Top 8 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

If you love to travel, you can be earning from your travels through these top 8 best travel affiliate programs. You could be making commissions from encouraging your coworkers, friends, or family to book their trips through your assigned affiliate links.

Turn your blog into a travel blog with recent trips you took with friends, family, or work-related. Implement the travel affiliate programs into your blog article content. For instance, you work for a medium to a large company that takes several business trips a year, you can ask them to book their travel through you by directing them to your website blog.

Another blogging tip for making money this way is had your friends, family and coworkers take pictures of their trip and get permission to use those pictures on your blog then link to your affiliate link recommending others to book their travel.

This list compiled below is companies associated with traveling and have an affiliate program for you to join as their partner.

Top 8 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

Lonely Planet


Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is a big travel guidebook publisher around the world that publishes travel guides, magazines, books, and more. You can also book your travel trip with flights and hotels they pay commission payouts to all their affiliate promoters.

You can earn up to 15% commission on printed and digital books. For travel guides, you will earn 12% commissions. Commissions are paid out once a month through PayPal.

When you join Lonely Planet as their affiliate, you will get access to their banner ads that you can upload to your website for visitors to click on. They offer a 30-day cookie duration that means even if your customer buys after 29 days of clicking on your affiliate link you will still earn that commission. They use Commission Junction Network to manage their affiliate program for the Asia Pacific area, Awin for UK and Americas.

STA Travel

STA Travel is a global leader providing students to travel with more than 35 years of providing travel experiences to their customers. They believe traveling is the best educational experience. STA Travel has more than 350 stores in more than 75 countries with excellent flight deals for everyone and exclusive airfare discounts for students and travelers under the age of 30.

You can earn 10% commissions on tours with every successful transaction, four dollars per flight, and 10% on ISIC & SIM cards. The payout is once a month through PayPal. STA Travel uses the Commission Junction affiliate network to manage its affiliate program.




TripAdvisor is very well-known for travel and restaurant bookings worldwide and used by millions. As an affiliate with Trip Advisor, you can earn up 80% commission on each successful transaction through your affiliate link. The standard affiliate commission is 50%. The amount you earn is based on the type of travel service you promote on your website. TripAdvisor is a leading company with the travel industry providing commission payout and very popular with travel bloggers all around the world to make money by offering travel services.

TripAdvisor uses Commission Junction to manage its affiliate program. Commissions are paid out once a month through PayPal.

You can use the search bar below to search for even more travel related affiliate programs that are not listed here.






Agoda is another trusted travel community in the world that this used by millions worldwide. As an Agoda affiliate, you will earn a 5% commission on each successful transaction you direct to their website through your affiliate link whether it is resort accommodation or hotel booking. This means each $200 booking at the commission rate of 5 % will earn you a $10 commission. The commissions are paid out once a month on 1st day of the month and paid out through your PayPal account. The minimum payment threshold is $200, if the threshold does not meet within the month your commissions are carried over to the next month until you reach the minimum payout.

Agoda has great marketing tools to help you monetize your travel blog with Hotel Data file, text links, search box, and banners.

The more bookings you have a higher commission tier. For instance, less than 50 bookings earn a 4% commission, 50 to 99 bookings earn 4.5%, 100 to 199 bookings earn 5% commission, 200 to 999 bookings earn 6% commissions, and with more than 999 bookings you will earn 7% commissions.

Cruise Direct

The name says it all with Cruise Direct that pays hefty commissions per sale on cruise vacations. As an affiliate with cruise direct, you will earn a 3% commission on each sale and has a 45-day cookie duration to help you earn even more commissions from your website affiliate link recommendations.

The approval time for cruise direct is usually within 24 business hours and they will contact you by email letting you know if approved. The commissions are paid once a month with a minimum payment threshold of $25 and paid out through PayPal.

As their affiliate Cruise Direct will send you frequent deals and bonus commissions to their active promoters through newsletter so, therefore, make sure you are subscribed to their newsletter.

You will have access to their promotion tools that include banner ads, text ads, search boxes along with personalized landing pages to help boost your conversions.  Cruise Direct uses the Commission Junction affiliate network to help manage its affiliate program. you have heard about and is a well-recognized platform for reserving accommodations worldwide online.  Millions of people use this service to book their hotels and accommodations online so you will have very good chances of earning huge commissions through their affiliate program.

