Giveaway Profits Funnel Scam

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Giveaway profits funnel is a huge scam and unfinished project that had a bad experience with recently.

I was lured in with the bold title Bank over $500 plus by giving away Free Gift to my leads.  The 100% done for you system is a total lie, the project is nothing done for you.

Their checklist on a sales page

  • Exclusive Giveaway System generates our commissions by giving away DFY products for free.
  • Multiple Income Streams how we profit by giving away premium products for free and build a huge email list at the same time.
  • 100% Free, Viral Traffic Build into the Free system.
  • Zero Maintenance Costs no website or domain needed
  • Completely Beginner Friendly with zero tech skills or previous experience needed.
  • Proven results tested system for generating leads and profits in as little as 30 minutes from right now!

No Giveaway System

There is no giveaway system, you have to buy additional services from other vendors of similar products. These products are found on JVzoo, Warrior Forum, and ClickBank. You will not earn these commissions but instead, the owner of this leads funnel Giveaway Profits will earn the commissions.

Multiple Streams of Income

This is a lie, you will not benefit from this program only the owner will benefit.

Zero Maintenace

Why would you need maintenance for leads to buy additional products from other vendors to make this person rich?

No Software

There is no software as promised with instructions to set up with your own autoresponder.

The next block on their sales page says select one of the 100% done for your affiliate offers we provide, add your autoresponder info & affiliate link into the software and final step watch your profits and list explode.

The Starting Price

The starting price is $21.97, which I paid. On the next screen, you are given the chance to upgrade service for $47 more, which I did to only be offered to buy even more.

So in total, I spent $68.97 for Broken not completed service.

Getting access to product

The access to your product takes a few hours to get login details when you login telling you to watch videos with the complete tasks to buy additional products through different vendors.

Most of the links are broken and websites suspended.

Now tricky part 30 days money-back guarantee

This guarantee is an easily stolen image and not honored by merchants or even PayPal.

PayPal is an option to pay, which always use to make purchases. In their terms in and conditions, they say to contact them before going through PayPal to request a refund.

Which I did, sent tickets in requesting a refund and get automated replies back saying they would upgrade to the next level for free if they did not cancel membership.

Of course, they don’t want you to cancel membership, this is easy money for them without any work at all.

My reply no I would like a refund and already paid for that upgrade you are offering for free.

The next reply was well maybe you be happy with another one of my products.

Why would you want to use another lead funnel scam by the same owner instead of getting your money back?

It is now day 7 since made transactions and been emailing them back and forth, through access product link says transaction refunded. However, PayPal shows no record of refund which should have gotten email confirmation through PayPal about the refund.

Avoid this Scam Giveaway Profits

With my experience with Giveaway Profits would not recommend this program to anyone nor would I market this product to make them rich.

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