GetResponse Review-How to Setup

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GetResponse is a popular email marketing platform for small businesses starting out to midsized businesses with good email marketing features with marketing automation.


  • Easy to Use
  • Good Amount of Third-Party Integrations
  • Solid Email Marketing Features
  • Free Trial
  • Price $15


  • Basic Analytics
  • No 24/7 Support by Phone
  • Templates Needs Updating

GetResponse Review-How to Setup

You can start with GetResponse for little as $15 a month, this is a good fit for small to midsized businesses looking for a reliable email marketing solution to fit their business. They offer basic analytics and a big selection of third-party integration features. It does not have the more advanced features that you will find in competitors like Mailchimp.

GetResponse gets high praise for its marketing automation capabilities that some of its competitors consider beyond the basic features of an email marketing application. It offers users good workflow features to take customers through the process of marketing automation.

GetResponse is working to improve its capabilities and the service provides a good starting point for businesses just starting out in the digital marketing industry online. Affordable Pricing and Features

GetResponse Review-Affordable Email Marketing

GetResponse has a variety of pricing plans with the least expensive being $15 per month which lets you have up to 1,000 email subscribers. The basic plan can have unlimited landing pages, unlimited automation templates, 1 sale funnel, autoresponders, Facebook ads, and sell digital products. This plan is perfect for small businesses just starting out and works well with bloggers.

The Plus Plan you get everything from the basic plan plus access to the automation builder to have up to 5 workflows, webinars with a max of 100 attendees, contact scoring and tagging, five sales funnels, three users to work together on projects and five webinar funnels.

The Plus plan allows you to have 1,000 subscribers and when you reach the subscriber limit price goes up to $59 with 2,500 subscribers. Some GetResponse users still consider this great pricing compared to their competitors in the email marketing industry.

GetResponse does not have any sending limits, that is common practice in email marketing services.

The basic plan scales up to a maximum of $250 per month for 50,000 subscribers and the plus plan scales up to a maximum of $499 a month with 100,000 subscribers.  Each plan is based on a monthly basis however, if you sign up for years the price goes down by 18%. If you pay for two years of their service, then you save 30%.

The Professional plan starts at $99 per month for 1,000 subscribers and adds unlimited webinars, landing pages, and marketing automation that will let you create templates for email based on your customer actions like abandoning a shopping cart. With the automation feature, you can create workflows to send autoresponder emails based on actions liking completing a customer form.

There are also specialized enterprise and nonprofit plans. GetResponse will not refund canceled accounts so it is worth at least starting out with free trail and if decide to continue with service pay monthly.

Looking for other email marketing services then read our previous article “3 Best Email Marketing Services“.

Users Navigation Bar

GetResponse Navigation

The navigation bar is on top to access content analytics and menu data. The menu options include reports, lists, create, and drafts. Under create options you will find the options to create landing pages, newsletters, forms, and autoresponders.  Depending on your plan, you can also see create a funnel.

GetResponse offers Salesforce integration for customer relationship management with the ability to run webinars to collect leads. A basic customer relationship management allows for a customized sales pipeline overview, when viewing the sales pipeline in stage view you can drag and drop deals between stages. You can monitor deals and stages along with added notes and reminders to your team members.

Multiple Users

GetResponse will support multiple users on an account should you need to add employees or freelancers along with maybe doing email marketing for multiple clients. For the first five user accounts, it is $20 a month and additional users $5 a month. The free trial uses to be only 250 contacts, which has been changed to 1,000 contacts. This allows you to build your list and try out service before paying.

WordPress Integration

With WordPress, the integration will let you create a landing page in the GetResponse editor and then add a page in your WordPress site, just easy add your directory name and publish. By integrating your GetResponse landing page with WordPress, you can build promotional and webinar pages along with pop-ups to generate more conversations. Along with WordPress, GetResponse integrates with eCommerce platforms Magento and PrestaShop so that your eCommerce data can be imported into GetResponse so that you can do advanced segmentation.

Signup is easy, you just provide your email address and name, then GetResponse sends you an email to activate your account. Once you receive the activation email and you click on the link you will continue with your registration by providing your mobile number so that you can receive code by text.

Create Subscriber List


There are several ways to your subscriber list. If your contact list is small, then you can type in the email address and if you have a big list can upload a file or connect to third-party integration services. Some third-party services are Salesforce, Google, Zendesk, and others.

