ClickBank University Review 2020

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This is a Clickbank University Review for 2020 that has piqued the interest of many individuals from just the name. Most individuals get even more fascinated by this offer after learning that it can help you launch your digital life and run a successful online business. Yet this is not everything you should learn about this program.

Click bank University offers courses on how to start and make money with affiliate products. However, does it convert, or is it just like other training that only teaches you how to set up landing pages and email sequences?

This is an up to date review of this training program, and I will highlight, among other things, pros and cons. If you read the report to the end, you will know whether it is the right training program for you or not.

ClickBank University Review

What is Clickbank University?

It is a series of online training courses primarily focused on teaching both vendors and affiliate marketers on how to use Click bank to promote digital products. Newbies can also learn how to become affiliate marketers from scratch. The classes give an over 8-week period, and information is mainly disseminated using videos. The company was created in 2013 and upgraded to version 2.0 in 2016.

Veteran affiliate marketers are well acquainted with Click bank as it’s a popular marketplace for selling digital products. Click bank University, however, specializes in coaching people on how to create digital products and use online platforms to make a profit from them.

Digital products can be online classes, training videos, eBooks, or others. They can also be on any subject, from comic to fashion to art, dance, and even cooking.

Clickbank University

Clickbank University: Review of Training and Tools

The program at Click bank University was created after 17 years of research and taking the experience form Click bank. As already said, click bank is a leading marketplace for digital products. It has paid out over 3 billion dollars in commission to date and sold 300 million-plus digital products. So, it’s safe to say that it’s an excellent resource for designing a training course.

The lessons at Click bank University are unlocked every week – sorry extremely eager and impatient you who wants to skip through experience ten or do a crush program. If you must open a lesson before their designated time, then you must submit a ticket.

The training is given through easy to follow videos and supplementary PDF’s presented by Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz. Why I say the videos are easy to follow is because they’re only 3 to 5 minutes long. This means your concentration mainly will be at its peak the whole time, and you’ll get most of the information (tons of quality ones) by the end of every video. Some of the topics discussed include:

· How to come up with a great product

· Creating a Click Bank seller avatar

· Creating a sales page/landing page and funnel

· Creating a Video Sales Letter

· Packaging your product and putting it up on Click bank

· Slip testing your landing pages

· Knowing your traffic sources

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Yes, in your first week, you’ll get the feeling of being in a university. You’ll be orientated to the CBU training program through 5 short videos.

Clickbank University

Affiliate Marketing Training – 8 Weeks

CBU was updated to version 2.0, which has two major sections. The first is an 8-weeks training on how to be an affiliate marketer on Click Bank. This course will basically teach you how to earn money (commission) from marketing other people’s products. Listen, you don’t need to have your own product for this.

Basically, the topics covered in this training include things like

· Researching and brainstorming your passion for finding the niche that best suits you.

· How to create a digital product

· How to advance your Click bank business

· Getting affiliates to promote your products

· How to create a squeeze page/landing page

· Tips for driving traffic to your landing page

· How to create a sales funnel

· Creating a customer avatar on Click bank

Both pieces of training are given by gurus who have sold products worth thousands, maybe millions of dollars on Click bank. But I guess once you become a veteran, you become more of a resource for intermediates and less for beginners. That’s why vendors will really appreciate this course as they’ll be able to acquire lots of insider skills and knowledge. This course is also given on a weekly step-by-step basis through videos and “carry home” PDFs.

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

Private CBU Facebook Group

One of the sources of support you’ll have access to once you begin your training at CBU is their private Facebook group and the CBU forum. There’s a decent amount of activity in the group, and group members are actively engaged most times. Mostly it’s the trainees driving the discussions, but sometimes Adam or Justin (or both) will join.

Live Q&A Webinar (Weekly) with Adam and Justin

Another useful support when taking up CBU courses is the weekly webinar (class) offered by Justin and Adam. This is a live discussion when you get a chance to ask questions or hear other member’s problems and how the trainers respond. The best part about their live Q and A webinar is that it’s recorded so you can listen to it at your own time.

Although it’s just members asking random questions, sometimes even after you’re done with the course, you’ll realize the questions asked during the webinars give you more clarification on specific parts – so yes, maybe you shouldn’t cancel your membership immediately after completing the course.

ClickBank University Toolkit (Upsell)

This is a useful resource for most tools you’ll need for your online business successfully. Some of these are social media tools, Email Service Provider (ESP) and your website domain. Ordinarily, you could just search Google, and you’ll arrive at different vendors for these, but the advantage of using the links in the CBU toolkit is you’ll be able to purchase from legit vendors at a friendlier price.

ClickBank Builder 2.0 (Upsell)

This is a new product that you will learn after you join CBU training. It’s a professional drag-and-drop tool for creating landing pages, websites, and offer pages. The catch 22 with this tool is it costs a hefty $594. You can pay this in two installments of $297, and since it comes with advantages such as the ability to integrate with Click Bank, you may consider purchasing it.

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Pros and Cons of Click bank University


· High-quality videos.

· Teaches you how to launch your life online literally.

· Webinar and forums allow you to interact with trainers and other learners.

· You can use the Click Bank platform to create affiliate sites (only purchase a domain name).

· Have site builders and offer free hosting.


· Lack of advanced training for affiliate marketing.

· There’s a hindrance for people who want to breeze through the lessons because, except for weeks 1-3, you must submit a ticket to unlock the other experiences.

· It gives more attention to vendors compared to affiliate marketers.

· The training focuses on using the Click Bank Builder 2.0 so you may feel disadvantaged if you don’t purchase the tool (which by the way you are told is not a requirement)

Is Clickbank University worth Your Investment?

Click bank University has legit training courses and real coaches that can help you launch your line online. The course is for both a person who is only interested in learning affiliate marketing (has no products) and a person with products who only wants to sell online.

To say it in everyday language, CBU is the best option available online for anyone who wants to create their digital product. So, if you think you have a particular skill or product idea, you should check out CBU. You could also just start by being an affiliate marketer; you can be surprised by how much you earn from commissions.

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