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You have probably heard of Got Oil Supplies and in this review will be going over the details of this company and what they offer. Start your own essential oil business with the help of Got Oil Supplies!

Company Information:


Founded: 2013

Owners: Ryan & Jeena

Products: Physical Products for Businesses

Got Oil Supplies has been around since 2013 with the goal to provide essential oil supplies to others interested in the health benefits of essential oils.

Subscription Services:

Got Oil Supplies Review

The subscription service is to help grow your essential oil business that is collections and information to learn how to use your essential oils. They even offer the first box to ship free!

The Monthly Oil Box

The Monthly Oiler Box costs $19.95 that provides huge variety that is only available in subscription boxes. Here is an example of contents for the lowest priced subscription box and these contents change every month.

  • 3 50ml Glass Cream Jars
  • 3 White Aroma Inhalers
  • 2 10ml Purple Silicone Holders
  • 2 10ml Clear Roller Bottles
  • 2 2oz Clear Spray Bottles
  • 1 15ml Clear Throat Spray Bottle
  • 1 15ml Purple Silicone Holder
  • 1 2oz. Hand Sanitizer Bottle
  • 1 New Recipe Sheet
  • 1 New Label Sheet
  • 1 Funnel
  • 1 Pipette
  • 1 Tool
  • 1 Surprise!

This lowest price subscription box is perfect for people who are just getting started with their own essential oil business.

The customer reviews are based on a 5-star rating system and this lowest cost subscription service has a 4.9 rating scale.

Essential Oil Digital Downloads

Essential Oil Digital Downloads

Got Oil Supplies offers digital downloads that include classes, labels, and tear pads. Here are some of the products you can purchase and learn about when building your essential oil business.

Aromatherapy Technique Class

This Aromatherapy technique class covers six applications, four stages of aromatherapy, how to apply essential oils, tips to successful sessions, and details on how to use essential oils for back, ears, and feet.

Each Class Includes

  • Essential Oils Academy Teacher Manual, that has everything you will need to set up your own classes fast and easy along with information for your hostess.
  • Essential Oils Academy Class Text Master Copy is the complete text for your classes.
  • Essential Oils Academy Customer Guidebook, filled with 30 pages of information about the classes along with more materials to send to your attendees.
  • PowerPoint version of each class for using in-home or host online classes.

Content Management Products

Essential Oil Notebook

The content management products are products to help you easily manage your essential oil business by staying organized. You can purchase one of their beautifully designed notebooks to keep all your recipes, resource cards, booklets, collections, and more neatly.


Essential Oils Collections

Spoil Yourself Essential Oils

The essential oils collections for content management contains kits, recipes, and labels to make your own essential oils for different themes. The collection that I personally enjoyed is the spoil yourself a collection.

The Spoil Yourself DIY Kit came with 1 label sheet, 1 recipe sheet, 1 stainless steel bath bomb mold, 3 50ml glass tubes with corks, and 2 50ml glass cream jars. This kit was extremely easy to use and liked the kit so much until it led me to buy more to make essential bath bombs for my family members.

If you are in the essential oil business for small business purposes or just for gift giving during holidays, this kit is perfect to start with.

Head on Over to Got Oil Supplies to see more collections!

Got Oil Supplies offers a great deal more of products and services to build your very own essential oil business.

Start an essential oil business

Got oil Supplies provides everything you need to start an essential oil business and have been providing their services and products to other businesses and individuals since 2013.  They are trusted by Google as the number one provider for essential oil supplies, and their customers have nothing negative to say about this company.

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