Best 17 Affiliate Programs for All Marketers

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

Have you been looking for the best affiliate programs to make money online, then this list 17 would be a great way to start.

I have researched and cataloged my findings of high paying affiliate programs. Rather you are looking for top paying networks, programs for monetization, or maybe you are a beginner just getting started, now with this list, you will have everything needed in one easy place.

Best 17 Affiliate Programs

Continue reading below to observe the best affiliate programs.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate is number one on my list as a recommendation as it allows you to complete training, build your website, browse affiliate programs plus more from one membership platform. Just simply follow their proven process easy to use tools to launch your very own website, attract your visitors, and most important earn revenue.  The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle and Carson and they launched this program back in 2005 and it is still growing strong with many new signups a day.  You can even earn passive income just by referring new members to Wealthy Affiliate to start their very own business just like you.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for selling digital services. You find explainer videos with WordPress and logo designs; you can earn $150 for all first-time buyers with their dynamic CPC model. You will get paid to drive traffic to Fiverr through your assigned affiliate URL.

You can maximize your affiliate potential with the new Fiverr store for marketers. As an affiliate, there are some things you do the best. You might be an excellent content writer, best marketer or best photographer and some you might struggle with. You might need help developing creative copy for your Facebook posts or creating that perfect thumbnail image to increase your clicks on YouTube and the list goes on.

To help save you time and increase your affiliate earnings, Fiverr created the ultimate set of stores to help support affiliate efforts with premier talent. These stores include the most relevant and best-performing tasks from their top sellers in many categories that include blogging, videos on YouTube, Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Click Funnels

Click Funnels promises that you can buy dream car and have it paid for in no time. They claim to refer just 100 new customers to their services and your new car could arrive sooner than you think.

As Click Funnel affiliate you will also earn commissions from recurring on all your top referrals for their product and services. The recurring earnings you can make is 40% of each sale, with the starter plan you will earn $38.80 every month from each customer you refer if they remain a member.

4. Constant Contact

You can earn unlimited commissions with one of the world’s most powerful email marketing platforms. It is easy, you will earn $5 for each new referral that signs up for their free trial with no credit card required plus an additional $105 commission when your referrals pay for a full membership account.

5. Media Net

You can tap into one of the largest pools of advertisers in the world and let their ads maximize your monetization.  Monetize all impressions by seamlessly contextual ads, display ads, and customize native ads with no additional coding skills. You can join their ambassador program to earn 10% commissions on all your referrals for the first year.

6. Shopify

With Shopify, you can earn up to 200% commissions based on the price of the subscription your referral joins. Shopify is a very well-known eCommerce platform, website builder, and point of sales software provider across the world. You can earn an average of $58 for each signup who uses your referral link to join and $2000 for each plus referral that subscribes.

7. Lead Pages

Lead pages offer lead generation tools to help hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs create sustainable small businesses online. You will earn 30 percent recurring commissions on each sale you generate if your referral remains customers that include renewals and upgrades with their Lead pages plan.

8. Kinsta Hosting for WordPress

Kinsta is managed WordPress hosting and performance that is powered by Google Cloud Platform with a premium tier network. WordPress users can choose from 20 different global data centers and have access to the fastest network available. Users can host all types of sites that start from small blogs and up to big high traffic enterprises.

Kinsta affiliate program is another great source to earn commissions within the website hosting industry. With each referral, they offer a one-time signup bonus of up to five hundred dollars. There is also a lifetime recurring commission of 10 percent. The program has a custom-made affiliate dashboard that will allow real-time tracking of subscriptions, analytics, payments and more.

9. Fat Joe

Fat Joe came about in 2012 and has become one of the fastest-growing link building and content creation agencies around the world. Fat Joe has helped more than 1,500 Agencies in 12 different countries secure prominent link placements and market their content.

You can earn a 10% commission on every sale. This also includes one-off purchases or even recurring orders that your referral clients place. You will always get a 10 percent commission no matter what for the lifetime of the client you referred to.

10. Spocket

With the Spocket affiliate program, you will have the opportunity to earn up to $450 per subscriber you refer to. Spocket is one of the largest dropshipping marketplaces for US and EU products. You can earn between 20 to 30 percent commission on all subscriptions for 15 months and get access to weekly challenges to even earn bonus rewards.

11. Thrive Themes

Thrive themes are easy to use the suite of WordPress website tools like Themes and Plugins. The services range from simple WordPress themes to lead generation plugins, can find everything from the ground up to make your entire website convert more of your visitors into successful subscribers, customers, and clients.

12. Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliate is more than just a simple affiliate link Cloaker, it is a tool designed to help bloggers earn revenue. You can earn a generous 30 percent commission of the sale price for any referral sales you send their way.

13. Site Ground Hosting

Site Ground hosting started from a low 2.75 monthly charge that provided a great alternative to Liquid Web and WP Engine for the smaller entrepreneurs and bloggers. The affiliate program is based on tiers that start at $50 per sale and can move up to $100 per sale if you refer more than 21 new signups per month.

