7 Best Website Hosting Affiliate Programs

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Website hosting is one of the largest industries where different hosting companies are happy to pay big commissions to acquire new clients.  That is why affiliate marketers are highly dependent on Website hosting affiliate programs to earn more money.

List of 7 Best Website Hosting Affiliate Programs

Wealthy Affiliate Website Hosting

7 Website Hosting Affiliate Programs

Many do not think of Wealthy Affiliate as website hosting when they do offer to host for WordPress sites. They even have an affiliate program where you earn $235 a year recurring from yearly subscribers you send their way.

When you select Wealthy Affiliate to host your WordPress blog, you can host up to 10 different websites.

Loading Page Speed

You know that website rankings can be impacted by slow hosting. Site speed is the core focal points with the SiteRubix hosting platform provided by Wealthy Affiliate. Your WordPress site will always be hosted on the latest and most powerful server in the world through Amazon hosting,

Website Stays Awake

If one of your websites were for some reason crash, Wealthy Affiliate always has a mirror site running to avoid missing out on visitors. No other website hosting offers this feature.


WordPress can be the target for spammers and Wealthy Affiliate has extensive knowledge to help prevent hacking and spam before it happens. The several layers of security that shield your websites and keep them secure so you can relax and sleep easy.

Wealthy Affiliate even offers Site Health, Site Comments, and Site Feedback that is essential to running an online business with WordPress platform, and no other WordPress hosting offers this service making it longer for your website to get ranked on popular search engines like Google.  Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate is my top choice to get new signups for WordPress website hosting.

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Bluehost Website Hosting Affiliate

7 Website Hosting Affiliate Programs

Bluehost is well known and popular hosting choice among bloggers which also pays good commissions to all its affiliate partners. Some affiliates make thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions every month just from Bluehost. So if you are someone who is looking to promote better hosting by also earning bigger commissions then this is a great choice.

Bluehost Payout

You will earn $65 commission for every successful signup that you refer. The commissions are paid out 45 days after the end of the month in which the qualified purchase has been recorded. Payments are processed and sent to all affiliates between the 16th of the month and the last day of the month.

For instance, if you make a successful sale in January, your commission will be sent to you between March 16ht and March 31st. You will need to have a minimum $100 in account balance to receive a payout, in other words, two successful sales is all you need a month to receive a payout.

With Bluehost, you have unlimited earning possibilities with no minimum or maximum cap on how much earnings you can make. Refer as many users you like and the more you refer, the bigger your commissions will be.

Many companies do not instantly approve you, Bluehost offers instant signup by giving you access to your affiliate account right away so you can start promoting their products to earn money and it is free to join.

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HostGator Affiliate Website Hosting

If you do not know it already, both HostGator and Bluehost belong to the same company Endurance International Group. Therefore, you will find so many similarities between these two hosting companies regarding their pricing and other features. HostGator is another widely used hosting provider that is used by millions of people worldwide so you can easily sell their hosting plans to new clients.


HostGator is performance-based where you will earn up to $125 for each successful referral sale. You refer 1 to 5 signups per month earn $50 per signup, 6 to 10 signups per month earn $75 per signup, 11 to 20 signups earn $100 per signup, over 21 sign ups a month earn $125 per signup. For instance, you refer 21 new clients to HostGator in a month, you will earn $2,625. That is a lot of earning potential for you just by promoting HostGator.

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The commissions on HostGator are verified at the end of each month, two months after the sale was made. Payments are then approved and sent within the first week of the following month. There is also a minimum payout threshold of $100 that has to be met before getting payment.

For instance, if you have made two successful sales in January, the sales will be verified at the end of March and then you will be paid $100 commission during the first week of April. The earnings are paid out monthly via PayPal or check for each successful sale you make.

Getting these commission payouts persuades more people to start promoting their affiliate program and therefore so many bloggers promote HostGator.

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WPX Website Hosting Affiliate

7 Website Hosting Affiliate Programs

WPX Hosting is known for the best-managed hosting provider for bloggers. Does not only provides an excellent hosting environment but also offers high commissions to all of their affiliate partners.

The first 25 referrals you will earn $70 commission for each referral, 25 to 100 referrals you will earn $85 commissions per referral, and 100 or more referrals you will earn $100 commission per referral.  For example, you make 10 sales, you will earn $700 in commissions and if you generate 101 referrals you will earn $10,100 so start promoting.

Minimum payout is $70 for each successful referral up to 25 signups and then your commissions grow up to $100 for each new referral. The commission will be available 35 days after each successful sale.

Site Ground Website Hosting Affiliate

7 Website Hosting Affiliate Programs

Site Ground has been online since 2004 and currently hosts over a million domains and offers great hosting plans to its customers all around the world. They are one of the highest paying and reliable hosting affiliate programs for choices of bloggers and marketers.

You will earn $50 for 1 to 5 referrals, refer 6 to 10 and receive $75 per sale, 11 to 20 referrals earn $100 per sale, and 21 plus referrals is a custom commission that is usually $125 per sale.

The best part of using Site Ground is that there is no minimum payout threshold. Even if you refer just one successful sale, you will get that commission. The holding of commissions is good as well, you will receive your commissions after 30 days of each successful sale.

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Just Host Website Hosting Affiliate

7 Website Hosting Affiliate Programs

Just Host is known for the cheapest hosting plans for WordPress users by also providing great features like a free domain, easy to use cPanel, unlimited sites to host, etc. so you can easily convince people to start their own WordPress sites on their platform.

You will earn a $60 commission for every successful sale, and the more referrals you send the more commissions you will make.

