Detailed Trade Juice Review-Is It Scam

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How does one become a successful forex trader? We have several answers to this question, but for the sake of time, we will focus on only one; namely, choosing a reliable provider of trading signals.

Among experienced traders as well as new traders, Trade Juice has recently been gaining traction in the FX signal industry. Some people praise the system for its accuracy and ease of use. However, others have their own reservations.

I wonder, however, what the real truth is about this signal provider? Here’s what we found after reviewing their services in-depth.

The rise of systems like Trade Juice


Retail trading has grown in popularity over the past few years. Previously, you had to master trading currency pairs to succeed on the markets. However, new trading instruments have emerged in recent years, providing powerful options other than the usual ones. The days when custom indicators were enough to get the job done are long gone. Today, only a strong system with complex algorithms can cope with these changes. This is why Trade Juice has been developed. In fact, if used properly, they can help you avoid the hassles of day trading and focus on making the right decisions.


In simple terms, this is a highly advanced trading signal service that aims to give you exact entry and exit points (along with the right timeframes) for winning trades. You can use it to make trading income in the shortest amount of time regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader.

Signals are refreshed every fifteen minutes and the interface is highly user-friendly. This is one of the factors that contribute to the time-saving capabilities of this software.

Nikola Delic runs Trade Juice, which is based on algorithms and techniques that the company has developed over the years.

According to the developers, you can make $100,000-600,000 a year with this platform. Moreover, you can achieve these profits without having to deal with charts and indicators, which can be stressful for some.

Whether you are trading forex, crypto, commodities, or indices, this platform will ensure that you make great profits.

Generally, we can say that this service offers a lot of simplicity. There is no need for additional software or complicated calculations. Furthermore, you could even start trading without a computer, only requiring a smartphone near you.

Moreover, with an accuracy rate of 65-75%, chances are high that most of your trades will result in profit (winning trades). You have no reason to worry about going wrong with this service.

How It Works

How Trade Juice Works


Trade Juice is a cloud-based integration of proprietary algorithms designed to achieve a high level of efficiency. Each pip, candle, and trend is calculated in different markets simultaneously with the goal of providing lucrative trades and setups.

Among the trading channels covered by this system are:

  • Over 26 currency pairs are covered by Forex

  • Indices such as the S&P 500 and DAX

  • Gold and silver, for example, are commodities

  • Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.

We like that this service is available 24/7 and that it updates its ‘Hot Trades’ list every hour.

It does this by scanning all sectors of the market to ensure that it does not miss any juicy trades.

After providing you with a ‘hot trade’ signal, the service goes on to provide you with every vital component you will need to place a trade effortlessly and quickly. This is one area where this platform outperforms other services on the market.

This service is a no-brainer in every way. All you need to do is follow the directions since it includes entry, exit, and profit targets, as well as the general market trend.

Simply open the trades, set your targets, and wait for them to close, hopefully in your favor.

It should be noted that…

To summarize, you need to identify a setup within the members’ area to use this system. Once you have this information, you head to your usual trading platform and open the trade as suggested.

You can use this service on all modern trading platforms thanks to its compatibility. Therefore, integrating with your broker shouldn’t be a problem.

Benefits of Trade Juice

Benefits of Trade Juice


You might be wondering what the service will offer once you invest in it. There are plenty of things you can get out of it.

For example, the “Hot Trade” signals are a good feature that helps you stay on top of the latest, high potential buy/sell positions.

From our experience, Trade Juice is also designed in a way that’s simple enough for beginners to understand and yet tough enough for aggressive traders to thrive.

The platform’s cloud integration makes it one of the most sensitive and accurate trading systems you can find. It takes you only two clicks to access all the data you need from the system


You will also receive the following services from Trade Juice:

  • How much you will gain versus how much risk you will take

  • Buying or selling is the ideal direction for trading

  • You should target a profit price

  • The currency pair, cryptocurrency, commodity, or index with the highest probability of success

  • How to maximize profits and minimize risks when you enter the market

  • Put your stop-loss here to protect your investment if things don’t work out

Observations suggest that this is not a typical signal service. By making it easier for first-time users, the experts behind it have gone a step further. Moreover, this tool boasts an above-average level of accuracy, which means it will give you a shot in the arm when you need it the most.