Start promoting products that your audience need and love, earn 35 percent commission on each sale plus an additional 25 percent commission on recurring sales.

14. Berush

This is the affiliate program for SEMrush which is an all in one marketing toolkit for digital market professionals. They say they are the world’s leading competitive research service for online marketing.  As their affiliate, you can earn a 40 percent recurring commission on initial sales and all further subscription renewals. They also have a 10-year cookie life and two payouts per month option.

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15. WP Engine

WP Engines provides WordPress hosting to its 100,000 plus customers in over 120 countries. The affiliate program is run through the ShareASale network and offers very high commissions of $200 per sale or 100% of the first customers’ payment based on whichever is higher. They also give you commissions of $50 per sale for any business sub-affiliate generated.

16. Big Marker

Big Marker provides webinar software so you can boost your online marketing and grow your very own business. If you are a blogger, you use it to gain more personal experience with your audience and if the blog is business-focused then it could be a great affiliate program for them as well. This program is run through the ShareAsale network also.

They offer new customers a 14-day free trial of which you get $2 per trial. After that, you will receive 50 percent commission on any sale made with the potential to earn up to $152 per sale.

17. Amazon

This just like an affiliate network. After you signup to become an Amazon Affiliate you can then advertise any product sold on Amazon and earn commissions. You will have millions of options with what to promote and no matter what niche you are in, there will always be a product to offer your audience.  This is perfect for beginners who are just getting started as an affiliate marketer. You can also learn how to place these links within your blog content with training provided through Wealthy Affiliate, that is my number one recommendation.

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs highest paid affiliate programs

Web hosting is extremely popular in the affiliate marketing industry because every new website will need a host. People who start out in affiliate marketing usually start out in Web Hosting first.

To be successful with making commissions with web hosting you will need to be familiar with the web hosting features and background information based on speed, uptime, customer service, WordPress, and more.

You can read my recommendations “7 Best Website Hosting Affiliate Programs”.

Website Builders highest paid affiliate programs

After web hosting as top affiliate programs come website builders and eCommerce platforms to help with digital product selling. As a blogger, you will need to create a website by choosing a web hosting service and the same thing goes for businesses looking to sell products online.

Paying customers of these services may stay between 24 to 36 months with higher lifetime value, and these companies can pay higher than 100% monthly sale price.


This list is just a small amount of all the affiliate programs you can earn commissions from however, this list will get you started making money from your website or blog.

You can also browse the internet just like a regular person looking for a solution to what you need rather it is services or physical products and look for affiliate programs. Just about every business that has an online website offers an affiliate program and you can find their affiliate link to their program most of the time from the bottom menu on the company’s website.

Please comment below for more recommendations of affiliate programs not listed here or even your own affiliate program if you are a business.

22 thoughts on “Best 17 Affiliate Programs for All Marketers”

  1. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started my online business for a while now and am actively looking for money-making opportunities. My friend told me that it is possible to make money through affiliate program. I want to work on such program. but don’t where to start.

    Here comes your article, with 17 best affiliate programs for all. This is what I am looking for and I bookmarked your webpage and will use your article as guidance for my affiliate business. It will take me at least one week to test one of your programs, which will take me a while to sort out the best of the best. 

    • Hello Anthony,

      Glad to hear this article of Best 17 Affiliate Programs for All Marketers will be a guide to you when researching new programs to join and promote.

  2. This list came in handy for me. I have been affiliating with Amazon for some time now but lost hope when they slashed their commissions. It’s time for me to diversify, and your article will really help me do that. I have learnt that as an affiliate marketer, you should never be content with just one program, you have to keep looking for new opportunities, every other time.

    • Hello Martin,

      Amazon did cut their commissions making it harder to see profits coming in from promoting their products and by this, you have work extremely harder. Also, I agree that affiliate marketers should join multiple programs to be able to offer many products and increase their revenue. This list is just a small fraction of companies to join as an affiliate. 

  3. As a fellow affiliate marketers, I am always on the look our for a good affiliate to join. I want to make that money. Oh wow, I have no idea that fivrr pays that good. No wonder I see fivrr everywhere, gotta get my hands on this. I love thrive theme, I am using it myself, this will be another good one to promote. With Amazon, I have a love and hate relationship with it. There are just so many rules and on top of that since the pandemic the commission went down. Oh well, people still love Amazon so I still have to promote it.

    • Hello Nuttanee,

      Fiverr is great program to make money with, they offer many tools to help you earn commissions by referring sales. Amazon is still the number 1 site for shoppers around the globe, even though the commission rates went down the customers still prefer to buy from them. It is best to join many affiliate programs to see increase in earnings over time with dedication and hard work. 