You will earn 25% commission on each successful booking generated through your affiliate links and the longer they stay the more commissions you will earn. This means you might like to recommend hotel booking longer than one night, especially during the weekend when rates are higher. You can earn up to 40% commission depending on the number of bookings you make each month.

Over a 1,550,000 rooms are booked with in one day worldwide giving you an even better chance to earn huge commissions by promoting hotels and accommodations through your affiliate links. To help you be successful they provide excellent promotional material banner ads, search box, deal finder, WordPress plugin, and many more tools to promote their services.

Hotels Combined

Hotels Combined

Hotels Combined is the biggest platform for hotel comparison where thousands of people who are traveling around the world use it to book their stay and pays commissions to their affiliate partners.

You will earn between 0.50 cents to $2 for every lead that you send to their website. Each referral that clicks on your affiliate links will be tracked up to 365 days, making it where you continue earning from each referral for a year.  There are only a few affiliate programs that allow you to earn commissions this long for a solid year, do not pass this opportunity up.

Commissions are paid out once a month and most of the time at the end of the month. The payouts are paid after a minimum threshold of $100 is meet by PayPal.



Expedia is one well known big travel affiliate network that has access to over 500,000 hotels worldwide that you can use in recommending travel bookings.  The commission’s rates are based on the type of transactions and they range from 3% to 11% per transaction. Here are some of the commission rates for some of the packages:

  • Vacation Packages: Flight plus hotel, flight plus hotel, and car rental with 3 hotel nights 5% on each sale.
  • Vacation Packages: flight plus hotel, a flight plus hotel, and car rental with less than 3 hotel nights stay 3% on each sale.
  • Expedia Premium Plus Hotel: 11% on each sale based on monthly merchant hotel sales
  • Premium hotel sales: 9% on each sale
  • Rental car sales: 6% on each sale
  • Activities sales: 10% per sale
  • Basic hotel sales: 3% per sale.

The minimum payout threshold is $50 and is paid once a month usually around the 15th of the month.

Additional Tips to Be a Successful Travel Blogger

1. Proper Training: Get the proper training on how to monetize your affiliate links to make your blog count and get more readers. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate training, as the training covers everything from building your website, getting traffic, and getting that first sale.

2. Use white-label travel affiliate programs: This is unbranded travel-related products or services that allow you to brand with your own company name.  The unbranded products will allow you to set your own prices, therefore, increasing your profits and create brand awareness to your website. Here are some unbranded travel companies to get you started Travel Payouts, Flight Less, Cheap Flights, and UpBooking

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Travel Payouts

Travel Payouts is a little bit different from other travel affiliate programs, however they do provide an easy tool to use on your WordPress blog. It is a mini-network that scans through popular sites to bring back the results on your search.

The interface is quite easy to use, some of the travel programs are instant approval, and others you need to show your work. This can be your travel blog website or written content uploaded in PDF file format. I am still researching and testing their services for my travel blog. I do recommend Travel Payouts if you are a brand new blogger who does not have a lot of organic traffic yet and needs to earn commissions as a beginner due to the automatic approval programs.


Final Words

Making money from your own travel website or blog is not hard at all and there are many travel affiliate websites that you can use to make a substantial amount of commissions. There is one drawback, you cannot trust every travel affiliate program you come across and will need to research each one to weed out the bad ones. Therefore, I have carefully researched each travel affiliate program listed above to make sure they are truly genuine, free to signup, and offer you great commissions.

What are your thoughts about monetizing your website with these travel affiliate programs mentioned above? Share your opinions and thoughts below. You can also follow me on twitter.

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  1. I am not a travel blogger but I do make my money like you in the affiliate marketing niche and write on niche topics other bloggers and those new to online marketing can explore. Your article has just saved me hours of research for some of these programs for a future post. I am bookmarking your site and will link to your post as a reference when my own post is complete. You did an amazing job.

    • Interestingly you are not a travel blogger but you are making money from other affiliate programs. You can still benefit from travel websites by referring travel bloggers to their websites and earn a small tier-based commission. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. 

  2. Thank you! I love traveling and I have started a blog about 4 months ago and it’s all about traveling. I can’t wait till all this situation world wide passes, but meanwhile I have been writing to build up my blog. Content is important and I know it.

    I like to write posts that encourage travelers to connect with nature in their trips. To be grateful for each discovery.

    And finding your post is just what I needed. It’s exciting to have this list to monetize my blog. Thanks a lot!