For instance, you can add contacts by using a CSV file and Google Contacts. Once you upload, you might need more fields to match with GetResponse’s When reviewed the upload it could map out first names correctly but not the last names. When I used Google contacts to import recently, all the fields matched up correctly.

To test the set up of your contact list, drag a CSV file with five contacts into the GetResponse import contact box. Then you will be prompt to confirm that the individuals in the CSV file have given you permission to add them to the list. GetResponse says it could take two hours to do the test on the people on your list and most of the time does not take that long only 30 minutes at most.

Now that you have added subscribers, you can segment the list by open rate, location, and other criteria options. With GetResponse’s new marketing automation campaign, you can also use the advanced segmentation that will let you target users based on their location, opens, and clicks, and autoresponder. You can also send out automated emails if the customer abandons their shopping cart. Default settings for emails go out every thirty minutes after the shopping cart has been abandoned, you can customize the amount of time to wait.

GetResponse also has a tool called List Building Wizard that will allow you to create forms to embed on your website to get newsletter signups, create order forms, feedback forms, event webinar forms, and surveys. GetResponse allows you to publish your newsletter to social media sites Facebook and Twitter. The last thing you can do is conduct an A/B test to try out different newsletters based on subject lines and other elements.

Setting Up A Campaign

Setting Up A Campaign

In GetResponse you can easily create a newsletter using their drag and drop edition or the HTML Editor. If you are comfortable with providing your own code, then use the HTML Editor. When you use the email creator tool can start from scratch or use the provided supplied templates. GetResponse is introducing new templates slowly to help users launch their campaigns quicker.

When you ready to preview your newsletter, you can see how it will look to subscribers on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. I like how you can scroll down through the newsletter on the mock mobile device.  Once you have done that, you will then receive a spam score that will be helpful since you may use terms that email programs flag as suspicious and go to the spam folder. You are required to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and similar international legislation.

Create News Letter

You are then given the option to send the newsletter right away or schedule for future date and time with the time travel feature to deliver to subscribers based on their time zone. For example, you have subscribers that receive their newsletter at 9 a.m. their time, no matter the time zone. GetResponse has a perfect timing feature that will predict the best time to send your mail to subscribers and delivers it at that time. GetResponse says perfect timing can increase your customer engagement by customizing based on the behavior of subscribers.

You will be able to send out newsletters and autoresponder messages based on certain factors like birthdays, confirming a profile change, or based on other data you have collected. Start with choosing between time-based, opened, clicked, subscribed, or goal reach. Once you have chosen the type, set up the parameters. For example, you have a new subscriber to your list, send them a welcome message immediately or follow up email within the specified time. This can also be done with which days of the week the autoresponder message would be active.

If you are satisfied with your campaign, send it to all your subscribers, or manually select subscribers. There is an action button near the bottom left-hand side of the results screen with the option to save the search, you can use this option to create the same list criteria constantly. You will also have the option to move or copy the campaign, add custom fields, tag, and export. Tag the subscribers or use the information to target contacts when you are sending your campaign. This is done by using saved search with condition that the tag is assigned and then send your newsletter to that search.

Next, you can choose to use perfect timing, schedule, or send it immediately. Once you click on send, you will see a countdown timer that counts down from sixty seconds that will allow you to cancel the send until it reaches 0.

Get Started Now with GetResponse!

Landing Pages

From the image above you can see the big selection of landing page templates. These templates are prebuilt for easy to use and edit as you wish along with broken down in categories based on the type of business.

On top of the many selections, we can narrow the sorting by conversion rate, popularity, and date added. Many like GetResponse users like the sorted feature by conversion rates as that is what most business needs.

Tracking Your Campaigns

You can view all your campaigns on the same page, that shows information like how many contacts received your newsletter along with how many opened and clicked. The tracking tool includes Google Analytics integration. This tool does not have a refresh button when emails are opened need to refresh the browser to see updated reports.

You can opt to get reports delivered to a specified email inbox that can be more convenient. In the reports section, you can get a view of how many of the emails were opened by subscribers.

In the reports you can find contact details, emails they have received from your campaigns, and if they clicked or opened them.

Start Tracking Your Email Campaigns Now!

Marketing Automation

GetResponse has the marketing automation that is top of the class. These automation workflows are based on three elements actions, filters, and conditions, you will start by dragging and dropping the condition onto the workflow page. This includes things like: “Joined a list” or “Received an email”. Next, drag and drop an action that needs to be taken as a response to your chosen condition. Action will include which message to send to your contacts, to which list to add new contacts along with other possibilities. In the workflow, you can also draw lines between actions and the conditions to take recipients back and forth between the different workflow stages and depending on how fast they accomplish your workflow goals.