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Here is the Educational Section

You can always learn something new in the stock market world. Therefore, the developers included an educational section to boost your trading knowledge. You can find various webinar recordings covering a variety of topics that may interest you as a trader.

If you are a beginner, you will appreciate the various videos guiding you.

In terms of pricing

There are four trading channels that the service offers (forex, commodities, indices, and crypto). Each channel costs $1188 per year. All four channels cost $4572 per year. Although the price may seem steep, when you consider the possibilities, it turns out to be a reasonable price.

It is good to know that you do not have to pay this full amount. As a welcome gift, the company will give you an 89.1% discount. That means you will pay only $499 for the four channels.

Finally, the product is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with what the service offers, you’ll be able to get a full refund. Consequently, you’re not taking any risks.

Who is it best suited to?

Traders who want to make it big in the market in the shortest time possible will appreciate what this service has to offer. You will find this platform to be very useful whether you deal with cryptos, forex, or indices.

The software provides you with ‘hot trades’ signals so that you can make winning trades easily. Beginners and experts alike would have an easy time using this system due to how easy it is to navigate.



  • Easy to navigate and place trades

  • There is no need for additional software or indicators

  • No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, it works

  • Trading takes on a whole new dimension

  • Works around the clock and is portable

  • Achieves an accuracy of 65-75%

  • Profits of 4 to 5% per week on average


  • You may have to wait a while before you see the profits that the platform promises

  • Requires stable internet connectivity, which is not available to everyone


In conclusion

If you had any questions about Trade Juice, we hope our review has answered them. Based on our analysis, you can see that the service was designed to make it easy for you to make winning trades.

There is no need for software or complicated math, and you will likely be on your way to making a killing in no time.

We highly recommend this system to anyone looking to add more gas to their trading strategy.


10 thoughts on “Detailed Trade Juice Review-Is It Scam”

  1. Thank you for helping us decide about Trade Juice. I have been looking at several reviews but yours has been the most through. I will not deny that i am intimidated with trading. But having Trade Juice’s help to build winning trades is priceless. I am wondering why I have been so so anxious about everything related to trading.

  2. In this day and age, there are so many different programs for you to try out, weather it be online marketing or trading. My question to you is what makes this program different from its competition and is it worth investing your time in? We all want the best of the best so if this is it then I will be sure to join 

    • Hello Daniel, Personally I find Trade Juice a little to expensive and after careful research, many people use the service and are very happy with their outcome. 

  3. I love the highlights here in this review for which if one follows them carefully will not lose but
    gain profit. Trade juice is a new innovation to help traders gain high level of accuracy and
    it’s easy to use.It has sorted out the issues which allows only the strong systems with
    complex algorithms to cope with changes, but with it the traders can make right decisions.
    The essence of every business is to make profit, here it’s assured that whether you’re
    trading forex, crypto, commodities or indices that the platform will make you great profit.
    The only slag point here which to me is non issue is that you have to wait. For every business
    out there, there must be waiting period, therefore I highly recommend this for sure profit maximization.

  4. I have heard about this platform before on many occasions and from what I have heard it seems to be worth the investment, trading is a great way to make top dollars but it calls for some knowing how. I have never understood how to trade even though I know of the great benefits. Thanks so much for a great review and simplify how trade juice works.

    • Thanks for your comment Norman. Yes, Trade Juice has been around for many years and I never understood the trading concept and why this service costs so much. After extensive research come to understand the concept Trade Juice is offering. 

  5. i have been scammed on the net and I really find reviews like this very important and pivotal. I have heard about trade juice before bit never in this much detail, it was really nice learning that trade juice is really a great platform. Thank you so much for putting this out here I really appreciate this and would sign up immediately

    • Yes, there are many reviews out there that do not explain everything and are only after sale. I also have been scammed a lot by taking of the word of the review of promising to work lead into spending lots of money, that is not cool. 


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