2. Hey,  thanks for the useful information. However, I know WooCommerce is the best Amazon affiliate store plugin for WordPress. It makes it very easy to add external affiliate products to your website.
    Using WooCommerce allows you to offer a native user experience and integrate affiliate products seamlessly into your website. This is indeed helpful

  3. Hello Jannette,
    In your elaborate post, I’ve been able to learn that starting an affiliate business is better than selling physical products. This is because I’ll not have to stress out because of shipping and handling customer issues. You have said that the best hosting is Wealthy Affiliate as there I’ll get other features for free. Do they help with niche research and recommend some options?

    • I am glad this post is of great use and help you make a decision to use the WooAffiliate WordPress plugin to cut back on the stress of shipping and handling customer issues. 

  4. Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful information.The desire to affiliate marketing was long ago.Doing nothing was not done, especially since there was no deep knowledge of affiliate marketing.It was important to know from the outset where success can be seen.However, I got a lot of new information from your articles. Which will be useful when marketing my affiliate.Thank you again for sharing such a great article among us.

    • Affiliate marketing takes time and dedication and it works. This method I have shared here on how to create Amazon Affiliate store or eBay works for me and I just wanted to share the success for other affiliate marketers. 

  5. Very nice post! Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best ways to make money online because of its ease of getting started since you don’t need any inventory, your own product, or stuff like that. It also makes affiliate marketing ten times harder to succeed in. This post is very unique because you’re presenting a Amazon/Ebay affiliate store. Have you seen more success with a website that looks like a store than a normal blog?

    • Hello Kevin, Yes I agree affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online without having the hassle of dealing with customers directly who are not satisfied with their purchase. 

  6. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful and informative article.

    I am a student, thinking about doing business alongside my studies but I need a lot of time and a lot of money to do the business, I want to do, at this point it is not possible for me to invest a lot of time and money.
    A friend of mine approached me and told me that I had a new business idea, I wanted to know he gave me the link to your article, I read your article I got a great idea about Amazon and eBay which will be very important for me to start my business. I will come here if you will share many more informative articles for newbies like us, we will greatly benefit.
    We have decided to set up our business online, we will share our experience with you very soon.

    thank you so much.!

  7. Thanks for all the info. I just have one question regarding images. If I can’t use the Amazon image of the product that I’m offering what are my other options besides taking my own and if the link image is a html tag? Would I have to go to a manufacturer?

    • When you use the plugin mentioned here in my article, you have the option to import the images. Also when you import the images with plugin you are in within Amazon associate rules. If you buy product your self to test and review then all means take pictures to upload to your site. 

  8. Wow! this is one of the best article I’ve read on the internet to know more about how to create an Amazon or an eBay store.

    One of my sons was telling me the other day about one of his friends who is working on this business idea and he’s already making some money from it.

    My son is looking for some information to help him to know what to do and how to do it, as he asked me to help him to find some information, as I was looking on the internet your website was there.

    I’m happy I found your website as you share some information that I’m sure will help my son to create his own online store

    How good is this system for a teenager? (17) Do you think is a good idea to let him to try it out? 

    • I believe its a wonderful idea for your son to learn how to build his online business with the plugins and Wealthy Affiliate. As their is not much technical details, just enter your affiliate ID and select research products to import. 

  9. I have often thought of what it would be like to have an affiliate/e-commerce store either through amazon or ebay. I just didn’t know the best way to about creating one as my main focus has been reviewing products in a particular niche. You’ve laid out exactly how to do just that and opened my eyes to the wonderful plugins WooCommerce and Woo Affiliate. I didn’t realize those plugins made it easy to set up an online store with the use of Amazon and eBay products within your niche. How long did it take you to get one set up?

    • Does not take long to add products at all, I add a few each day to show my websites are being updated regularly. Plus I write blog reviews linking to the products I imported to show in text links within my website. 

  10. Your guide is very helpful for Starting our Amazon or eBay Affiliate Store. Now I understand the importance of having a Woo Affiliate Plugin. It is really grate too and save our lots of time and efforts. Now I am going with Woo Affiliate Plugin and hope get better results soon. Thanks for your perfect guide to start our own amazon or eBay affiliate store.

    • So happy to hear that my guide instructions will help you become successful Amazon and eBay affiliate store owner. To Your Success. 


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