GetResponse has many neat workflow features that will put interactive and responsive email marketing at your fingertips. For instance, you can move contacts from the workflow to the workflow. You can even drag and drop tags into your workflow to the labeled contacts who have dropped off or has moved to different stages of the workflow. This will allow you to shift contacts who have moved through nurturing campaigns into lists for more familiar contacts or even tag people as unresponsive if they have not gotten far along in the nurturing campaign as you would have liked. GetResponse will let you set conditions to wait a certain period before assigning someone as unresponsive.

The filter option will let you designate blocks of contacts to experience different paths of the workflow based on when they enter your list. For instance, run a promotion that will reward the first two hundred subscribers, and then the first people to submit the form will be taken along a different path then the next two hundred subscribers. You will be able to build multiple outcomes for each stage of the workflow to make a denser layered experience. Another awesome feature that you will find only on the most advanced systems is the ability to add JavaScript to your eCommerce sites to add website visitors to your workflows.

The automation marketing workflow templates help businesses get started more quickly. You will see templates for a content-based welcome message, invite contacts, automate CRM pipeline, and more. Most automation newbies and marketers do not want to waste time building out the basic nurturing campaigns or birthday related customer win backs.

Auto Funnels

The auto funnels are a new feature that will let businesses create visual funnels like webinars and then move into selling products. The funnel shows the process of a customer who goes through before purchasing a product that includes becoming aware of the product, the sales process, and then them becoming a customer. This service integrates with the eCommerce platform to make the sale process with services like Stripe, Square, or PayPal.

Let us say you want to sell a digital eBook or an online webinar lesson, GetResponse integrates these eCommerce capabilities to enable payments. You can also set up auto response emails to trigger once a customer makes a purchase through your Auto Funnel. For instance, the funnel process would be creating a signup form, creating an email, creating a sales page, and lastly adding a confirmation page.

Some companies use the commerce feature in GetResponse to promote webinars, products, or services. You will have access to forty templates in the auto funnel process for all scenarios including autoresponder and abandon cart emails. If you use Etsy and Shopify can integrate GetResponse to help pull product information into the email marketing platform to help you fill out your email blasts with the product details.

GetResponse Support

GetResponse has a good help section that will answer most questions you may have when you get started. In a move that everyone is not happy with, they discontinued the 24/7 phone support and replaced them with 24/7 live chat support along with email support.


GetResponse offers excellent user experience with third party integration along with the 1,000 email subscribers during the free trial. Even though the competitor MailChimp offers 2,000 contacts with their free plan. Even after reviewing the downsides of GetResponse, it is still my best choice for email marketing as it offers many features that are worth trying.

GetResponse does well being a marketing platform for small to midsized businesses because of the good email marketing features along with the marketing automation at affordable prices.

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  1. GetResponse market software I think is a great bang for your buck especially for the low investment of $15/month in which you do get unlimited landing pages.  If you are an Affiliate Marketer landing pages are a great tool to leverage your online business because it can help you increase conversions.  Especially a well-designed landing page can give you a competitive edge against your competitors who are running the same or similar campaigns in your niche.  For this particular reason I will be looking into this company to checkout their landing pages.  Very informative review, thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Lindsey,

      Yes, I also believe $15 is not bad for monthly price for GetResponse email marketing service, especially with all the features they have to help online businesses. I recommend GetResponse over MailChimp as more suitable for businesses especially the automation. 

  2. Thank you for this indepth review of GetResponse. I’ve used Mailchimp, Aweber and Sendpulse before and recently I started using Flodesk. I’ve heard that GetResponse is fantastic and that they offer services. One of the things I was very interested in trying when it comes to GetResponse is their splash pages. 

    • Hello Lynee,
      You have worked with many email providers, am still testing Mailchimp. GetResponse does have a good variety of splash pages that you can work with along with the option of starting from scratch.

  3. Hello Jannette – Thanks for this very informative review. I am a newbie so I am not quite ready for this service. But reading over the features it seems to be something I will definitely need in the future. Additionally, I like the fact that as you grow you can upgrade to more capacity and features. I will surely bookmark this review for the future. Thanks for this opportunity!

    • Hello Nathaniel,

      Welcome to the Affiliate Marketing Business, please take your time and take in every lesson. Understand not wanting to jump into email marketing right away. Thanks for the bookmark.

