5 Tips to Start Woodworking Craft Business

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There are lots of things made from wood, and if you like working with wood, then start your very own woodworking craft business.

You can start by making small items like fruit bowls, candlesticks, baseball bats, picture frames, and move up to more essential things. Some more critical items would be stairs, outdoor swings, outdoor kids swing set, plant stands, and the list goes on.

The finished products can be sold directly to customers at county fairs and festivals. You can also talk directly to stores in your area like gift shops for small items, garden shops for outdoor products, and so on for them to stock and sell your products directly to their customers. When you display your products through the local stores, give them business cards and brochures to keep growing your customer base.

It just takes a few accounts with retail stores for you to generate an extremely comfortable living manufacturing and possibly wholesaling your wooden crafts.

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5 Tips to Start Woodworking Craft Business

Wooden Signs

There are different methods of making highly attractive and functional wooden signs. Use a router to remove wood and leave the message or words raised or even concave.

A second method would be a design stencil and sandblasting equipment to remove the wood around the message or words. This method can also produce a raised or concave appearance to the sign. A novice wood sign maker should have the wooden blanks for the signs produced by an outside firm, unless you have the skills and equipment to construct the sign blanks.

There are many types of businesses and professional services that can utilize wooden signs. Wooden signs are extremely popular with companies like bed and breakfast lodgings, lawyers, accountants, doctors, antique shops, gift shops, flea markets to advertise events, restaurants, and more. High-quality wooden signs are selling at various prices depending on the size, complexity, and the artwork used for the sign.

You can start off by making signs with word phrases to and images to fit home decor. I recommend purchasing bulk signs like the “24 pack for only $14.99 on Amazon.com“.

Wine Rack

Wine Rack

If you are looking for an inexpensive business startup that can be operated part-time from home, then wine rack crafting could be the right choice. The wine rack business is easy to establish and will only require the necessary woodworking skills and equipment. In addition to making the wine racks from wood, you can also make them from metal or even better with recycled material like scrap metal ad building material that can usually be acquired for free with a little bit of research work.

Once you have designed and made a few wine racks, you can wholesale them or consigned them to wine stores, liquor stores, furniture stores, brewers, and even restaurants. The key to success in wine rack making business is to have a unique product that customers are compelled to buy for themselves or as gifts to others.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes can be made from different kinds of material. Starting a business by making wind chimes can be a great way to turn spare time into extra income. The completed wind chimes can be sold to retail stores, garden shops, and gift shops. You can also sell them directly to the customers at a booth in the flea market, mall kiosk, or even online through Esty, Amazon, eBay, or its website.

It may not seem to be a lot of potential for profit in this type of business, but consider this: 50 retail store accounts that sold just four wind chimes a month would produce total unit sales of 200 wind chimes. If the price is set at $10 on each wind chime sold, it will generate $2,000 a month for the business venture.

Now think of 500 retail store accounts established across North America that achieved the same sales volume, this simple manufacturing business would then be generating gross profits of $20,000 a month.

Toy Boxes

Wooden Toy Box

Making toy boxes is another excellent woodworking home business venture, and the best of all, your business can be kicked into high gear for less than a $1,000 investment. To be successful in making toy boxes, the designs need to be original, and the material used in the making of the toy boxes is unique. The completed products are colorful and depict children’s themes to fit the genders of boy or girl.

The completed toy boxes can be sold to retail shops, wholesale, or directly to customers online, trade shows, flea markets, or mall kiosk. An additional bonus tip to get more sales is to purchase wooden toys and give to your customers as a gift for buying a toy chest and market it as a FREE surprise bonus gift with each purchase.

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes can be sold for as much as 10 to 20 times what it costs to make, making this a very profitable home-based business.

This type of business will let you be highly creative in your designs and the materials selected for the making process “think outside the box.”

Think about using materials that generally would not be used for building a jewelry box like recycled items, seashells, glass, or plastic. You can sell the completed jewelry boxes by renting a booth at your local flea market, sell them to retail stores, online and get your jewelry boxes featured on different websites.

Jewelry boxes are an excellent product to sell online. They are in demand, and many people search for this item online every day. You can do very well with this item by creating an online store through WordPress, Etsy, Amazon, or eBay. Make sure you complete the steps of creating your brand name, logo, brand slogan, and take high-quality pictures.

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