ClickBank Pro Ads Review 2022

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

I am so thrilled to write this review about CB Pro Ads after using myself to generate income from my blog or simply promoting my affiliate links directly to niche websites included with CB Pro Ads.

Most reviews of CB Pro Ads lead you on and do not include the truth along with tr

trying to sell you other services not associated with CB Pro Ads.

Founders: Tim and Eileen Barber

Year: 1998

Purchase Options

Free or Pro

ClickBank Pro Ads Review 2020

Here is what is included with Pro Account which is a one-time payment of $34.95 for a limited time with absolutely no rebilling!

Clickbank Ad Rotator

  1. 1. Contextual Ads
  2. 2. iPhone Widget Ads
  3. 3. Widget Ads
  4. 4. Sliding Box Ads
  5. 5. Scrolling Ads
  6. 6. List Image Ads
  7. 7. Block Image Ads
  8. 8. Carousel Ads
  9. 9. Banner Ads
  10. 10. Link Unit Ads

ClickBank Affiliate Storefronts

  1. 1. ClickBank Affiliate Main Storefronts
  2. 2. ClickBank Affiliate Niche Storefronts

ClickBank Storefront WordPress Plugins

  1. 1. WordPress Plugin for Clickbank Main Storefronts
  2. 2. WordPress Plugin for Niche Storefronts

Your Main ClickBank Affiliate Link to CBProAds.

ClickBank Pro Ads Review 2020

With your main ClickBank Pro Ads referral link can direct your readers to purchase their own membership directly.

ClickBank largest Affiliate Network

You’re looking for an opportunity that will help you earn money online, then look at the income potential that you can make with ClickBank. You can earn between 50 to 70 percent commission on each sale for all ClickBank products.

ToolKit to Making Money with ClickBank

ClickBank pays millions of dollars to their affiliates each year. However, the tools are very limited directly through ClickBank, where most are only offer long Website Link to promote the products. This is where the use of ClickBank Pro Ads comes in, by being the only site that provides a range of different marketing tools to ClickBank affiliates.

ClickBank Pro Ads tools like storefronts, ad rotator, and the WordPress plugins are known as the very best tools available to improve your income as an affiliate with the ClickBank network. After careful research and testing of ClickBank Pro Ads, I have increased my commission earnings by 200% with the use of these tools and you can too.

Reasons why ClickBank Pro Ads is the Best

  • Trusted by 98,000 plus members since its launch
  • Provide the highest number of tools to their members!
  • Free or Premium Memberships
  • Display redefined titles and descriptions of products
  • Removal of expired domains or products
  • Cover images and banners provided.
  • Updates daily automatically

Product Ad Rotators

This tool is incredibly lucrative and is an alternative to Google Adsense. Most new affiliates cannot get approved for Google Adsense and the ones that do only make small pennies per click, however when you promote products from Clickbank and get pay per sale that can be up to $75 on each sale. Just a few lines of code will display the newest ClickBank ads on your site with your ClickBank ID embedded.

Own A Storefront Fast

Do not have a website or WordPress blog, that is okay you can use the provided storefronts provided that are pre-configured. This is a great option if you’re new without having to bother with technical details. Choose from one of the five affiliate storefronts.

Version 5 Newest Instant Store

Look how beautiful this site looks that is automatically provided to you, all you will need to do is drive traffic to your affiliate link.

Niche Storefronts

If your one that already has a niche chosen and just likes to promote products around your niche can choose one of the premade sites that includes more than 20 niche storefronts.


Get started now with ClickBank Pro Ads

WordPress Plugins

With the use of the ClickBank Pro Ads plugin, you can integrate online storefront with your website or WordPress blog in just a few steps. You will just simply install the plugin and forget about the technical maintenance, everything related to updates are done automatically.

Need a WordPress Site

If you need a WordPress site can get one Free at Wealthy Affiliate. You can even build client websites with the use of ClickBank Pro Ads plugins and Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

Also, Read-Basics of Getting Started with Wealthy Affiliate.

Another Great Read- Why Keyword Research is Important in SEO.

The Keyword tool discussed in the article to read “Why Keyword Research is Important in SEO” is a tool provided to you with your Wealthy Affiliate Membership.



37 thoughts on “ClickBank Pro Ads Review 2022”

  1. I was looking into ads and stumbled across your review. The niche websites look kind of outdated to me. Do you know if they have upgraded the look of the websites over time? I realize that this is a product that was launched in 1998. 

    The product being online and available for so long proves it’s not a scam, but the biggest question is, did they upgrade to keep up with the times?

    Additionally, I was told by a friend that some kinds of ads have very low conversion rates, which is why I’m a bit hesitant and trying to do more research. What has been the conversion rate of these ads?

    Thank you. I’m awaiting your response.