    • Also, love to travel but now with the pandemic cannot get out to explore new sites. However, after this pandemic anyone looking to turn their passion for traveling into a profitable business, they can with these affiliate programs. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. 

  3. Hello Jannete, you have quite a very nice idea of affiliate programs and I feel I should put in for some more training directly from you, lol. There are lots of niche available in the market today and all that is holding some of us back is the affiliate commissions that come with some of their products. For me, these travel agency’s have really great affiliate programs and i find them really remarkable. Having commissions up to 50% from TripAdvisor would be very great and no one would want to miss out on that. Cheers

    • Yes, there are lots of niches to choose from when selecting affiliate programs to join. TripAdvisor is the best travel affiliate program to join as their affiliate due to their commission rates. 

  4. Dayum, the percentage is not too shabby for most of them. One can make a nice living from them. And what is going on with the Tripadvisor? Up to 80% commission? I do wonder how they make money like that when more than half of the money goes to affiliates. I’d love to see some statistics for that. I guess it’s not a coincidence they are one of the best booking sites currently out there. I’ll definitely check out their program. Thanks for the information!

    • Hi, When I researched Tripadvisor the 80% commission is lot and promising, they do pay that much and will require lots of dedication and work to gain travel customers to click on your links. Traveling is very profitable, one can always make extra income from their travels. 

  5. Hi this is a nice and helpful article. I have always wanted to join a travel affiliate website because travel blogs are another cool ways of earning cash online as they seem to be very catchy. From the list of websites you dropped on this article I might have to register with one. Thanks for this information 

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, you can join as many you like to make commissions with your travel blog. 

  6. Under normal conditions engaging in a travel affiliate marketing program would be a great idea. Especially if one has done a lot of travel and can add some personal experiences in ones blogs. You provide a great variety of travel companies that cater to a wide range of clientele. 

    I love to travel and your article was a breath of fresh air after being confined indoors for a couple of weeks now and the prospect of being indoors for several weeks more. 

    Once travel restrictions are eased, how do you think this industry will be affected? I feel it could go in two directions. Either the pent up demand will create a deluge of bookings, Or the fear of catching the coronavirus infection will result in the opposite happening. 

    In my opinion, we will have to reach a phase where the vaccines are developed and everyone is vaccinated before people’s fears will subside. According to reports, that won’t happen for at least another year. Hence this summer which is usually the height of the travel season will be a bust. 

    Thanks for your optimism and enthusiasm for travel. We need to have that perspective for the future. 

    I wish you all the best in your affiliate marketing business when our world comes out of this lockdown.


    • You have indicated concern about how the travel industry will be affected even after the coronavirus epidemic is over where people can go back to work. It depends on the person, right now there are some who are still traveling and booking vacations to take in summer months and some may be scared to travel until an antidote is out for people to take and possibly avoid getting the virus. The travel industry is still a good niche to consider for making commissions. 

  7. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article among us. I appreciated this post very much. This post is the best post I have ever seen. Here you have discussed in detail about Best Travel Affiliate Programs. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for because of the Affiliate Marketing direction. I’ve been doing research on this and I like your specific point on the travel agency. I’ve read lots of articles on this but yours is the first that Best Travel Affiliate Programs. This post is exactly what my friends need and I’m going to send it to him. The benefits of Affiliate Marketing are many. The most important part of Affiliate Marketing is that you can easily make good money. I’m so impressed. Thanks for presenting beautifully.
    Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so that everyone can get to know better about Best Travel Affiliate Programs.

  8. Nice 

    i love travelling, adventure, it is really an interesting hobby….And to be doing what you love the most (travelling) and also earning is a very big win, how great can life get, i think i might take you up on that, that is turning my blog into a travelling blog, it is good that you listed the companies associated with travelling and affiliate program, that will make it easy for people to join…Thanks for sharing

    • Hello Alex, thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. Glad this list can help you turn your blog into a profitable travel blog. 

  9. Not sure what you are asking here with repeat wording. The article “best travel affiliate programs” is basically a guide for affiliate marketers to get an idea where to start looking for programs to join and possibly earn commissions. I do not guarantee any amount of affiliate commissions you can earn, this is totally up to you as travel blogger on how much time and dedication you can put into your online business. I do not earn commissions from recommending these programs, I enjoy researching and sharing what I find to help others. To earn commissions from these programs need to have established travel blog with visitors already and apply to become an affiliate. Hope this helps and can reply with more detail of the question.


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