Amway MLM Company Review

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You have probably heard of Amway and wanting to find out more information.  In this Amway MLM Company Review, you will learn all about the company what it offers, how it works, the products, and the compensation plan. By the end of this review, you should come to a decision on rather join the company or stay clear of them.

By now you probably have some idea of what an MLM type business is.  These types of companies are also known as multi-level-market and are involved in many people’s lives.

People who are working with Amway will call others and try to talk you into becoming a distributor. If you received this type of call, you might hang up thinking it is a scam.

Maybe a friend or family member sells products offered by this company and they never go into work.

We are here to give an open honest review of Amway and you can decide whether if you want to join the company.

What is Amway Company?

Sadly, for people who are thinking about joining, a lot of the criticism comes from people who are involved in the business or in similar types of business.

Amway is one of the most disputed MLM companies that you can join and is generally recognized as being a pyramid scheme.

Whether or not this is true is a matter of debate, pyramid schemes are not bad and just referenced with a bad name.

The company has a bad name because they had trouble with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Any massive MLM company like Amway will encounter at least some problems with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Amway was founded in 1959 by Rich Devos and Jay Van Andel. These two founders were long term dreamers and had hoped to open a successful business and they certainly did “Amway” is still going strong now for more than 50 years and operates with different branches in over 100 countries.

Amway is the highest-grossing network marketing company across the world.

They operate with four marketing principles freedom, family, hope, and reward.

It is a good message to live your life by but honestly does not do much to explain how the company works.

Amway Company Pros & Cons


  • Have an awesome money-back guarantee that allows you to return the starter kits.
  • Has good endorsements, host NBA games, popular entertainers, and celebrities. They are partnered with major companies like Lego and Microsoft.
  • Amway has rather good ratings despite some negative reviews from disgruntled customers concerning their products.
  • They are a reliable company and have been around 50 plus years.


  • There have been legal problems that resulted in them paying $56 million in a case that accused them of being a pyramid scheme.
  • Not everyone is able to make money with their compensation plan and only about three percent of their members earn a living income with this company.

What Does Amway Sell?

Amway has a big variety of products that they sell, and they do not really fit into a single niche market.

The products range from nutritional and health supplements to beauty products to home care like cleaning products.

They have one of the largest product lines of all the MLM companies that I have seen. There are many categories that their products fit into that I will not have time to them all here.

You can fill a department store with just Amway products.

The Most Popular Products

There are many of Amway products for you to choose from, and here are some of the products that are popular.

NUTRILITE All Plant Protein Powder

This Nutrilite Protein Powder is one of Amway’s most popular products. The product gives two protein types soy and milk.  The product helps your body maintain the nine essential amino acids that are needed to function and build proteins.

Attitude Gel Cleanser Product. This product helps keep oil away from your skin and keep it looking feeling clean.

Nutrilite Daily Product. Is part of the same product line as the protein powder and is for helping correct nutritional deficiencies.

Does Amway Company Work?

As discussed above, Amway has been around for over 50 years and receives positive reviews despite the criticism. Not everyone likes the company, but they do have a steady stream of five-star reviews and most review the products as being the most effective.

Even though they had some problems with the Federal Trade Commission that made people skeptical, the problems were resolved, and the Amway brand now holds excellent ratings. Since then, Amway makes sure they treat their distributors and their customers well.

There will always be someone who will leave negative reviews but in many cases that is due to the product not agreeing with them.

The Amway MLM Business Opportunity

If you have not heard of this type of business, do not worry they are easy to understand. You can also read “Multi-Level Marketing Business and Pyramid Schemes” provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to fully understand if still do not understand.

An MLM Company that is also known as multi-level-marketing will allow people to join up and take part in the company brand. This can be done in different ways.  The known common way is selling products that they buy at wholesale cost or by recruiting new members to take part in the company also. When you recruit new members or sell the products, you will earn yourself points and move up in levels.

Each level will provide different bonuses, benefits, discounts, and higher earnings. The best way to make money with MLM companies is to recruit more people due to you making a commission off their sales.

Most members will have to sell a certain number of products to keep their membership, this means there is a mandatory minimum that you will make off your downline if they stay active. Each MLM company has a different compensation plan although this is usually the method.

Amway Compensation Plan

These companies may have a similar concept, the decision that you make usually depends on how much you are going to earn. Like other MLM companies, Amway distributors get paid more for recruiting other people to the business brand. By recruiting and selling the products you will earn personal volume (PV).