The referral fees are determined about 45 days after each sale is made and payments are then processed and sent to you between the 16th
and the last day of the month.  This means if you made a successful sale during the month of January your commission will be sent between March 16th and March 31st.

Dream Host Website Hosting Affiliate

7 Website Hosting Affiliate Programs

Dream Host is also well known and extremely popular in the web hosting industry which was founded in 1996 and offers all kinds of shared hosting plans including VPS hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and more. You can earn up to $120 per successful signup to one of their hosting plans.

If you are operating a coupon-based website, you will not qualify to join the Dream Host affiliate program as they prohibit coupon websites from joining.

If you refer a new sale to Dream Host and maintains an active account for a minimum of 97 days, then you will earn a commission.

Dream host provides premade banners that you can use to promote their hosting plans on your website to help generate sales. They also have fraud protection to help minimize chargebacks so you can earn more commissions.

There are no caps on the amount you can earn, the more people you send them for successful sales the higher commissions you will earn. You do not have to be a Dream Host customer to be able to promote their products.

Dream Host is widely used by bloggers, agencies, and marketers used by over 400,000 people worldwide and currently hosting over 1.5 million sites worldwide. This means you will be promoting a solid hosting choice to your website visitors. They even have a dedicated affiliate management team to assist you in increasing your affiliate commissions by promoting their hosting plans.

14 thoughts on “7 Best Website Hosting Affiliate Programs”

  1. I have heard so much about bluehost and how effective it is during my journey in the affiliate marketing business and from what I can see from your post, it is a really affordable platform for someone to get started. Though, I have been using Wealthy Affiliates for seven months now and it has been a great journey so far. Highly recommended. 

    • Hello Stephanie, Yes, Bluehost is very affordable and I also have been using Wealthy Affiliate to host my websites. The downside of using Wealthy Affiliate for your hosting is the training included, and everyone does not need training. 

  2. I am very familiar with Bluehost and Hostgator but currently I am using Wealthy Affiliate. I do not see the need to use the other 2 services when I already use Wealthy Affiliate and I have to say that transferring my site to siterubix was so simple. The support team is also very hands on as well so I am happy with the service. So I know for the fact that all of these platforms are good so I sell it to someone since I experience it first hand. 

    Thanks for your review on all of them. I think I will give Hostgator and Wealthy Affiliate a try.  

    • Hello,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. Bluehost and Hostgator are very easy to navigate. Wealthy Affiliate does have excellent customer support, if problem arrives where your website is experiencing issues, the support team is there 24/7 waiting to help and fix your website. 

  3. Thank you for taking the time to share with us the best hosting affiliate programs. It is a very documented post. I chose WA a long time ago but I learned new things from your post. For example, I did not know that it has a mirror site to avoid losing visitors. I also didn’t know that the comments and feedback section is only offered by WA. Congratulations for my choice.

    • Hello Carmen.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment concerning 7 Best Website Hosting Affiliate Programs. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate offers a mirror site that is running in case of an error where website is not running and offer comment feature for users to get site comments to help build ratings with popular search engines.

  4. Thanks, this is a great resource of website hosting affiliate programs… there are so many options that it literally can make your head spin. Reading this post leads me to (2) very different questions… 1. Should I be looking into changing the hosting that I have now…it’s on the high side of the options that you listed, but comes with training that I’ve been taking advantage of. At some point the training will be less important and lowering costs might be prudent. 2. Promoting web hosting sounds lucrative, but my niche is not even closely related. 

    • Hello Bob,

      You can still make commissions with Web Hosting Affiliate. For example, you can indicate a small banner on the sidebar or footer saying “Powered By” with click to the website hosting provider. The website hosting that includes training might seem to run its course when all training is complete the question would be doing you have the time to switch the services without losing value visitors that can lead to sales without site being down for a long period of time.

  5. That’s an interesting thing to promote, website hosting. I’d say that the most disruptive idea on this post is Wealthy Affiliate! With the amount of things included, it’s an awesome product with a lot of aggregated value for sure! I’ve already used Hostgator and it’s a good one, I’d promote this one too.

    • Hello Daniel,

      Can you please explain what you mean by Wealthy Affiliate being disruptive? Hostgator is a good website host provider for WordPress blog and by you having the experience you can make commissions by offering step by step guides of HostGator services.

  6. Thanks for pulling together in one place – Website Hosting Affiliate Programs.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had to hunt and still not get a side by side comparison.    Your review helped me to clearly look at and compare the different features that each service offers.   Wealthy Affiliate seems to offer an incredible recurring commission.   I do like the no minimum payout threshold of Site Ground.  How often does Wealthy Affiliate payout?

    • Hello Steve,

      When selecting a good hosting program to recommend to your website visitors, it is important to know the full details of the program. I currently have websites hosted with SiteGround and Wealthy Affiliate. With Wealthy Affiliate, commissions are paid monthly after the 30-day hold and paid on or around 1st of the Month by PayPal. The only downside of Wealthy Affiliate Commissions, they do not offer payment directly to your bank account or check.

  7. Thanks for pointing out this list of affiliate programs for website hosts. This really does look like it can be a very lucrative niche to focus on, even if you can only get a couple of referrals per month. I see that Wealthy Affiliate has a recurring commission for a yearly sign up. Do you happen to know if any of these other hosting programs offer a recurring commission or are they one time only? I would appreciate any information you could give! Thanks!

    • Hello Steve, Many of the program details concerning recurring commissions earned per referral are listed and some are not. Still waiting on more details on other hosting companies not listed here in this Article. I will update once get more details. 


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