Elementor 2022 Complete Review: A Page Builder Worth a Shot or Not?

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Trying to decide whether Elementor is the perfect page builder for your website? Keep reading to figure that out in this extensive updated Elementor review 2022.

Elementor 2022 Complete Review


Building a high-quality and functional website isn’t as straightforward as some claim. Finding a domain and hosting, adding a suitable theme, creating the proper structure, and choosing an easy-to-use page builder—one needs to make several decisions vital to the website’s overall performance. However, selecting a suitable page builder is the most crucial aspect of website development (in our honest opinion). Believe it or not, it’s a decision that frustrates newbies the most! Therefore, we want you to check out Elementor.

“Elementor page builder plugin is one of the best WordPress page builders out theresuccessfully maintaining an incredible 4.7-star rating with over 6,000 reviews!” (Source: WordPress)

In this updated review, we’ll show why you need to drop everything and hold Elementor’s hand to develop a successful website in 2022. Here’s what we’ll cover:

We know how important your website is to you. So, let’s dig in to understand how Elementor functions to deliver a high-quality website in no time.

What is the Elementor Page Builder?

Elementor is a visual drag-and-drop page builder plugin that helps your WordPress site look just the way YOU want. You can design your website content to make it suitable for your audience, eliminate all navigation-related confusions, and design the entire website using a high-quality drag-and-drop editor. All this, without having to type in a single line of code. In other words, Elementor helps you design a WordPress website without coding or hiring a developer.

What are the benefits of using Elementor?

With more than 10 million active installations and over 55 languages, Elementor easily ranks as the most popular WordPress page builder of all time. Elementor can be your go-to page builder for its ability to deliver high-end page design and advanced-level functionalities. Indeed, we will discuss the top features in the upcoming sections. But, let’s throw some light on the core things that make Elementor invincible.

  • You have more than a hundred pre-designed templates and more than three hundred blocks to choose from. Hence, customization on Elementor is guaranteed!
  • Wondering if your website will run smoothly on all devices? Elementor offers website designs that load quickly on mobile devices and ensure mobile responsiveness across all pages.
  • Made a mistake during customization? Easily undo/redo the changes to make website design editing comfortable. You can even check the revision history to restore the changes.
  • Elementor comes with a built-in maintenance mode and more than a hundred widgets as primary offerings. This makes the website designing experience quite flexible.

Top Elementor features that make website designing easier

Elementor Features

Elementor sounds promising, doesn’t it? Believe us; this world-class page builder delivers as well. Now that you are convinced about Elementor’s growing presence among website designers, let’s discuss the core features of this multi-layered WordPress page builder.

Here are the top features that make Elementor simply the best online WordPress page-builder of all time:

Theme builder

Know no code? That makes two of us! Elementor page builder plugin helps build WordPress pages and themes without coding. Thanks to the Theme Builder feature, you can create custom templates to replace the fixed WordPress templates. Elementor’s visual editor provides endless customization options and makes it easier to have different layouts for a certain part of the theme.

Drag and drop LIVE editor

Page editing on Elementor is fun, especially with the drag-and-drop LIVE editor. The feature allows you to add flexibility to the page editing process since all the changes to the page are perfectly streamlined. The LIVE editor is designed to maximize the layout controls and instantly show the effect of changes on the site.

Easy Finder

Elementor comes with an Easy Finder. The feature is quite helpful as it functions just like a search engine. The Easy Finder does an excellent job of searching and finding the pages and elements within your website. All you have to do is type in the word in the box, and Elementor will give you access.

Elementor Review

Responsive editing

We personally find Elementor quite helpful when we are on the go. There are times when you have to make changes to the site and can’t find a desktop computer nearby. To back you in such situations, Elementor added the responsive editing feature. It allows one to access live editing features even on smartphones and tablets!

One-page website design

One-page website designs are pretty much in. And designing single-page websites with the Elementor page builder (WordPress) plugin is easier than ever. You can quickly ensure easy navigation with click to scroll, add videos and other media through links, and make the most of features like lightbox overlay, inline elements, FontAwesome, and more.

Recommended Video:


Check out this Elementor page builder tutorial to get your Elementor basics right in just 10 minutes!

Reusable element

We love Elementor because it has our backs all the time. You will often come across situations where while customizing a part or element, you will realize that the part isn’t fitting like you thought it would. What should you do? Should you scrap the part and start working on it from scratch? Deleting the part or element isn’t a wise decision. With Reuse Elementor, you can quickly save the part and reuse it in a future design.