This helps you increase your standing with the company brand, and you will be able to earn bonuses and higher commissions. Bonuses start at three percent and can increase up to twenty-one percent as you rank up.

Is Amway Company A Pyramid Scheme?

As mentioned above many MLM companies have been branded as pyramid schemes and there is truth to this.  This type of company does operate as a pyramid structure and when you look at the company chart you would see this. The newest members start at the bottom of the pyramid. The new members provide money to the people who recruit them that are higher up on the pyramid by selling stuff.

The pyramid will continue to grow as the new members recruit new members, which in turn sends more money flowing up the pyramid towards the top. At the top of the pyramid, you will see the CEO along with others who helped form the company. These people on top of the pyramid earn more money than anyone else affiliated with the company. Does this mean they are scheming or ripping other people off? Not at All.  This is how the company operates.

Amway took some criticism for allegedly being a pyramid scheme. After conducting research there might have been the reason for this in past years but not anymore.  If there was, the company would have been shut down. Amway company is more of a legitimate business than other companies we see today. It took lots of bad media attention due to shining light on how you did not need to rely on traditional companies to earn money.

Amway Company Reviews & Complaints

Consumer Affairs shows Amway having a rating of four stars.  One reviewer has issues with the shipper said they keep delivering to a business after hours. They contacted Amway and the customer service rep refunded the order and made the decision not to do business with Amway again. After receiving outstanding customer service during the COVID-19 barriers, they would continue doing business with Amway.

Another reviewer left a two-star rating due to the fact they do offer great products, but the companies main aim is earning more money with the MLM way. The company wants to earn more money by forcing people to join and buy their expensive products.

This goes back to how MLM companies operate, and how you earn more by recruiting others to the company and move up to the top of the pyramid.

Glassdoor Reviews shows Amway having a 3.6 Star rating with a total of 662 reviews. The glass door review site shows that Amway is a good company to work with and offers great benefits. Glassdoor also shows mainly the positive ratings and you really must dig deeper to find the bad reviews to see why people do not like the company.

After conducting research on my own for a few days, most of the complaints are about the high-priced products and not being able to join unless someone calls you. This is a new day in age, when people decide to join a company would like the option to join through the Website and not the old way by phone to constantly be bothered by phone calls. Even though they provide information about joining the company, you will have to take extra time to research find your own distributor to get their sponsor number to join.

Amway Product Prices & Where You Can Buy

Amway product prices are not anything to write about.  Most customers say their products are expensive. The company itself even stats its products are expensive due to being high-quality ingredients that are involved and the amount of research that goes into these products.

What else would a company that overcharges customers for their products say? I cannot prove in that way either, if you are looking for cheaper products can find them somewhere else. There have been many price comparisons done on Amway products and the results are similar.

When you compare products that are similar to Amway products besides the branding, Amway products are more expensive. Even if you buy Amway products in bulk, that is the best way to buy they are still more expensive. You would think if you are buying in bulk you are going to get a better deal and might be if you are only buying Amway products.

You can buy the same stuff for a better price elsewhere.  Let us look at Amway’s All Fabric Bleach product they have for 26 dollars for 7.41lbs. Can find similar products that might be even better for much less like the Oxi Clean Versatile Stain Remover 7.22 lbs. for $12.98. This is a huge price difference for All Fabric Bleach Laundry Powders.

If you decide to purchase Amway products you can easily purchase from their website. To find a distributor you can search for one online, but you will have to soft through many links to their websites that will probably be easier for you. You can also find Amway products on Amazon and in some cases, the prices might be better on Amazon.

Amway Company Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

Amway has a good money-back guarantee and even offer money-back on their starter kit. Starter kits are part of the reason MLM companies have a bad reputation.

People will buy their starter kit and not try to recruit or sell the products and then blame the company for ripping them off. In all honesty, this is where rip off complaints come in for any company, as the person will not put the time and effort in to be successful. If you do not like the kit and do not want to put the effort into selling recruiting, return the kit for a full refund.

This is awesome because you can decide on a different company to work with!

Final Thoughts about Amway Company

Despite having legal issues years ago, Amway is a legitimate company. They are known for providing high-quality products and treating their customers fairly with integrity along with their distributors.

They even offer unique products that other MLM companies do not.  Even there return policy for the starter kit is unique in their own way. This shows Amway is truly dedicated to making their customers and distributors with them a good experience.

We cannot tell you what the decision to make when deciding to use Amway to purchase their products or  Become a distributor, but this review should have helped you make a better decision about whether to join them or stay clear.

Please leave your comments below about Amway!

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