    • The niche websites are updated regularly with updated products automatically without you having to take time to weed through each product yourself. The design templates used in the niche websites can be used as-is or you can design your own website with better-looking templates. It is a one-time charge that lasts a lifetime, an excellent opportunity service to use on many sites you like and can use to build better-looking sites. There are some ads that are low conversion rates, this is where you use Keyword Research tools and blog from Wealthy Affiliate to get creative. 

      • I see. I was looking at the storefronts and thought that you could only choose from the ones available. I didn’t know you could re-design them. If that’s the case, then CB Pro Ads looks a lot better. Thank you for your help.

  2. Thank you so much for this awesome review! I really enjoyed reading this and finding an alternative to Adsense, as I don’t care too much for Adsense. I have a Clickbank account already and I think this would be great for my site! The fact that there is only a one time fee helps a lot too, as reoccurring payments can get expensive if you are just starting out. 

    • Hello Jessie,

      You are absolutely correct, reoccurring payments can get expensive if just starting out. The one-time charge is pretty reasonable. . 

  3. Thanks a lot for summarizing such an amazing review about ClickBank Pro Ads. I was trying to build an affiliate program to make some passive income. I found on the internet different websites with fake information and scams. You put here the perfect option for making money with this ClickBank Pro Ads. You have put here some very helpful steps that can be useful for anyone who wants to create an online business through a blog. After I see your review, I think ClickBank Pro Ads is a popular affiliate marketplace that can help me earn a Legitimate Online Income. And I’ll try this method. Thanks for sharing. My best wishes will be always with you.

    • Hello Sabrina,

      To build a program affiliate program would be different from the ClickBank Pro Ads. You can use the ClickBank Pro Ads to build client websites for anyone who does not have time to build their websites. 

  4. I am really surprised with this! I have just recently signed up with Clickbank but I’m still a little lost about how the whole system works. I have seen some ads about Clickbank university, is that worth it? Thanks to your review I’m going to check out this great system and try it out for myself and see what the results are. If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been using it? 

    • Hello Stephanie,

      ClickBank University is about the same as Wealthy Affiliate teaching you how to run your affiliate business, except you do not have free websites. For the Click Bank Pro Ads have been using for three months now, helps you be able to display ads around your niche. 

  5. This is a great review of click bank pro ads and while I had not heard of this program before I have to say that this is one of the best programs I have heard of that actually works. Do you think that clickbank pro ads is worth it to you and how has it changed your lifestyle for blogging?

    • Hello Jon,

      ClickBank Pro Ads has changed my lifestyle for my blogs, as can set keywords to match my niche to only display ads associated with a specific category. 

  6. There’s always room for any tool that makes my job as an affiliate marketer easier. I have to say though, even if this is the case with me, I still take time to carry out the necessary due diligence. It was no different with Cb pro ads. When I first heard of it, I was skeptical. But that soon crystallized into belief the moment I researched further. The program has been around for a while. I personally find two of the features really appealing. The first is the one-time access fee to the program. For the value on offer, I think $35 is fair. Secondly, with the help of cb pr ads, you don’t even need a website to start earning.

    Great post 

    • Hello Rhain,

      Just like with any website, product or service trust is a must. The Clickbank pro ads built their trust for years now and still growing trust. The one time charge of $35 for life, is not that bad. This $35 charge can be earned in no time simply by promoting the prebuilt websites already made. 

  7. Thank You for writing this. It has helped me understand how to make full use of my website. Easy to read and understand it took some of the guessing out of the way. I do have a question. I do have a Click Bank account, will their be a charge for adding a niche store front  to my website? Thank You.

    • Hello Zack

      There is a one-time charge of $35 which is a lifetime, never have to pay anything again. You only have to pay this one time charge to add the storefront to an existing website. 

  8. Hey thanks for the article on cb pro ads, im thinking of purchasing it but have questions about the websites… so you don’t need to pay anything after purchasing pro and you get set up affiliate niche website that you can promote via paid advertising?

    • Hello Johnathan
      You only purchase the pro membership one time to use all the services and make commissions off ClickBank products. The choice is yours if want to purchase PPC adverts with search engines.

  9. ClickBank is a well known platform. But I haven’t dived into ClickBank ads yet so that’s why I have been researching about it these past days. I initially thought I would just go free. But after giving it some careful consideration, I have arrived to the conclusion that ClickBank Pro Ads is better for me! Thank you very much for this review.

    • Hello Abel,

      I do recommend the ClickBank Pro Ads for the Pro version instead of the Free version. The free version you use the prebuilt sites provided and with pro version you can edit, design and build multiple sites with just one life-time fee. 

  10. Excellent review on ClickBank Pro Ads here. I was just thinking to myself this morning what might be the best and cheapest way for those with websites to advertise their products. As such, I’m glad to have come across your post. Most time bloggers on the opposite side, advertising other’s products, and they might forget about advertising their own product. With ClickBank Pro Ads I like that it’s been around for a while and is trusted, that it offers free and premium memberships, banners are provided and updates are done daily, especially. $34.95 for the Pro Account sounds very reasonable, and I’ll check out this product further through your link. Thanks for an outstanding recommendation on ad placement!