  4. Autoresponders are an important part of the system for you to grow your business.  You did a great job of explaining Getresponse.  The $15 a month is reasonable and seems the next level, even though they are more expensive offer a great deal of service as well.    As this is a service needed on all sites, getting set up with one is just part of the deal.  

    Thank you for the information for me to work with on the next upgrade.  For me, there must be a compelling reason to switch.  Getting set up time-consuming. So having time to shop different services can be overwhelming. 

    • Hello Sami,

      I agree autoresponders are important in any business to help you grow. You can set email sequences to be sent on a daily or weekly basis, giving you time to work on other areas of your business. Yes, when you switch services can be time-consuming as having to start over. 

  5. Get response seems to be a great tool to bring your business to the next level. Great features and packed with functionality for a relatively low price tag. Especially the landing pages are of huge interest as it is always a great way to promote your stuff and get traffic to your website. Thank you for the in-depth review. Very useful and at least a proof that the company is legit!

    • Hello Joe,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment regarding GetResponse. The review was written to provide details of the service along with the bad after researching and testing the service for three months to monitor changes within the company. 

  6. Hi and thanks for this excellent and thorough review of GetResponse. I have been looking at a subscriber email list management solution for a while since at some point I will need to add this to my site. I also checked out your review of the 3 best email marketing packages, but I was hoping that MailChimp would be among them as I am most likely to start with a free service and see how it goes. My initial impression is that I would want to adopt a very light, cautious, and non-intrusive approach to email subscribers. I know as a consumer and recipient of such emails myself that I resent very much being overloaded and will even cancel a subscription to a service that is otherwise of interest to me if I just get an endless bombardment of hard-sell emails. I learned a great deal from reading your article about all the features of these systems. I will read again as I need to understand how these packages work. Best regards. 

    • Hello Andy,

      Understand the importance of making the right decisions to join email providers for your business. Before recommending products, I carefully research and test the services out before recommending them. MailChimp is currently being tested on another website of mine, and still exploring the features. Once I am satisfied with my research will be updating the article 3 best email marketing services and a detailed review of MailChimp. 

  7. There are so many autoresponders out there and this makes it super difficult to choose the right one for your online business. The more you look the more you get confused. Your article lays out everything one needs to know about GetResponse and I absolutely love that. 

    I like that GetResponse has basic features that is vital for every small business and their email marketing and third party integrations sound great as well. However, I feel that their templates are way too basic and would love if they could add a few more complex features like the other autoresponders have like MailChip and HubSpot and AWeber. Even still, I really found your review of this important email tool extremely useful! So, Thank you for that!

    • Hello Sasha,

      Yes, there are many autoresponder services that makes it more timely process to choose the right one needed.  GetResponse is improving, before completely deciding on another email provider I would suggest trying their service out and look at the templates.

  8. The prices are quite affordable and since they allow 1000 email subscribers on a free account I guess I should try it out first but I hear a lot of people are quite satisfied with the services. Lately I have been thinking about getting people to subscribe to my email list, I hear that is quite a lot cash I’m leaving to waste. Thanks for this eye opening review on get response.

    • Hello Donny,

      Yes, when you do not have an email list, you are missing out on making money. As the saying is “money is the list”, and I can agree with this statement.  

  9. Good timing for me to find this article as I am currently researching different email marketing service providers and it’s a bit overwhelming. I feel like having a strong support option is key, as it’s very hurtful to progress when everything has to stop to wait on a return response from a support team. This is an important item for me, and I’m very thankful that you point this out as a negative feature for GetResponse. I’m still narrowing it down, but I appreciate the thorough review of the programs details!

    • Hello Aly,

      Yes, it can be overwhelming when trying to find the right email marketing platform to use with your business with so many email providers services in the industry. The support is still good if you like to wait on responses that are not automatic. Lots of people like to have one on one support immediately with phone support and others consider the live chat easier and more hands-on support easy to follow.

  10. I am interested isn seeing what Getresponse’s landing page builder is like. This is one of the weak areas in my marketing and I am hoping that there will be a helpful tutorial that would see me end up having a well converting landing page. Other than that, does Getresponse offer training on improving your email marketing and how to write good emails? I know of at least one other email provider that does so.

    • You mentioned learning to build better landing pages, this can be done with GetResponse. They even offer tips and training to teach you email marketing. Their article “How to Create a Landing Page for High Conversions in 7 Steps” might be of great use for you.


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