Custom CSS filters

Indeed, you don’t have to deal with CSS to create a beautiful and functional website on Elementor. However, Elementor allows you to implement CSS features and create a completely unique website. You can add custom CSS to every element that you add to your website. You can access Custom CSS under the Advanced tab on the settings panel.

Pop-up builder

Popup Builder, an Elementor Pro feature, allows you to create beautiful and effective popups for your website. Most importantly, you can add them without having to code. Elementor provides over a hundred ready-made popup templates that can be used for email marketing campaigns, cookie consents, notifications, and more.

Custom fields/icons/fonts

Customization is key to Elementor’s supremacy in the page-building market. It supports custom fonts that can be added in the WOFF, WOFF2, TTF, SVG, and EOT formats. Elementor is also compatible with custom field plugins like Pods, Advanced Custom Fields, Toolset, JetEngine, and more. Moreover, you can leverage the rich icon library or upload a set of icons through the Custom Icons tab in Elementor.

Third-party integrations

Lastly, Elementor boasts of its ability to provide an extensive range of third-party integrations. GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, MailerLite, ConvertKit, MailPoet, MailChimp, Drip, Slack, Discord, and HubSpot—Elementor ensures easy integration with such valuable platforms. In other words, you can comfortably add a form, create email marketing campaigns, and stay connected to your social media handles using the Elementor page builder (WordPress) plugin.

What are Elementor Page Builder Plugin pricing plans in 2022?

Elementor page builder (WordPress) plugin comes with both free and paid (Pro) plans. You can get started with Elementor for free as it requires no credit card during sign-up. However, you will only be able to use the basic widgets and templates. The free version of Elementor comes with five website kits, 30+ basic widgets, hello theme, 30+ basic templates, and responsive editing and design. Here is the complete list of features that are available across the free, pro, and website plans.

Elementor Pricing

At the time of writing this Elementor page builder plugin review, the pricing of the Pro plans was as follows. The pricing mentioned is for the Essential, Expert, Studio, and Agency categories in the Pro plan.

Who needs to buy Elementor Pro?

The answer to this question depends entirely on what you want from your website. Let’s say you only need to build a website with basic styled pages and functions. Maybe you only need to add some style to your blog posts or create basic landing pages. In such cases, we suggest you go for Elementor’s free version. Why? Elementor is the only page builder in the market that offers the most feature-rich free version.

However, building core website pages or a full-fledged website requires advanced features and functionalities. We recommend using Elementor Pro only for people who need to add advanced elements and want extra control over the website’s functionality. Elementor Pro comes with an advanced Theme Builder, a wide range of marketing elements, and more design options.

Final thoughts!

Feeling confident? We bet you do. After all, this updated 2022 review aimed to show how easy it is to build a website with a feature-full page builder like Elementor. We believe Elementor is one of the best WordPress page builders, especially for business owners or bloggers new to website development.

It nails the basics of page building with core features and an interface that makes one’s website pop—helping you beat the competition with just a few clicks! Do you have any questions about Elementor? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll help you make a solid, informed decision! Also, don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog.



4 thoughts on “Elementor 2022 Complete Review: A Page Builder Worth a Shot or Not?”

  1. Hi there, being able to use a plugin to build website pages, makes it so much easier and quicker. I have been looking at page builder options and heard a lot of good things about Elementor, so it is great to find this review. It is certainly full of many valuable features and it is very important that it has all the third party integrations as well. 

    The fact that one can start with a free version, means one can give it a try and if needs be, then upgrade to the paid plans. Thanks for sharing a very helpful review. 

    • Yes, Elementor does offer many features that their competitors don’t offer as many. I loved the fact they offer a free trial for users and then if they like can upgrade to their choice of plan. The Elementor WordPress Plugin is awesome and I use daily. 

  2. Elementor is great with lots of useful features, Elementor Pro is reasonably priced but its not for everyone. For one thing I found that it slows down your site quite a bit, also there is a bit of a learning curve if you are a beginner but that is just how it is when your trying something new. Overall its great and Elementor helps to simplify complicated tasks.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Champ, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I found Elementor easy to use with no trouble, think the slowness of your website depends on how many other plugins you have downloaded. Elementor has many features through the use of their WordPress plugin service where you don’t need all those plugins that you probably got downloaded. However, everyone has different opinions. 


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