Fiverr Pro Services Discussion

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When searching for reliable experienced consultants to work on projects for you, it is important to get the pros as they have more expertise in the field.

In this Fiverr Pro Services Discussion, I will discuss and show you how to properly conduct your research before paying for services vs the original Fiverr projects that the consultants have little experience.

About Fiverr Pro

The Fiverr Pro program is experts who have years of experience in their chosen field with excellent review ratings. The Pros work with top tier clients on projects that push them to their limits and with excellence in interaction to complete the challenges.

The Pros have worked with many top brands around the world, like Payoneer, PayPal, Roche, Appsflyer and more. Look at PayPal for instance, they have been around for years and have well established business brand with the help of Fiverr Pros in their designs for professional logo.

Fiverr does not just qualify everyone has a pro; you must show your previous work within the past couple years along with your client examples of your work. Fiverr examines each applicant thoroughly that takes time to verify and show that the work is yours and not someone else’s.

Pros Vs Original Fiverr Sellers

Original Fiverr sellers that sell their services online are beginners or possible have years of experience in their fields but have not meet the Pro Status for approval. What does this mean? This does not mean to ignore the original Fiverr sellers, as they must learn to improve on their work.

If you decide to purchase from original seller, as their client you can still work with them by offering feedback on their services and the sellers will work hard to get your approval. As one satisfied client that leaves excellent feedback, is one step further to Pro Status.

Fiverr Pro Vs Original Pricing

There are big differences in the pricing of the projects. For instance, a company logo designed by a Pro can cost into the thousands and ones designed by Original Sellers cost much less. Let me show you an example!

Fiverr Pro Services Review

The image above is a Pro seller offering a basic logo design for $1,300! That might be considered to much for a basic logo design for any type of business or project. Now compare to orginal seller offering same service.

See the big price difference between the two sellers! Next ask yourself which price is suitable for a basic logo, $1,300 or $10?

Original Fiverr Sellers

Determine Project Based on Feedback!

One good thing about researching a seller to complete your project with Fiverr is the feedback system the clients leave. You can view their feedback to gain understanding of how well the sellers perform on their projects, did clients get what they ordered, and does the seller interact with the clients?

Looking at these same two examples provided for price, going to show you their feedback. The Fiverr Pro has only 7 Feedback reviews compared to the Fiverr Original Seller who has 343 5 Star Ratings with total 360 Reviews!

Fiverr Pro Feedback

Original Fiverr Seller Feedback

Even though the orginal Fiverr Seller has 14 4 star reviews and 3 3 star reviews, the overall rating is still good compared to the amount of work they have conducted with their clients.

If the original Fiverr Seller had all five star ratings they would be considered a Pro if they should go that route and charge more for their services.

Let me go deeper into the feedback system by reviewing why the clients left 3 star ratings. From the feedback not much detail on why the three star ratings.

Looks like one of the ratings should be a five star rating as stats “not bad service”, even the seller replied done the job and client left tip showing satisfaction with the work. The first 3 star rating just stated “everything was fine”, from my view point of these two feedback reviews the seller should have received higher ratings.

3 Star Ratings

Please leave your comments below about Fiverr Pro services!

Would you trust paying over $1,000 for basic logo design or $10?

Do you think Fiverr Pro sellers over charge for their services?

In your opinion is the feedback system fair?

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10 thoughts on “Fiverr Pro Services Discussion”

  1. Hi, Jannette,

    There are endless horror stories out there about Fiverr. I didn’t know they had a pro version. That sounds really interesting. I think I could use their services sometimes as I’m not too technical, and there are things I would leave to professionals.

    I suppose it would be impossible to say how much it costs, but could you give us a price range? I imagine it depends on the service requested. Also, does each freelancer establish his own rates, or does Fiverr limit him in that respect? I’d like to know.

    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your response.

    • Hello Enrique,
      The prices vary with Fiverr Pro depending on the service you are looking for and as a Pro seller, you can set your own rates. Honestly, if Fiverr sets the seller rates for their services that would not be fair as there are extremely talented people who should get paid more and let them set their own rates.

  2. Originally when Fivver started the price was $5. But now the price has gone up quite a bit, especially for the people that it been there for a while. Finding the Fivver pros can be difficult, that’s based on my experience when working with sellers. Even the one with the high ratings. I know a few people who’ve made a career out of working on Fivver, those are the ones that are the actual pros.

    • Hello Jagi,

      Yes, there are some making a full-time income online through Fiverr, which is good. During the research of services provided through Fiverr, found it difficult to find the Pros as they feature non-pros first. When a pro has very little feedback ratings, such as one shown in this article find it hard to believe they are a pro and the price is too much for basic logo design.

  3. I haven’t used the Fiverr yet so I really appreciate the information you have provided. I think that the pros over there are a bit too expensive, but since I have read that there were a lot of scams on Fiverr maybe going with pros is safer despite the price they charge. I will try it out if the need arises, but for now, I have been doing everything on my own. I think that one should be extra careful when outsourcing.

    • Hello Nenad,

      Yes, I have heard so many negative reviews about Fiverr sellers not doing good jobs on their projects, but in all honesty, if look at their reviews buyers say services are good. It makes me question if the reviews are honest or bought! I also think if need to buy a service like a web design or logos will go with pro services.

  4. Personally, I prefer this Fiverr pro better than the traditional Fiverr because a lot more that was lacking has actually been upgraded and this has given a lot more information and upgrade to the way that this operates thank you so much for sharing this post out here. In all honesty, if we can, I would want to rejoin Fiverr pro back. Thumbs up to you for this

    • Hello Phillip,

      Fiverr Pro is the best way to go when purchasing projects to be done, as you do not want to spend the extra time you do not have to correct other people’s work you paid for.

  5. I was considering hiring a writer for my blog using this platform, but I never new there was so much to consider before doing so. I really appreciate how you show the differences between the Fiver Pro and Originals Sellers. I will keep in mind your review if I ever decided to hire this writer. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Isabelle

      Not many go into detail about how to navigate the Fiverr market place when looking for sellers to work on projects for you. It is important to check ratings and feedback when buying services online. 


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