  4. Thanks for this fantastic list of affiliate companies, I make use of a few of them. I don’t really promote Fiverr as an affiliate much, but I have personally earned over $10k selling Fiverr gigs, so I know that it is a fantastic platform for sellers. I am an Amazon affiliate, while I don’t make a huge amount of money each month from promoting Amazon products I really do enjoy being able to include their links in my posts so easily. They have such a fantastic wide range of products and they are a trusted and popular store. I’m also an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate where I have been a member for 5+ years. 

    • Hello Lynne,

      Yes, the Fiverr affiliate program is a little less to my liking. I do careful research of Fiverr sellers before recommending their services. With the Fiverr affiliate store, you can link directly to a specific seller or service with provided links like Amazon. When giving advice through reports, I include links to sellers or services with high ratings.

      Amazon is a well-known popular online market selling physical and digital books that are trusted worldwide. The commission cut hurts a great deal now, therefore it is great to join other companies to give your customers buying options so that you can earn more commissions.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great program to promote to people who are looking to start their own online business with training and tools.

      This list will be updated regularly!

  5. Hi, Jannette! I love the resource you’ve created here. I am most astounded by the inclusion of Fiverr! I have known about them for years as a place where I could either buy a service or do some freelance work like graphic design or writing, but I had absolutely no idea that they had an affiliate program. I don’t know how it managed to go under the radar for me these last few years of using their site. Thank you for bringing it to my attention! Checking it out now!

    • Hello Maria,

      Most affiliates do not know about the Fiverr affiliate program. You could have to earn commissions by referring people to your recommended buying sources when purchasing the graphic design to your readers. Glad to hear you are going to check out the Fiverr affiliate program now, the minimum payout is $100. 

  6. Thank you for sharing this post out here.  To be honest, I like the list of the affiliate programs that you have listed here and I will really like to share this out to everyone I know here. Wealthy affiliate is one of the very best that I know of myself and I will like to say that joining the platform has been the very best for myself. Thanks

    • Hello Carol,

      Glad to hear this list has helped you and will be sharing. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best affiliate program to promote, as you will get recurring commissions from your referrals to stick with the program.

  7. I have a question. I am just getting rolling with my website and would like your advice. I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate and began my journey to market online. I found your article interesting and informative. I am at the point of researching partners to affiliate with. What would you recommend? Joining a few to get a feel for it. Or partner with a as many as would approve me. I joined commission junction and have been declined from a few merchants. I know my website is in its infancy. Readers are under 500 according to Google Analytics. I think this is the reason for declines. Anyway, any insight you can share would be beneficial.



    • Hello Kevin,

      The more programs you join the better, as that gives you more opportunities to present content about and show Google you update your website regularly. Let us say you find 5 to 10 programs around affiliate marketing training, you can write an article review with best of top affiliate marketing training, along with a separate detailed review of each product or service to link back to.

      The outline I use after researching products or service:

      Top 10 Email Marketing Service!

      Body Introduction:

      Pros and Cons:

      The top 10 List with a short brief introduction of each service with recommending with a link to the detailed review of each product or service.

      Final Thoughts or Conclusion!

      With this example, right away you have 11 new article reviews to keep your audience entertained reading your reviews that will help your Google rankings.

      As for the declines in the application, this happens to everyone and it can be discouraging but don’t let it stop you. There are plenty more programs who will accept your application!

  8. There are quite a lot of problems associated with not knowing the right programs to follow to understand and grasp the full concept of affiliate marketing and set ourselves up for success. What you have shared here is a really bulky list of the very best out there. Personally I love all I have seen here and it is really great. The affiliate programs you have listed here are good and thank you so much for sharing

    • Hello Phillip,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment about the bulk of this list to market as an affiliate marketer. 

  9. Affiliate marketing had grown to a very high point in the world of online businesses and millions of people are into it making millions. All the affiliate programs you listed are all nice and lucrative, I’m very sure of wealthy affiliate and I recommend to newbies willing to learn and make money online.

    • Hello Beyond

      The list is to help affiliate marketers build and grow their dream online business. Wealthy Affiliate is the best number one program to promote all while learning how to be successful affiliate marketer.

  10. Thanks for that post! I am an affiliate marketing beginner. I had no idea it is so many affiliate programs out there to bring in income. You have saved me a lot of time with this article. Now I can begin to explore the programs that you mentioned and see which fit my niche, website, and start promoting those products. Thank you so much for this information.

    • Hello Derrick,

      Happy to hear the list has helped you with choosing affiliate programs to promote and build your business.

  11. Fiverr is getting a lot tracktion lately. I wonder of it’s all paid for or genuine. I’ll check them out anyway, of course.

    But right now, I am using Travelpayouts. I’m surprised they didn’t make it on the list. They are one of the biggest affiliate networks, so I’m surprised they weren’t mentioned. Through them I work with and Aviasales, and less so the other brands they have connected. I like that I get paid for all of theses programs together. And I love how user friendly Travelpayouts are.

    The only disadvantage I can think of at the top of my head is the commission rates there are different for every program, which makes it harder to keep track of your income.

    • These are some interesting programs you have mentioned here to help with people wanting to make money from affiliate marketing.


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