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About Pro Affiliate Blogger

Pro Affiliate Blogger is a website offering tips, tools, and digital products to everyone who would like to work from home as an affiliate marketer.

Owner Words

Hello, everyone, my name is Jannette, and I have been a successful affiliate marketer now for over two years.  I started out from the bottom and gradually worked my way up to success after receiving proper training through Wealthy Affiliate.

During the first year attended college online at Colorado Technical University and obtained my master’s degree in Business Human Resource Management. Now I continue to work as an affiliate marketer to help pay back the school loans that I obtained during my studies. You can view the images below to see my enrollment status and school loans owed.

My Goals

My goal is to help anyone who is looking to make extra money from home be successful affiliate marketers without having to read multiple books, websites, and no spending on the information. Many online bloggers charge for video lessons, eBooks, and other information that is out of date old or false information to get your credit card information. You will not have to enter your credit card information here, everything you read here is Free and can access any time.




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