8 Ways to Earn Money Online to Help Pay Student Loans

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Need help with earning money online to help pay student loans? Then this list of ideas can help you achieve that goal of becoming student loan debt-free.

Brief Introduction:

My name is Jannette, and I have obtained my degrees online and accumulated over $100,000 in school loans by attending Colorado Technical University for my Bachelor’s and master’s degree. I needed help paying school loans, so I began looking for ways to help lower and pay off school loans.

With the help and training of other online entrepreneurs, I have now paid my school loan balance to 89,000 in just a year. The primary source of my income is affiliate marketing and this why it is number one on my list.

8 Ways to Earn Money Online to Help Pay Student Loans

  1. Affiliate Marketing Help Pay School Loans:

If you are serious about earning money online to help pay school loans and are hardworking, then affiliate marketing is the right choice.

Affiliate marketing will always be around with the ever-growing eCommerce industry. People continue to shop online for products and services that are in demand.

There are plenty of online merchants like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, Commission Junction, JVZoo, and more where you can become an affiliate and promote their products and services.

The affiliate marketing technique is you will help the customers make a buying decision on the right product by creating content with recommendations in return for commissions.

You can read my previous written guide “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Guide 2020” and even you are ready to get started can signup for a complete training that gives you a free website to start along with keyword tool to help you get noticed on the first page of Google.

2. Surveys to Help Pay School Loans

You can make little money by completing online surveys that will take five to twenty minutes to complete, depending on the company’s requirements.

These surveys are based on geographic, income, family size, and more.

The survey takes did not work out well with me, as when trying to complete the surveys, most said it did not fit after spending several minutes answering the questions about product or service. This led to me with doubts as to the companies not wanting to pay.

You can make $0.25 or more per survey depending on the length before you complete the surveys you need to fill out your profiles.

If you want to take surveys, there are two websites I recommend, and they are ysense.com and inboxdollars.com. These two websites have been around for years and pay as promised. Ysense.com used to be clixsense.com, and I made 250 dollars in one year with their service alone. Inboxdollars.com, I earned $123.00, which was paid with the option of payoneer.com debit card sent to you in the mail.

3. Blogging to Help Pay School Loans

I have been making money blogging for the past two years and have made over $10,000 with blogging alone, and other bloggers claim to make over a million within five years.

Making money with blogging was confusing initially, as I had no idea about blogging when I started. With hard work and dedication began seeing profits coming in as little as six months.

The trick is never to give up and continue to work hard to make money blogging to help pay school loans or any other reason.

Blogging plays into affiliate marketing, as affiliate marketing, you will need a blog or basic website to promote products or services.

4. Captcha Solver to Help Pay School Loans

If you can spare two hours a day, you can add more income in your pocket by working as a captcha solver.

This is another easy way to earn money online. A captcha solver is reading the images and typing the exact characters.

You will need to work fast to earn more, and you can earn up to two dollars for every thousand captchas you solve.

5. Freelancer to Help Pay School Loans

Freelance is a popular way to make money after affiliate marketing and blogging. Freelancers work with companies temporarily and provide the services.

As a freelancer, you can work as a content writer, graphics designer, web designer, or provide SEO services, video testimonials, data entry, digital marketing, and more.

The best part of being a freelancer is setting your price of services that ranges from $50 to $5000 depending on the services offered.

6. Training & Consulting to Help Pay School Loans

If you have excellent skills in an area that people need, you can turn those skills into profits. Like if your skills are in WordPress designs or Microsoft Office, you can create training videos and consult with others for income.

You will need a website or a WordPress Blog to promote your business, or you can create a Facebook page to get potential leans. I would recommend having a WordPress Blog and Facebook page for your training.

You can also promote your training videos on YouTube. Make sure to do good follow up to help you get more subscribers.

7. Website Flipping for Help Paying School Loans

Website flipping is like domain trading and is a hot business to making money online. This is when you deal with websites and not domains.

You will need to build websites, work on them for three to six months, or maybe longer to start making money from the sites.

After you start earning from these sites, you can sell them at auction on sites like Flippa, EmpireFlippers, and more. You can get between fifteen to twenty times the price of your monthly earnings from the website.

It is easy to grow with old websites instead of creating new ones and having to build with the new site.

There are experienced website flippers who buy websites off Flippa and work with them for a few months and triple the income.

8. Online Selling to Help Pay School Loans

Online selling is different from traditional selling. You do not have much scope of selling your items outside your local market. In online selling, you can sell your products all over the country.

You can sell online by creating your ecommerce store or sell on shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, or Esty, to name a few. Selling on shopping sites is better as it gives you access to their customers in those popular categories, as with your ecommerce site of having to work hard to get your product found.

You might be asking, what do I sell? You can join drop shipping sites to get access to products to sell or sell products from your home that you no longer use.

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