Choosing The Best Niche for Your Blog

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Choosing The Best Niche For Your Blog

You love the idea of starting your blog, but you are not sure what to write about. Maybe you have an idea, but you are not sure if it will work for you.

If you are saying yes, you are not alone, choosing a niche is the hardest part of starting a blog and can make all the technical stuff seem easy as pie.

You might find a lot of them in mind or cannot choose just one for starters.

No matter what is holding you back, I am here to help you narrow it down to just one perfect niche for your blog.

You will learn three questions you need to answer to come up with a niche that you can grow with, stick with, and monetize later.

If you are still struggling with how to come up with a blog niche, I will share some tips for starting from ground zero along with great blog ideas to help with your decisions.

Why you need a niche?

The purpose of a blog is to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. So you ask why can’t you share your thoughts and ideas as they come to your mind?

No internet police will come back break down your door if you do not stick to your single niche. They’re also people who have found success with a more scattered approach.

This is an issue lots of time:

Your readers are not guaranteed to be interested in every topic you love. If you can make yourself a topic of the blog, it is hard to build an audience that way.

If you stick to just one topic niche, you are guaranteed to get people interested in on your posts and have an interest in all your other content associated with that niche.

A Niche

Not everyone knows what a niche is, which is a specific topic you will write about on your blog.

If you like to get additional training on choosing a niche, I recommend the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate founder Kyle “Choose a Niche.”

One of the first blogs I worked on was a Product Review website, called However, even though the website drew in readers that converted to buyers, the traffic and sales were slow. The mistakes made were not choosing a niche just based on one topic, but many, that resulted in confusion to my readers.

The second blog I created was based on diets and exercise, which I learned to stick within the niche of my website domain name chosen. This blog, I write content based on certain ideas and physical activity related to dieting and weight loss. This blog I created content first and then slowly add affiliate links into articles for monetization that leads to sales. Anything related to dieting, weight loss, or health, in general, is a popular niche.

I also have two additional blog sites built around the chosen niche of fashion and home and garden. These sites are doing very well because I followed teaches and based content around just one niche.

Brainstorming a Niche if You are Stuck!


If you are stuck choosing a specific niche, use the brainstorm function provided by Jaaxy.
With the use of the Jaaxy research tool, I typed in Best diets to get content ideas for my diet and weight loss blog.

You will see from the image above, the keyword suggestions that are popular and can lead to lots of content just around two words typed into brainstorming function.

You can repeat this brainstorming function around any niche that you have in mind and start creating content for your blog.

Detailed Example Niches

Like I have mentioned there are tons of niches to choose from, here are more detailed niches:

Health: If your passion is around staying healthy with proper diets, exercise, or even organic eating. You can blog about this with good excellent content to drive visitors to read your journey with healthy living and recommend products to try through affiliate links to earn commissions.

CBD Products: CBD products are becoming very popular for good reason, as no one likes to take several different subscriptions to treat their illness.

Gaming: If you are a gamer, you can blog about your experiences with different games played with family or friends. These games can be digital app games downloaded on mobile phones or tablets, or gaming systems like Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox or Nintendo.

Clothing: If you like to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends, you can blog about fashion tips and recommend places to buy fashion trends.


Now that I have discussed the process of choosing a niche and how to brainstorm to write content for your blog. Please take the time to bookmark my site, follow me on social media, or signup to my email list to stay informed of new updates.

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