    • Hello Pentrental,

      Thanks for taking the time to write your comment concerning ClickBank Pro Ads. The one-time charge of $34.95 is very reasonable and with this service, you can still build design your website to your liking. 

  11. Thank you for this eye-opening post.

    It looks like ClickBank Pro Ads would be a great addition to my site.  I like the ability to set keywords and just get adds that are relevant to my website.

    Do you happen to have any comparison data on similar sites with about the same traffic using Google AdSense vs ClickBank Pro Ads?  I was just wondering if there was a way to see the various statistics.

    I have Google AdSense on one of my sites now and I haven’t made much considering the time it’s been running.  I’d love to have a solution that pays a bit more.

    I’ll be looking further into this.

    Thanks again,


    • Hello Scott, I Agree that ClickBank Pro Ads can be a great addition to your website. I am currently working on Satistics graph to update this review. 

  12. Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article .I’ve been working online for quite some time but I have no idea about Click Bank .Although I recently signed up for Click Bank .But I have no idea about the whole system .ClickBank Pro is a great review of ads. And I’ve never heard of a program that works so well. How it changes the lifestyle for blogging? And how valuable these bank pro ads can be? I’m going to verify this system and will wait for the results .

    • Hello Shanta,

      Please research find out more before signing up and try the free version to determine if the pro version is better. 

  13. Hello Jannette, thank you for taking out your time to share your ClickBank Pro Add review based on your research, personal experience and opinions. I have read some reviews of this product before and they speak so well about the product and I definitely love it. But I am very much amazed to see that CB Pro Ads increased your earnings by 200%! I love ClickBank and I’d consider this amazing tool once I launch!

    Peace out!

    • Hello MrBiizy, There are lots of reviews concerning ClickBank Pro Ads and this one was written from my experience with the use on multiple websites I have built through Wealthy Affiliate. 

  14. Hi Jannette,

    ClickBank really went above and beyond expectations with the new CB Pro Ads, the biggest fear of any beginner or intermediate level affiliate marketer is to create a website or storefront to start their online business.

    The fact that CB Pro Ads provides a fully integrated storefront gives the affiliate marketer the flexibility to focus on bringing traffic in instead of wasting time on coding and development of the blog/storefront.

    Your suggestion of Wealthy Affiliate is also spot on, I use WA myself and I can say it is the best!



  15. I know alot about click bank although I signed  not too long but a shirt time I discovered thar the clickbank university has  similar properties with wealthy affiliate teaching…so it really helped me understand alot a short period of for the click bank pro ads they help you display about your niche on your website.

    • Hello Feji,

      I also researched ClickBank University found that this program is very similar to Wealthy Affiliate, however, there is a big difference in the platform and what they offer. ClickBank Pro Ads can purchase the program for one time lifetime fee and user on your websites build through Wealthy Affiliate program or websites own outside through another hosting provider. 

  16. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article and I have learned many important information about Click Bank through this article. I’ve been working online for quite some time but I never knew about ClickBank before and found out through your article. Clickbank reviews are very important for adds. And you’ve discussed the benefits of advertising in ClickView reviews, and I hope that everyone who works with ClickBank will benefit greatly, and I will be working with ClickBank soon and will share my experience with you very soon. But my question to you if I am blogging through Clickbank is how important it will be to my lifestyle.

    • Hello Arzu

      Your question about blogging through Clickbank is how important it fits lifestyle. Does this mean your blog is about lifestyles?  No one blogs directly through Clickbank, you pick a niche category and implement them into your blog with use of ClickBank Pro Ads. As mentioned in the article can obtain a free blog here at Wealthy Affiliate

  17. I’ve try CB before joining WA. I was as confused about it after all the videos and training as before the training. The training at WA as you know is very informative and easy to understand. Did you buy the click bank builder also? I haven’t try the Pro Ads though how is it? have you start seeing income? 

    • Hello Michael,

      Wealthy Affiliate does offer the best training courses to making money as an affiliate marketer. I tried ClickBank Pro Ads as a Free member but never made a sale for a month and upgraded to Premium by purchasing the software for a one-time charge. The benefit of buying the software is not having your affiliate links stolen, by directing them where to buy instead of clicking on the link in your review. Images are what attract people to click and in return leads to sales. 

  18. Very interesting thanks for sharing this review of  ClickBank Pro Ads. It sounds like there are a lot of reasons that  it’s a good platform to use and I like the  way you  show the differeence between the free version and pro version. Would you say there are any negatives  about using this?

    • Hello Mike,

      No after using this ClickBank Ads Pro do not have any negative aspects however this could change as new programs are developed. 


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